Stockings for Men: Look Sharp in ComproGear Compression Socks

Why compression socks?

These types of socks are designed for compression therapy. Therefore, not only do they look good but they are extremely beneficial to your health as well.

If you are on your feet very often, they can pretty much help you with the blood flow, help with the swelling that could happen in your legs or ankles.

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Some of the reasons you should consider wearing these include:

  • they can boost your circulation in legs;

Older people usually have problems with veins in their legs which is why compression socks help with:

  • blood collecting in leg veins
  • they support veins
  • they reduce leg swelling

There are other health benefits such as:

  • reducing orthostatic hypotension (lightheadedness when you stand up)
  • they prevent vein ulcers
  • improving lymphatic drainage

Not only that but there has been high interest in compression socks for men. A lot of runners and athletes end up wearing them because they help them improve their performance but also while they are recovering from injury.

These types of socks are specifically designed to help out with the blood flow and oxygen which is very much needed if you go through a strenous exercise.

But even if you are not the type to have problems with circulation, these socks are good to wear before any exercise. If you keep your legs warm during an exercise, higher are the chances for a better performance.

Let’s talk compression stockings for men

Things to consider

Before deciding to buy some compresssion socks for yourself, there are few things you should always look out for. Men don’t like spending money on things which they won’t end up using in one way or another. You don’t want these stockings to end up being one of the things you don’t use anymore.


First off, you should look out for how long they are going to last you.

Socks are one of the pair of clothing that tears out the most because they are on your feet all the time and you use your feet all the time. So, if you are into sports or any kind of athlete, you should probably try to find one of the compression socks that will last you quite a while. Compression socks meant for high-intensity activities should be on top of your list to look out for. You certainly don’t want them to break after a first activity of a higher intensity. If anything, if you are paying for something, may as well make sure it is durable.


The next most important thing is the style you are going for.

In recent years, compression socks have started to look more stylish. They don’t just look like they are for medical use. That’s why, it’s important to find the style that suits you the most. But, also, it is really easy because there are many styles to choose from so you can be picky as much as you can.

So, if you are looking for compression stockings to wear on daily basis, you should probably find the ones that fit that description. So, something that doesn’t stand out and can fit in with the rest of your everyday style.

However, if you are a gym or a sporty type, and you are looking for socks for these types of occassions, then you’d want a bolder and stronger look.

In the end, just make sure you will love what you buy and that you won’t regret it later on. We all have our own favorite colors and styles.


It’s not that hard breaking a budget that you’ve set for yourself. Take for an example grocery shopping. When you go out to buy what you need, it’s really easy grabbing a few snacks here and there on the way to the cashier. So, it’s not really that different when it comes to buying clothes.

Sticking to a budget is really important which is why try rethinking how much you need these socks. If it affects the quality of other areas in your life, maybe you should reconsider. However, it is also recommended to try pushing limits to your already set budget. In other words, maximizing the budget you’ve set for yourself and see what you’ve got with that.


Another thing that you would want to consider is quality.

While we want to encourage you to stick to your budget, it’s also important to try to get as best quality as you can find. Normally, the best quality stockings are by best brands and they are a bit more expensive.

Of course, it’s easy to just spend hundred of dollars on the best quality socks if that’s within your budget. However, if you don’t have much money on hand then quality will be lower but you should still try finding the best one within your price range.

It will take some time and experimantiation to find the perfect pair but it’s worth it and rather easy. You may be tempted to just spend your money on the first pair that has some good reviews and is within your price range but you should probably do more research. It usually takes time to find the best quality socks that are affordable for you.

Want to Stop Leg Swelling Now?

ComproGear Compression Socks are designed to stop swelling instantly!

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The Best Compression Stockings for Men

Working out

If you are the type of a man who likes working out and is into sports, then there are certain things to look out for when buying.

It’s really important to find a sock that applies just enough and ideal pressure. If you are a runner, the thing that is really important is to find the ones that can stabilize your ankles and arch. This is extremely helpful if you have weakness in those areas as well. They should be durable, dense and they shouldn’t stretch out over time. These types of socks can also help out with muscle soreness.

They should be designed to lessen the likelihood of shin splints. Firm graduated compression 20-30mmHg is said to improve circulation during running and recovery.

Many people who wear compression socks after ankle injury report that they have never felt uncomfortable thanks to them. It’s also important not to throw these socks into a dryer and it’s also important to choose the right size as they can be not tight enough for you.

Some socks may have extra fabric to rub your feet on which affect blisters even more. So if you easily get blisters, try avoiding these types of socks.

If you play football, it’s important to find the ones that really support your ankles and that can help with jumps and lateral movements.

Every day

If you are looking for the types of socks to wear on daily basis then these are the things that you should pay attention to.

In general, you’d want to find the types of socks that are the most durable, no matter which occassion you are buying them for. These socks should also be comfortable to wear, have good elasticity and good midweight compression.

