The Best DIM Supplement

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Nature’s Way DIM-plus

Find relief naturally through this supplement of DIM. This supplement is designed to have enhanced absorption so that you can feel the effects and benefits of the DIM boost faster and more efficiently. It’s also considered to be enhanced with bioavailability, which may give you a more consistent and stabilized routine of DIM. Other benefits of this particular kind of supplement includes its wholesome ingredients, as its advertised as both gluten free and vegetarian. It contains no sugar, wheat, dairy or artificial flavors or preservatives. 

It’s delivery system also helps absorption so you can get the most of the supplement. In addition to valuable DIM, it also contains vitamin E to support other areas of your health as well. This popular supplement from Nature’s Way is available on Amazon for less than $25. The package comes in 120 capsules, which can last you a while as you take daily doses. 

When it comes to staying well, there’s a lot of steps you can take. From balanced diets to regular exercise to managing your stress, taking care of your physical health is an essential component of life. 

Oftentimes, a balanced diet brings a wealth of important benefits that is good for your physical and mental well-being. Incorporating a lot of fruits, veggies, proteins, healthy fats and the right amount of carbohydrates can ensure you get the vitamins and nutrients you need. And what you eat and the nutrients you’re able to get matter. Your diet and nutrient levels can influence other processes in your bodies. And that includes hormonal issues and conditions. 

Compounds and internal processes can help control hormonal balances and other areas of your health. One such compound is Diinolymenthane, called DIM. This compound plays a vital role in your health in a variety of ways. And not having enough of it can have deleterious effects on your overall health and well-being. 

To combat lower levels of DIM, many people have turned to supplements of DIM. Using an extra boost of this compound can be used for a variety of purposes, including treating of several conditions such as PMS and cancer. But what really is the big deal and how are you to know which ones are really the best DIM supplements? We’re here to help. 

Next, we share some important things you need to know about DIM and its supplement form. We’ll explore the various benefits and key side effects of having a deficiency of it. Then, with such an important compound as this, we’ll explore ways you can amp up your intake by taking a supplement that’s designed to meet your unique needs. 

DIM – What is it? 

Before you start considering taking the best DIM supplement, it’s important to understand just exactly what DIM is. WebMD notes that DIM is a compound that is created when vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or other cruciferous foods are digested. Healthline describes the process as when your stomach acid breaks down the cruciferous vegetables you eat to create this new compound. Unfortunately, you would need to consume numerous servings of cruciferous vegetables in order to get the full benefits of what DIM has to offer. That’s why DIM supplements may be a great solution to get that extra boost. 

DIM also has an impact on levels of the hormone estrogen (estrogens) in your body. With this strong tie to hormones, DIM has been used to address a variety of related issues and concerns. This is because this compound may stimulate 2-hydroxyestrone, which is a highly beneficial and less potent types of the estrogens. And it’s not just for women. In fact, this compound has also shown to convert testosterone hormones to estrogens. 

Evidence for Health Benefits

With its connection to hormone levels like estrogens, proper levels of DIM can have valuable benefits in your overall health. WebMD notes that DIM is used for several purposes, mostly related to addressing hormonal concerns. The benefits of DIM can be for either men or women. 

These benefits include things like preventing different types of cancer such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, or colorectal cancer. This compound can help ease breast pain and aid in weight loss as well. It may also address acne and related issues. For women, the benefits include addressing concerns related to premenstrual syndrome or other menopause symptoms. For men, DIM may be helpful in preventing issues of an enlarged prostate. Some reports also note improvement in rheumatoid arthritis. In navigating concerns that involve hormones, DIM can offer valuable benefits that can ease those issues.

Dose To Take

As research on DIM and DIM supplements is fairly new and limited largely to animal studies, it may be difficult to know the exact dosage you should aim for, whether through your diet or in taking supplements. 

There are several factors that will determine the right amount for you. Your age and health history are significant in determining a healthy level of DIM and its effectiveness. The purpose for taking supplements may also determine your level. Due to the limited research and information about the effects and use of DIM, it’s important to be intentional about your dosage of supplements you take. Have a conversation with your doctor to identify the right amount of DIM to meet your needs. 

What Foods Contain DIM? 

The compound DIM is created when you eat a kind of cruciferous vegetable. These include things like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and arugula. You can also find it in things like kale, bok choy, radishes, turnips, rutabaga and watercress. These veggies tend to have cancer-fighting properties as well to support your overall health. They’re rich in nutrients and vitamins to support you with addressing weight management and acne beyond DIM content. 

