The Best Compression Socks for Men

If you’re looking for the best compression socks, then look no further.

Compression Socks help: treat an injury, relieve pain, or simply stay on your feet all day (prevent pain and injury).

ComproGear compression socks are not only functional, but they look great too.

Let’s look at what makes them a great choice…

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

ComproGear Compression Socks for Men

Compression socks for men that are great for running

Let’s get size and style out of the way first. These come in multiple sizes, so you’re going to find the ones that fit, and there are multiple styles – a stripe of pink and other colors or pinstripe patterns to choose from, so you can choose muted tones that will sit under your clothing or a bolder style that you can show off. 

If you’re an athlete of any sport such as a runner, these can bring you instant relief and stop swelling in its tracks. The best compression socks for swelling are 20-30mmHg medical-grade compression. These are designed to bring instant relief if you do have swelling and pain, and to stop your legs and feet from swelling if you suffer from swelling a lot.

These are also crafted from moisture-wicking material that is soft and comfortable. When you sweat, the moisture is not going to sit there and cause irritations. There is nothing worse than swollen feet and blisters like that from a runner

And the best thing about these is that if you are not completely satisfied, and we know that you will be, you can contact ComproGear for a 100% money-back guarantee. 

These are sturdy, they can prevent hospital visits and surgery, and will actively help with pain relief, swelling, and injury recuperation. So, if you are on your feet all day, and even if you are not, spend a few dollars and look after yourself.

Compression Socks – How to Measure your Size
(Sizing is critical for getting the right compression level)

How to Measure compression socks for men

Compression socks and graduated compression stockings do not usually come in the same sizes as the casual ones (foot size), and instead are grouped into Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, etc.

For a rough estimation of size, take your shoe size and follow the size chart image on the ComproGear Compression Socks Amazon page.

If you are worried that you are not going to get the right fit, then you can also measure your calf and use the following chart in conjunction with the previous one to find the right fit:

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

What to Look For In Compression Socks for Men

Compression Level of your Socks

The main thing to look for is the level of compression. It does not matter how comfortable or stylish they are, if you do not have the ones that you need, then you are just buying a fancy pair. 

compression socks for men to relieve pain in the legs
  • Mild Compression (15-20mmHg) socks will help you great with pain relief. If you have ailments such as pain in your legs or feet, mild swelling, or varicose veins, then this level of compression can help. If you have not noticed any ailments or swelling, but are on your feet all day and do not want to take any chances, then this can stave off injuries before they happen.
compression socks swollen feet with lymphatic edema
  • Moderate Compression (20-30mmHg) socks are great for prevention and pain relief. If you are a runner and have suffered injuries in the past or your legs swell a lot, then this is the type of compression sock to invest in. This level can also help to treat ulcers, thrombotic syndromes, and lymphatic edema.
Medical professional stretching a man's leg
  • Firm Compression (30-40mmHg) socks are great for more serious injuries and are used for treatment. You should not use this much compression unless prescribed by a medical professional.

Comfort Level of your Compression Socks

Man wearing compression socks for men while sitting

Once you have the compression right, you need to find comfort. There is no point in wearing a pinstripe casual sock all day that is not comfortable, and you are more likely to be annoyed by an uncomfortable sock and take it off. 

Look for soft cotton, wool-like texture that is not abrasive. Also, look for some elastic in the sock so that it compresses but does not hold your leg and foot too tightly. Finally, look for some moisture-wicking that can take away excess moisture. If water is trapped, it can causes blisters and abrasions, and it can also destroy the sock. 

Size of your Compression Socks

Measuring the compression socks for men

We talked already about finding the right size and have included some charts to measure your calf and help you pick the right one, but we wanted to reiterate how important size is. If you have the right compression but the wrong size, you are not going to get pain relief, and these may even cause you more pain. This is especially important for gout socks, which absolutely must be the correct size.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Cost of the Compression Socks – A quick story why “On Sale” should not be your #1 criteria for choosing compression socks

Comprogear's compression socks for men details

You get what you pay for.

