Doc Socks Compression Socks – Reviews, Comments & Complaints!

Introduction of “The Socks”

Logo of Doc Socks

Doc Socks, the ultimate compression socks. Yes? No? NOOOOOOOOO! That is one good way to start off the article. First of all, have you heard of Doc Socks? If yes, you are probably an active seeker for compression legwear and you most probably have heard of the ocean of negative complaints their users left for them. I mean, complaints of one after another. But, if you have not heard of Doc Socks before and you are in the middle of seeking for a pair of compression socks, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will dissect each and every part of Doc Socks for you to gain some insights so you can make a decision on whether to purchase Doc Socks if you stumble into their website. Yes, readers! This will be the most helpful Doc Socks guide for you!

Let’s talk doc socks compression socks

What are They?

Their Website

Doc Socks has a very straight-forward website in terms of its layout and its call-to-action buttons. The website itself only comes with one home page and one check out page (excluding the terms & conditions, privacy policy pages, etc.). It is very obvious from the outlook of the site that it’s a sale driven website and every button and feature built are to convert every visitor into a buying customer. How do I know that? Because every button you can click onto is to direct you to their check out page. Not to mention the big, bright 50% discount button with a timer to urge you to act on the purchase before it’s too late!

As you scroll down towards the end of the site, there is another call-to-action button to direct you to their checkout page. I mean, their drive to sell is not to be underestimated. Now, let me make one point clear, the 50% discount is merely a marketing play where they mark up the price and put a discount on it. It is a common sale tactic practiced by millions of business owners and vendors. So, their 50% discount is technically there all year long. Do not be moved by the 50% discount! Next on, let’s move to what Doc Socks claim themselves to be or to do.

Their Claims

As seen on the website of Doc Socks, Doc Socks claims themselves to be “Professional Anti Fatigue Compression Sock Sleeves” that REDUCES SWELLING, EASES HEEL PAIN, SOOTHES ACHY FEET, AND BOOSTS CIRCULATION.


  • Proven to limit swelling, both for those on who are on their feet a lot, and those who avoid being on their feet due to pain
  • Designed by a leading Podiatrist who has extensive treatment in foot pain management caused by the lack of support for arch, heel, and ankle core stability
  • Promotes blood circulation to help weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process


  • Create support for the plantar fascia connective tissues for heel through the underside to the toes
  • Naturally elevates and comforts the arch of the foot dues to dropped support from obesity, weight gain, and weight-bearing activities
  • Dramatically reduces heal time for those currently with plantar fasciitis coupled with stretching, ball-rolling exercises, and helps to improve the muscles of the doot and strength


  • Wear with or without regular socks by simply slipping it on as a normal sock would fit
  • Feel the targeted zones and 3 levels of compression targeted to your foot compression
  • Creates permeability and structural compression for hiking, running, sports activities, gym, walking, standing; leaving you feeling fatigue free all day long

“Customer Testimonies”

Those are the claims of Doc Socks that you can find on the Doc Socks website itself. First of all, let’s all agree that their so-called “customer testimonies” are fabricated to create an illusion that their magical compression socks cover all audience base in terms of its utility- mums, sports enthusiasts, teachers (heavy manual labors), etc. Did I mention the number of typos that occurred in the customer testimonies? Go have a look for yourself.

Doc Socks Price

When you get to the check out page, you are presented with the quantities of socks you can select on purchasing, which the higher the quantity, the more discount you are entitled to get. Also, with every second pair you purchase, you get a pair free on top of the discount. Ultimately, it brings me to $90.24 for 7 pairs of Doc Socks upon check out with 3 pairs being free.

Doc Socks Complaint and Negative Reviews

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the essence of the article- the negative reviews and complaints Doc Socks had received. The reviews and complaints speak for themselves, so, say no more and let’s jump right into it!

If you have read through all the complaints and product reviews, they should be pretty helpful for you to decide whether or not Doc Socks is trustworthy. Also, they are not even one-third of the negative reviews I can find available on the internet! Let’s address the factors that contributed to these negative product reviews and complaints.

1. One Size Fits All? No, they don’t!

Do you believe the same pair of socks can provide a perfect fit for the range of XXS to XXL? Does it sound possible to you? Nope. That is what their users are reflecting in the reviews. But there is a more important fact that I need to stress. While one size may magically fit all, one compression level DOES NOT fit all.

