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ComproGear Refund Policy

  • If you want a refund, you get it.

No hassles. No whining. No corporate policy nonsense.

Heck, we won’t even make you ship back the product.

So if you ever have a refund or return, just Contact Us.

The Simple Return Policy Every Business Owner Should Read

Customer Not Happy = Refund Their Money

I buy stuff just like you. And it pisses me off to no end when I buy something and it sucks…

Then, like half the time, that business won’t refund my purchase because “company policy” or “it’s been more than 15 minutes since you bought it”.

Sure, the transaction is probably only $30 or $40.

It’s not gonna bankrupt me that they won’t refund my rainbow-colored battery-operated plastic back-scratcher.

But it’s the principle of the thing.

It’s broken. It doesn’t work as advertised. It doesn’t fit.

I want my money back, and I want it back NOW!?!

And now some corporate drone is gonna hem and haw because their sucky product sucks and I want to return to my pre-buying bliss where I have my money and they have their sucky product?

It’s annoying enough that I have to return it.

I don’t want to argue about it too.

As the customer, this transaction is 100% to me.

To the business owner, this transaction represents like 0.001% of their business.

Seriously, there are so many orders pouring in that refunding a small handful of people is nothing.

Refunds are the minority of any good business:
– A 1-3% refund rate is normal for most products
– A 5-10% refund rate is normal for some industries (Example: clothing items with different sizes)
– Even if a business is running a scam and has an angry lynch mob waiting around the corner with torches and pitch forks, I’d be surprised if refunds ever go over 25%. People are just too busy to deal with the refund process.

Giving a customer a refund is like a restaurant giving customers an extra napkin when they ask for it.

It’s a non-issue.

That’s why…

Every business owner should read this:


It won’t materially change your finances.

But it will keep your customers happy…
…which in turn will keep your business open and thriving.

(Plus you’ll save all sorts of money not having to pay a therapist to explain that your insomnia is caused by hundreds of angry customer emails.)

Now that you’ve read my personal rant on customer refunds, if you ever have a refund or return, just Contact Us.

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