Compression socks for men are not terribly expensive…for a medical garment. Yes, they’re definitely more expensive than standard socks. But for something that controls swelling in your legs, they’re relatively cheap.

That said, there are a lot of “GOTCHA!” compression socks out there.

When we were designing ComproGear Compression Socks, we ordered samples from 17 different manufacturing facilities. We figured most would be good quality and we’d have a tough time choosing the final contract manufacturer.


Literally every single supplier (except one) were pure garbage. They were thin socks that clearly provided no compression.

It was package after package of “Seriously?! This is junk.”

Sure they came in all sorts of cute colors and designs. But they didn’t DO anything. No compression. They were just thin garbage.

I can’t think of anything closer to a scam than that.

Until I found out what they do with sizing.

Companies were offering those low quality compression socks in “one size fits all” models. Or the close cousin to this scam…multiple sizing.

If you ever see “Small/Medium” instead of separate “Small” and “Medium” sizes, run screaming in the other direction. I guarantee they’re junk.

Despite rejecting these low quality “compression” socks at the manufacturing level, we find them being sold all over Amazon.

So when you find an offer of 5 socks for only $11.99 in size “Large/XL”, trust me, you found ’em. Buy ’em and find out for yourself what “too good to be true” really means. They’re comically thin and don’t provide any compression.

That’s why we launched ComproGear Compression Socks, and why we honestly can’t recommend any other brands. If you want to see our compression socks, here’s the link to buy them on Amazon.

(Note: We have a lifetime guarantee on ComproGear Compression Socks. You can return them for a full refund at any time and for any reason. It’s Amazon so returns are always free.)

How to Choose Compression Socks for Men

Choosing compression socks for men and graduated compression stockings is just like choosing any other item of casual clothing. But, what else do you need to look for?

  • Follow our short buying guide above, you will know that you need to look for the right level of compression.
  • Measure your calf and find the right size of compression socks.
  • Set your budget and buy the right compression socks.
  • Look for the right material such as cotton and wool.
  • If you like to look great and fashionable, there are many socks out there for the more fashion-minded, from loud pink or muted colors, to stripe, pinstripe and bold patterns.
  • If you have a tough time with mobility, choose easy to put on compression socks for elderly, or get a sock donner device to help put them on.

With so much choice, you are sure to find the right pair of compression socks that match your character.

Where to Buy Compression Socks

Benefits of buying Comprogear's 
compression socks for men

You are always going to get the best prices online unless you get lucky and find a good deal in a physical store. These are not the kind of item of clothing that you can try on first before you buy, so you cannot just go around different stores and try a bunch on before deciding on your favorite one. 

This is where online shopping comes in. Look for an online retailer that has a money-back guarantee. If you have measured your calf and know your shoe size, these might fit but, if they do not, you can return them and buy a different pair.

What Makes ComproGear Compression Socks Better Than the Rest?

When ComproGear set out to manufacture compression socks, they first bought 30 pairs so that they could try them out and find what works. From there, they designed the perfect one that could help any sport athlete, a runner or any other type of people around the world. 

While the compression is relatively easy to achieve, it is the comfort that is a little trickier, especially when your leg is being compressed. ComproGear has set itself apart by creating a sock that is more comfortable than the others out there. 

Not only is the material elasticated and cotton-like soft, but it is moisture-wicking too. That means that you do not have to worry about blisters and abrasions, and your foot remains cool and dry when you are wearing socks all day. 

The other thing that sets ComproGear apart is their lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with what you bought for any reason, they will replace them for you. When companies have faith in their products, they know that their quality will shine through.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

When blood is pumped around your body, it can sometimes have a hard time getting back, and that is no more apparent than in your legs. Because of gravity, blood can be slowed as it is being pumped back up your legs to your heart. This can cause swelling, ailments, and fatigue. 