The Right Compression Legwear is Proven Helpful in Accelerating Blood Flow

Wear compression leg wear to accelerate blood flow and to relieve pain from the feet and solve achy feet problems

I had stressed the fact of purchasing compression socks with the right amount of compression pressure is the key to the right compression therapy in my other articles. Why? Because compression socks are actually medical devices developed and proven to be helpful in combating and preventing unhealthy leg diseases. They exert pressure on your lower legs, from your feet to your ankles, then your calves to below your knee, even your thigh depending on what length of socks you go for (knee high or thigh high). This distribution of pressure on your lower extremities helps promote better blood flow and at the same time helps push your blood towards your heart against to pull of gravity. They are known to relieve pain and swelling in the ankles as well as the feet and provide you with the comfort of healthy blood flow, which will solve your achy feet problem! I can write a longer list of how the right compression leg wear can send good impacts to your health but let’s bring the wheel back to Doc Socks.

So, while all their negative reviews and complaints are reflected upon the falsely advertised “One Size Fits All” feature (do not fall for it of course), the bottom line is Doc Socks is essentially claiming their one pair of compression sock sleeves are suitable for every single individual in the world, regardless of the health condition and leg symptoms. The ultimate conclusion- One Compression Level Fits All? HELL NO!

2. The durability of their products is the opposite of strong

Many of the comments/complaints are focused on the durability of Doc Socks, which a lot of the users claimed that Doc Socks “fall apart” after one wash. It is a pain in the ass to purchase a pair of socks of over $20 a pair just to have them worn one time and have to throw them into the bin! Yes, it is frustrating from the head to the bottom of your feet! Not to mention the number of complaints they received about the difficulties of putting on and removing Doc Socks.

3. Money was taken but socks went MIA

A percentage of their customers are left with the concerns of not getting their socks delivered after their cards are charged. I have not used the word scam up till this point but if this is not a scam? Then what is? So, when you have a problem with a purchase you made on an E-commerce site, what do you do? You contact their customer support in order to solve whatever problems you encountered, missing delivery, etc. Well, this brings us to number 4.

4. Customer support equals to non-existent

Nothing drives me more nuts when I failed to contact the customer support of whatever service or company I am trying to get to. I mean, what is the point of setting up the customer support hotline or email if they are just going to be left unattended? I once tried to contact a world-renowned company that has a branch at Brunei due to some due diligence work I need verification. I tried every number listed on their website and I called for 3 straight days and no one ever picked up the phone. At that moment, I can feel the volcano started to form on my head and smoke was coming out of my ears. I bet that was how every customer of Doc Socks felt when they were trying to reach their customer support. The only difference between my experience and them was, I didn’t make a purchase and my hard-earned money wasn’t charged. Their customer support is almost as good as non-existent. This is a huge red flag when it comes to purchasing anything online.

5. Customers’ cards were overcharged and auto-billing was performed without authority

A few of the complaints were made because their cards were overcharged instead of the actual amount and some even filed complaints that Doc Socks performed auto-billing without cause and authority of the customers. This again is another proof of scam and is borderline breaching the federal law. This will need to have you to take action on contacting your bank for a refund and report that as a scam, which will result in you canceling your card and making a new one. Does it really worth the hassle? I say not.

6. Their refund policy is a scam

One of the biggest concerns among all complaints and negative reviews is their refund policy, which is merely created for show. They planted a refund policy that looks and sounds great on the website to act as insurance for the customers so they would feel secure in order to convert them into buying those socks. As expected, they are not as honest as they claimed to be. While some customers claimed they received a 60% refund under the conditions of wear-and-tear in the socks, the rest had no luck in getting their refund. I mean, you first have to be able to reach their customer support, right? In order for you to get a refund. 😂

7. Complaints left unanswered

The 6 concerns above are infuriating enough but the worst one is have your complaints unanswered. Bottom line unacceptable. I do not need to elaborate more on this one.

The Conclusion of Purchasing Doc Socks

Don’t be the one that buys these socks!