To meet the recommended DIM intake, most women would need to eat:

  • Broccoli – 500g for about 200mg DIM
  • Brussels sprouts – 500g for about 200mg DIM
  • Cabbage – 500g for about 200mg DIM
  • Cauliflower – 500g for about 200mg DIM

Effectiveness of DIM Supplements

The compound DIM brings with it a rich array of benefits for both men and women. Yet reaching the fullest potential of what DIM has to offer would require consuming several servings of cruciferous vegetables. DIM supplements can help you make up that extra amount to get the full effect of this valuable compound. 

What Conditions Can It Help With?

With so many great health benefits that come with DIM, taking it as a supplement can be an important component to healthy living. However, it is important to note that as the research on DIM is fairly new and largely limited to animal studies, the scientific conclusions made on the use of DIM are far from complete. While there is evidence to support these beneficial results, they are far from exact. In some cases, human studies are needed to make more convincing arguments with these health benefit conclusions. 

Nevertheless, people praise the use of DIM supplements for addressing a wide range of concerns and health issues. These include:

  • Preventing cancer and promoting good hormonal health with DIM supplements,
  • Supplementing with DIM to prevent prostate issues,
  • Aiding weight loss with DIM,
  • Preventing acne with DIM, and
  • Relieving menopause and PMS symptoms, including depression, with DIM.

Cancer prevention and good hormonal health

Animal studies have shown that DIM supplements may have a connection to preventing the spread and growth of cancer cells, particularly for breast cancer. It may also lead to anti-tumor effects. The changes in hormone levels can be very helpful in both men and women in the prevention and treatment of cancers like cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, or colon cancer. There are more studies being done on these anticancer effects.

Prostate issue prevention

As mentioned above, DIM can help with prostate cancer. There is evidence that taking DIM supplements may also work to treat and protect against other prostatic issues, including enlargement. 

Regulating weight loss

Because weight management is strongly aligned with hormones, balancing estrogen levels may be beneficial in assisting with weight loss. Along with that, these power supplements may also help in breaking down fat cells and preventing more fat cells from forming. 

Acne prevention

Acne can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing! These supplements may be helpful in the treatment and healing of acne and issues related to acne caused by hormonal issues. 

Relief from problems with menopause and premenstral syndrome

Issues related to menopause or PMS may also be alleviated with the help of DIM supplements. This is because DIM helps with the production of estrogens int he body. People have noted how it has helped cool hot flashes, calm mood swings, improved depression, or provide relief for painful menstrual side effects. 

These valuable benefits making adding DIM supplements an attractive approach to regulating certain hormone-related concerns. 

Are DIM Supplements Safe to Take

Since DIM and the use of DIM supplements are limited and long-term effects of the supplements has little research. However, the current research indicates that there are no significant negative side effects in taking DIM supplements. Overall, they are considered safe to take. 

Despite the benefits, there are a few side effects that may appear as a result of taking supplements with DIM. Healthline notes that the more common side effects include conditions such as a darker color of urine, higher frequency of bowel movements, gas and headaches. Other side effects that are more rare but may occur include things like nausea, diarrhea or skin rashes. 

If you are undergoing hormone therapy in addressing cancer, DIM supplements should not be taken to address cancer symptoms unless advised by your doctor.

Whether you consider yourself healthy or are navigating a health concern, be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any sort of DIM supplement or therapy. As DIM supplements interfere with your natural estrogen levels, it’s important not to have those hormone amounts either too high or too low. Careful monitoring and support from your doctor can help you ensure these supplements are beneficial for your overall wellbeing. 

How Long Does It Take DIM Supplements To Treat Problems

When it comes to the efficiency at which DIM supplements work inside your body, there is a great deal of variation. Factors like your age, gender, weight and purpose for which you are taking supplements all impact how fast you’ll see results. These time frames can range from just a few days to a month or more. 

  • Age: Estrogen tends to decrease as we age, and, since DIM affects estrogen levels, you may need a different supplement level as you get older.
  • Gender: Women tend to need DIM more than men, so they may need to take more DIM supplements or take a higher supplement dosage.
  • Weight: Just as our weight can affect our medication dosage, it can affect our supplement dosage. Since DIM has been linked to weight loss, you may need to adjust your supplement level as your weight goes down.
  • Purpose: Your reason for needing more DIM may change the supplement dosage. Using DIM for acne is different from using it for weight loss, for anticancer effects, to improve depression, or to help with menopause symptoms.
  • Other Supplements: Make sure you talk with your doctor about any other supplements you take in case some also include DIM.