The type of fabric for every day should definitely be soft and should have good toe coushioning. They should offer good compression over your calves, ankles, shins and feet. No matter what you are doing, they should be able to keep up with you.

The design should be breathable which means having ventilated design that can keep your feet cool and fresh.

If you want socks to be super comfortable in, look for Merino-wool fabric which makes any sock extremely soft and warm so you can wear it all winter long. Since you’re looking for every day, the compression should be moderate but they should be able to stay nicely in place and not slip around.

Air Travel

For travelling, it’s important to have graduated compression which means they should be tighter around the ankle and then loose up as it goes up. It’s supposed to help you with blood flow to your heart.

Synthetic materials aren’t that good with absorbing moisture when compared to natural materials. However there should be some elasticity to the sock so you can put it on which is why many compression socks have mix of both synthetic and natural materials. For example, polyester, merino wool embedded with copper and silver. They decrease smelly feet and absorb moisture pretty well.

15-20mmHG strength is the best one to wear throughout the day unless you have some problems wirh veins. It’s always best to consult your doctor when it comes to that.

Considering that air travel can make you feel in pain or dead in your feet, compression stockings should be something that relieve you of that. So that you can actually enjoy your time travelling and not be fatigued. In the end, you owe it to yourself to feel comfortable. For travel, they are supposed to allow your calves, ankles, and toes to breathe while at the same time gett the compressed treatment they deserve.

You should also look for those which can prevent blisters and friction that walking around the airport can cause. For that, look for seamless toe box.


If you are looking to wear these stockings at work, then you should definitely look for the ones that are the most comfortable. Especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. It’s importnat that you feel at home even when you are at work.

There are also some socks designed that have copper as compression. Copper is a really good material for conducting electricty. Because of that, copper fibers can actually be used to rejuvenate blood circulations throughout your legs while providing compression. This alone gives you extra comfort and security throughout the day so this should be perfect for work-related activities. This is, however, for those people who spend a lot of time sitting at work.

You will feel the benefit of pain relief throughout your feet, ankles, and legs, giving you the true medical benefit of a pair of compression socks.

Copper is really good material for those who have sweaty feet. For men this is extremely beneficial because it is really upsetting to know that you are stinking up a room with smelly feet. So these are not only good for work, they can be good for sport activities. That is because copper is designed to enhanced performance. If you can compete with less pain and with better recovery, you are going to perform better. 

How They Work

There is a lot of reasons why compression socks are ideal for you and they are said in this text. However, we haven’t really told you about how you should wear them and how they even work. So, basically, we know what they do but we don’t know how. And probably a lot of men are curious if they should even buy these if they don’t know how they work.

So, we already know how they improve blood circulation and can improve any other ailments we could possibly suffer from but we don’t know what drives that process.

Blood must go back to your heart by circulating through you veins. However, in order to do that, it needs to go against gravity and move up from your legs back into the heart. Because of that, there are plenty of ways that blood flow can be stopped which is why so many people suffer from bad circulation in legs. Such things that might stop the blood flow can cause your veins to become thinner or colder which makes your blood go back to your heart way slower.

When the blood becomes slower, it starts pool up in areas such as legs and ankles which is how, for example, blood clots are made.

When we apply any sort of compression to that area, the blood in veins gets freed and can finally move to your heart at a normal pace. Improving this blood flow is very important because it reduces swelling, pain, fatigue and other problems in legs.

That sole reason is why compression socks are the first thing we look for whenever blood restriction in your veins happens. They provide comfort and relief that our veins deserve.

Why Men Should Wear Compression Stockings

Simple answer to this question would be – because men have leg problems too. However, a lot of people are wondering what’s up with that? Can men be really sexy if they wear these?

Most women already know the benefits and effects of wearing compression socks and how they can improve a lifestyle. That is mainly through advertising and others were probably advised by their doctor or any other health provider.

On the other hand, men have only recently started to discover the joy and benefits of wearing these stockings. Or, even, support pantyhose. Men have continuously faced problems and challenges over this because pantyhose are considered hoisery. If a man wears something like this, it’s very like he’d been seen as weird, strange or even a cross-dresser. Women have been wearing male clothing for a very long time and it’s true that no one even questions whether it is sexy or not.

Women have simply taken a stand of wearing whatever they please, so it’s important for men to the same. It is rather unfair for society to put pressure on men not to enjoy the benefits of wearing compression socks.

However, men who know about their vein problem have been more open to wearing compression stockings than others. Other males find it hard to even adopt an idea to wear the compression stocking. Simply because they don’t want to be shunned by society. They don’t want to have anything to do with traditionally “female” stockings.

It’s not good ignoring these issues as there is no real good reason why you shouldn’t wear these. If your physician has prescribed you to wear stockings, it’s because there’s an underlying issue you need to address. Whether you need to wear knee-high, thigh-high or pantyhose style compression stockings, your health and wellbeing should always come first.

So, be a brave man and rock these stockings! Surely you will look great!

Want to Stop Leg Swelling Now?

ComproGear Compression Socks are designed to stop swelling instantly!

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