Mouse Pad – Full Review (Styles, Performance, Price)


You got here without a mouse pad. That’s like arriving someplace in a car with four flat tires. It’s quite the feat.

Ok, so maybe you’re just using your phone. That’s sort of cheating. But over in the corner is your sad computer with it’s mouse just sitting there without a viable mouse pad. What are you using the mouse on now, I have to ask? Broken glass? Gravel? Your cat?

Alright, I’m kidding. Maybe you’re just here to upgrade your mouse pad. The current one is a 1990’s vintage model you got free from your job. Something you picked up from that annoying trade show. Now you’re stuck looking at XYZ “Big Brand Super Store” branded mouse pad.

What are you looking for? Taco Cat Mouse Pad? Einstein Quote Mouse Pad? Or are you one of the serious types who wants an LED Lighted Gaming Super Mouse Pad with 8,000 stitches per inch and custom laser-cut edges?

Well my friend, they make them all. And they’re dirt cheap. The entry level mouse pad is like $5. Even the expensive ones rarely go over $60 tops. So whether you’re a casual computer user or the next world champion gamer, there’s an option out there for you.

Our editorial team chose to look at all the available options on the market, because there are like a billion and one mouse pads. Unfortunately most of the mouse pads they tried out absolutely suck.

So what are we gonna do about it? Rather than sit back and just let the mouse pad market keep selling crappy products, we decided to buy a whole truckload of mouse pads and try them all out.

In the next few days you’ll have our full report on the best mouse pads for 2020.

Check back soon and we’ll get your mouse up and running in style.

And we promise we’ll include at least one taco cat or howling wolf mouse pad in the lineup!

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