How To Take Them

As you begin a DIM supplement with your doctor’s recommendation, there are a few things to keep in mind. SM Nutrition recommends to not take them on an empty stomach, as they can cause nausea. This also helps your body absorb DIM more efficiently. Staying hydrated is also an important part to getting the full benefit of DIM supplements. Plan on drinking at least a few extra glasses of water in addition to what your normal intake is. 

Another thing you’ll want to be aware of is the color of your urine. Having a darker tint to your urine is completely normal and isn’t a cause for concern. SM Nutrition also makes it clear that having a consistent regime of your DIM supplement is how to get the most of the experience. Take it once a day with one meal on a regular basis as it becomes part of your overall routine. 

Can Men Take Them

While DIM may act like estrogen and work similarly or in an effort to balance it out, anyone can take it. Although estrogens have typically been associated as female-only hormones, men can actually find great benefits in amping up their DIM levels. This compound carries significant benefits in preventative care, such as in reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate or developing cancer and promoting overall health. This can also help to regulate testosterone levels back to normal. 

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

With anticancer properties, DIM supplements may be taken by those concerned about or at higher risk for certain types of cancers, including breast cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer. Be sure to talk with your doctor before adding DIM supplements into your diet for cancer prevention due to the relationship with your hormone levels. 

Help with Weight Loss

Because of estrogen’s strong association with weight management and fluctuation, DIM supplements have also been used to promote weight loss. Because your weight and your management of it is strongly aligned with hormones, using DIM supplements to regulate your estrogen levels may be beneficial in assisting with weight loss. It also helps to break down those fat cells you have while also preventing the creation of more fat cells. 

Best DIM Supplements

With so many great uses for DIM supplements, there are also a variety of types of DIM supplements to choose from. You can often find varieties of supplements based on what exactly you’re using them for. 

To help you find the best DIM supplement for you, here we share some of the top supplements out there. 

Smoky Mountain Nutrition

With added helpful ingredients, this DIM supplement is packed with power. It comes in doses of 120 mg DIM. It also contains Bio-perine, which helps with bioavailability and overall absorption of the compounds you need. Rather than eating two pounds of cruciferous vegetables, this one capsule can get you the same effects for DIM. This supplement helps to balance hormones and metabolism, which can bring a variety of benefits for both men and women. 

Each bottle comes with a total of 60 capsules, giving you a two-month supply of supplements. These supplements are also advertised as gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free and manufactured with FDA standards. Another great perk to this supplement is that it contains vitamin D, which helps support a variety of areas of your health, including immune health. You can find this Smoky Mountain Nutrition Best DIM supplement on Amazon for just $24. 

Zazzee Naturals

This extra-strength product can be a great option for those looking for a little more DIM for their money. Each of the 100 capsules in this product has 300 mg of DIM. It also contains bio-perine which helps to support absorption and effectiveness of the supplement. Other ingredients in this variety include organic acacia powder, which acts as a natural prebiotic to support your digestive health. 

This variety from Zazzee is also praised as having organic broccoli extract to give it an extra punch of health. It’s also vegan and non-GMO. While it has no flavor, it’s easy to take on a regular basis. You can find the Zazzee Best DIM supplement 300 for less than $20 on Amazon


With 300 mg of DIM per capsule, this variety brings the strength of hormone balance that you need. It’s also got bio-perine, which helps in absorption and bioavailability of DIM in your body. It comes in counts of 120 capsules that are advertised as gluten free and vegan. Remembering your daily dose is easy with just one capsule a day. It’s also tested using a third party source to provide the best quality and trustworthiness in the product. The simple ingredient list ensures that you get what you need and not the extras you don’t. Find Nutricost DIM 300 capsules on Amazon for just $19. 

Nature’s Way 

Find relief naturally through this supplement of DIM. This supplement is designed to have enhanced absorption so that you can feel the effects and benefits of the DIM boost faster and more efficiently. It’s also considered to be enhanced with bioavailability, which may give you a more consistent and stabilized routine of DIM. Other benefits of this particular kind of supplement includes its wholesome ingredients, as its advertised as both gluten free and vegetarian. It contains no sugar, wheat, dairy or artificial flavors or preservatives. 