Finally, let me walk you through on how it feels like to purchase Doc Socks. You make a purchase that you might or might not receive your socks and you might or might not get over-charged on your card. Second, being the lucky bunch, you received your Doc Socks and can’t wait to put them on only to find they are too small and difficult to put on. Then, you spent 45 minutes to put them on, struggled to find comfort in the therapy they promised to provide and you eventually managed to remove them after 45 minutes of battling with the socks. You threw them into the washing machine then only to find them tore apart after one wash. As angry as you are, you picked up the phone to contact the helpful customer support you hope to reach and get a refund but only to get the response of “please try again later” from the other side of the phone.

After listening to “please try again later” for 2019 times, you find yourself throwing the phone at the wall because no one answered after your 98th try. You proceeded to write them an email instead with a few swear words in your email because you are as mad as you can be at that point only to have your email unanswered. You then have this emotion of anger boiling, so you leave 1-star reviews and complaints at every review site you can find (you wish you can leave negative 10 stars instead). You felt that justice was done after the 50 negative product reviews you left. A month later, just when you have moved on from Doc Socks and forgot about them, you get a notification from your bank that your card is charged with X amount of dollars by Doc Socks.

Yes. That will most probably be your buying experience or user experience should you decide to make a purchase at Doc Socks. There is nothing special about those socks and the user experience sucks! They are bottom line a scam, to say the least! Now, if you ask me, I really don’t want to be a part of that process even if they cost nothing.

On the other hand, if you need a pair of these socks to assist you in achieving better leg health, visit our store, Comprogear. Browse through our high-quality socks and most importantly, we practice 100% money-back refund guarantee policy! So, please head over to our site and have a look inside. I’m sure you can find something that can accommodate your needs!

Dr. Sock Soothers – Answered: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Introduction: Doctor Sock Soothers

Logo of doctor sock soothers

If you are a compression socks junkie or is actively searching for the best compression socks you can find on the market for better leg health then you probably had heard of Dr. Sock Soothers, AKA Doc Socks. If you haven’t heard of it before, let me intrigue you with the information I have gathered from all over the internet to give you the best insight about the infamous Doc Socks.

Google search doc socks

Doc Socks: SCAM?

Right off the batch, I will tell you that if you Google search “Dr. Sock Soothers” or “Doc Socks”, the most relevant word you can find among the search result is, guess what? “SCAM”. If you don’t believe me, go ahead, have a search right now. You will know I am not exaggerating.

Doc Socks scam alert

Oh, by the way, there is something worth mentioning. When someone gave me the insights and asked me to write about them, so, of course, the first thing I had to do was my research. Needless to say, within the first 30 seconds of my research, there is already a huge red flag waving and dangling in front of me, backing up the fact that Doc Socks indeed, is a scam.

The reason is simple and can’t be more straight forward. I mentioned above Dr. Sock Soothers also goes by the name Doc Socks but the reason for concern is I actually didn’t know these two are the same product. I’ve only found out until I did my research. They have two different websites under two different domains. One goes by Dr. Sock Soothers and the other one goes by Doc Socks.

Website of Dr Sock Soothers
Website of Doc Socks

See how the layouts of the websites are completely the same with only a few differences in the use of words? Now you might think, why is that a red flag? What is the problem? Let me put it into perspective for you.

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Doc Socks: Sinking Company

In every neighborhood, there is always a restaurant or a bar or whatever business there is that is failing. After a while, it was closed down and you heard that someone took over the business and reopen a better one instead. Had it ever cross your mind that actually no one took over? It is still the same boss, the same operation but just with a whole new outlook and name? Yes. My dear readers. I’ve seen this kind of gimmick a handful of times. Business owners often face difficulties in running the business successfully, especially when there is an overwhelming amount of complaints and negative reviews. So, the most straight forward way for them to escape that sinking-ship situation is to rebrand the business under another name. It could be a temporary solution but not a permanent cure.

Red flag of Doc Socks

If you have a successful business brand, will you take advantage of that brand name or market your product under another name? You know the answer. Now, you see why one product, two names struck me as a red flag?

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What are Doc Socks’s Claims?