How Compression Socks work with veins

Your blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so keeping the blood flowing is essential. This is where compression socks come in. By applying pressure to your legs, they tighten your major veins, reducing the diameter and increasing velocity. 

This pressure helps your blood to get back to your heart where it can be refilled with oxygen and energy and pumped around your body. An athlete of any sport, for example, a runner – may have suffered from leg pain, these also help to stop blood pooling in your legs and stops your muscles from swelling and becoming sore.  

Benefits of Wearing compression socks for men

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

When is it Important for Men to Wear Compression Socks?

There are many reasons to invest in compression socks. Here are 5 times when compression socks can come in handy for men.

Sitting – Compression Socks can Stop Calf Swelling

Man sitting with discomfot

Compression socks are usually associated with standing all day, but you can be equally at risk if you sit all day too. If you work an office job and are constantly seated, your calf muscles are not doing a lot through the day and they do not offer assistance in pumping blood back to your heart. As we talked about above, these can help to pump the blood back to your heart, reducing the risk of injury and swelling.

Standing – Compression Socks can Stop Calf Swelling

Medical professional standing

If you stand for long periods of time, whether you stay in the same position or are on your feet all day, compression socks can help. You could be a security guard or nurse, or work in retail, and suffer from fatigue. Wearing compression socks can ease that fatigue and keep you going for longer, without feeling the pain.

Exercise – Using Compression Socks to Improve Recovery

Man runnning wearing compression socks

When you exercise, you are stretching and pressuring your muscles. This helps to build them, but it can also cause them damage. If you’re a runner and wear them while you exercise, you help to support your muscles and there is less chance of injuring them. You will also find that you have more energy when you exercise and reduce your recovery time, preventing injuries. 

Injury – RICE Stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Man with leg/feet injury

Of course, you can’t prevent every injury, but you can help with recovery time. By wearing a compression sock after an injury, you get all the benefits, such as better blood flow, supported muscles, and more mobility. You can help prevent injury and you can reduce recovery time too. 

Travel => Sitting + Lower Pressure => Compression Socks can Really Help

Man sitting in the plane

If you engage in long-distance travel, whether for pleasure or on business, there is a risk of developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots, especially if you are sitting for long periods of time. Next time you are on a long-distance flight, sport a pinstripe or any other style of these and take the risk away while looking fashionable.

Why ComproGear Compression Socks?

You have a ton of options for buying compression socks.

Just look around Amazon or do any Google search for “Compression Socks for Men”. You’ll see literally THOUSANDS of different brands.

Some of these offers sound pretty sweet.

5 compression socks for under $8.99? – Sign me up.

“One Size Fits All” and sold by a Doctor – Sounds perfect.

With all these cheap compression socks, why would you pay good money for ComproGear Compression Socks.

One Word: Quality.

I know every company says they have the best quality. And most of the time, it’s all just the same commodity re-marketed with a new brand name.

In this case, unfortunately, it’s actually true. ComproGear Compression Socks are significantly better than the competition. Scratch that. They actually work.

Let me explain.

When we started this business, we ordered custom samples from 17 different manufacturing facilities.

We figured it would be a tough choice with all the good suppliers.


16 of the samples we got were junk. They were so thin that there was ZERO compression.

I’m not exaggerating. You would put them on your legs and just laugh. They provided nothing. No compression at all.

All 16 samples were like the toilet paper in a public bathroom; frustrating garbage.

We finally found 1 supplier that sent over actual compression socks. These felt great and provided really good compression. They also sent multiple sizes that matched our specifications.


Unfortunately, it looks like those other 16 suppliers are still selling. When you go to Amazon and see “5 socks for $8.99 in size Large/XL” you found them, expensive trash can liner.

That’s why we price at the “reassuringly expensive” price range and offer a lifetime guarantee. If you’re interested in ComproGear Compression Socks, you can see them here on Amazon.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

This page last updated January 1, 2023