It’s delivery system also helps absorption so you can get the most of the supplement. In addition to valuable DIM, it also contains vitamin E to support other areas of your health as well. This popular supplement from Nature’s Way is available on Amazon for less than $25. The package comes in 120 capsules, which can last you a while as you take daily doses. 


This supplement from Zhou Nutrition™ brings in the power of healthy cruciferous veggies like broccoli to provide a supplement that’s effective and balanced. By combining the properties of DIM supplement with things like broccoli see extract, the result will be a more effective hormone balance process. Each capsule has 250 mg fof DIM and also has bio-perine to help with absorption and bioavailability. With a name like “active,” it’s designed to help people stay active and energized as they live their lives to the fullest. You can find Zhou Dim Active supplements in counts of 60 on Amazon for $20. 

1 Body Capsules 

With each capsule of 1 Body DIM Complex, you get 200 mg of this important compound that can support your health. As a dietary supplement, it helps support a variety areas of your health including relief of menopause and hormone balancing. It also contains important vitamins and nutrients like vitamin B6 and vitamin to support your energy levels. It also contains herbs like ginseng and ashwagandha to provide additional benefits to this versatile supplement. These extra additions have shown to have positive effects on your overall mood and mental well-being. And, if you want to take those vitamins anyway, you can get it all in one with this supplement.

This variety from 1 Body also is advertised as being vegan-friendly, meaning it does not contain wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg or fish or even tree nuts. For restrictive diets or sensitive stomachs, this options can be a great choice. The capsules are also easy to swallowing, making the daily dose of two pills very manageable. You can find these supplements on Amazon for just $20. 

Purest Vantage DIM 

With the added boost of bio-perine, this option from Purest Vantage can be a great addition to your healthy routine. Each capsule has 250 mg of DIM to support your hormone balance and address all the other areas that DIM helps support. You know that you will get your money’s worth as you seek benefits from DIM with this extra strength supplement. 

But DIM is just the start of what this variety has to offer. It also contains essential vitamins like vitamin D to help support your energy and mental well-being. It also has added bio-perine which helps you absorb the compounds and get the full benefits out of DIM. This product is also enhanced with Dong Quai, an herb that helps to support hormone balance. A few things that you won’t find in it? Things like wheat, soy, gluten or lactose. You can find the Purest Vantage DIM Supplement for just $16 on Amazon

We Like Vitamins 

If you’re looking for a lower dose option that can help boost your hormone balance gently, this variety may be for you. With 200 capsules, you’ll be set for almost a year as you take this daily supplement for better health. If you have days where you want to increase your dosage, you can do so by just consuming two capsules instead of one. Ingredients included in the product are also high-quality. It’s free from things like artificial flavors or colorings or things like milk, sugar, gluten or wheat. You can find We Like Vitamins DIM supplement on Amazon for $19. 

Naturebell with Black Pepper 

Black pepper in a supplement? That’s right. This version from Naturebell brings in the powerful properties of black pepper to improve overall absorption of the components to get the full effects. This supplement packs in 300 mg of DIM in each serving, so it’s important to keep in mind that this is considered to be an extra-strength option for those who need higher amounts of DIM. 

This product also advertises to support metabolism in addition to hormonal balance. It’s been fully tested by a thord-party lab so you can be confident in its effects. It also prioritizes great ingredients, which means it leaves out things like soy, sugar, gluten and dairy. It’s also considered non-GMO so it fits within a wide range of diets. 

One thing to keep in mind about this product is that it doesn’t contain extra vitamins and herbs that are found in other options. It’s all DIM. Which, if you’re looking for extra strength in that compound, this supplement choice can come in hand. You can find this Naturebell DIM with Black Pepper supplement on Amazon for about $22. 

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Promote Good Hormonal Health with the Best DIM Supplements

If you’re struggling with hormone-related concerns or issues, taking DIM supplements may bring important benefits to get you back to feeling like yourself. They’ve been used for their relation to cancer-preventing properties, weight loss, acne-fighting, depression management, and preventing other hormone-related conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Keep in mind that DIM and DIM supplements have limited research as to their effectiveness and overall influence on other areas of health. 

If you’re considering taking DIM supplements to support your overall health and wellbeing, hormone balance, or cancer prevention be sure to connect with your doctor before starting anything. He or she can help you find the dosage that’s right for you and help to track your progress as you continue to improve your health. 

This page last updated December 16, 2022