Dr sock soothers socks

They claim themselves to be professional anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves that will:

  • Reduces swelling
  • Eases heel pain
  • Soothes achy feet
  • Boosts circulation

The Three Main Features of Doc Socks

Compression Technology

  • Proven to limit swelling, both for those who are on their feet a lot, and those who avoid being on their feet due to pain
  • Designed by a leading Podiatrist who has extensive treatment in foot pain management caused by the lack of support for arch, heel, and ankle core stability
  • Promotes blood circulation to heal weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process

Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

  • Create support for the plantar fascia connective tissues for heel through the underside to the toes
  • Naturally elevates and comforts the arch of the foot dues to dropped support from obesity, weight gain, and weight being activities
  • Dramatically reduces heal time for those currently with plantar fasciitis coupled with stretching, ball-rolling exercises, and helps to improve the muscles of the foot and strength

One Size Fits All

  • Wear with or without regular socks by simply slipping it on as a normal sock would fit
  • Feel the 7 targeted zones and 3 levels of compression targeted to your foot compression
  • Creates permeability and structural compression for hiking, running, sports activities, gym, walking, standing: leaving you feeling fatigue free all day long

Want to Stop Leg Swelling and Improve Athletic Performance?

ComproGear Compression Socks are designed to stop swelling instantly!

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Doc Socks- Their So-Called “Customer Testimonies”

Customer testimony 1 of Doc Socks

“As a parent who deals with three wild boys, you can imagine my feet are always in severe pain running around. I needed to do something about it, so I tried Doc Socks. WOW! I wish I had these on sooner! Now I have enough energy feeling fresh on my feet for ballroom dancing and yoga. The best part is, my feet don’t hurt anymore. This truly is a miracle!

– Mary Hopkins from Boston, MA

Customer testimony 2 of Doc Socks

“My friends keep asking me to go play baseball, but I keep declining their invitation due to my tired and achy feet. I try to stay off my feet as much as possible because recently I gained a tremendous amount of weight and my feet are at the limits of pain. After trying on these soothers, my feet no longer are in control of my life and I am back on my feet! Thank you so much!”

– Andy Kelley from San Diego, CA

Customer testimony 3 of Doc Socks

“I have had the chance to use Doc Socks for a few months now and I absolutely love it! As a high school teacher, I’m constantly on my feet in front of the classroom. My feet are never sore, and the heel pain I used to have as no longer there. I used to even developed holes in the heels of my shoes, but not anymore! I love how I am actually saving money and never have to get new shoes due to my foot issues! This product really works! LOVE IT!”

– Sandy Williams from Miami, FL

Need I to mention the amount of typo they have in their so-called customer testimonies…

What Else is on the Doctor Sock Soothers and Doc Socks Websites?

Purchase notification of Doc Socks website
Purchase notification of Doc Socks website
Purchase notification of Doc Socks website

When you are on both websites, little notifications like these will constantly appear on the bottom left corner every 5 seconds. While there is no proof of whether this is real or fake, I highly doubt the authenticity of these pop-ups. It is merely a marketing play as a confidence boost for the visitors of the sites, urging them to purchase by creating an illusion of high purchase volume by other buyers.

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Buying Process of Doc Socks

Call to action button of Doc Docks

As you scroll down to the bottom of the site of Dr Sock Soothers, you will find this almost massive green button for you to click onto, taking you to their check out page directly. They are very effective in converting you into a buying customer. No left and right features on the site for you to know more about the Doc Socks, just one home page and every button visible is to send you to their checkout page.

Additonal discount pop up of Doc Socks

This will pop up literally 10 seconds after you land on the checkout page, urging you to “test your luck”.

Additonal discount pop up of Doc Socks

As predicted, I landed on a $5 off discount with a 5-minute timer counting down, another marketing tactic to urge the site’s visitors to make a purchase.

Checkout page of Doc Socks

This is where I landed with the $5 discount applied automatically at the checkout page. I then selected “Buy 3, Get 2 Free + $5 Off”, which brings me to to a total of $60.40 inclusive of the shipping cost for 5 pairs of their socks. (If my math is accurate)…

Looking to Buy a Pair of Compression Socks?

Want to Stop Leg Swelling and Improve Athletic Performance?

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Now, let’s look at the same process of their second purchase channel- the Doc Socks website.

Call to action button of Doc Socks website

At the bottom of the page, the same call-to-action button is available in slightly different use of phrase and color, urging you to click onto it which also will bring you to the checkout page.

Additional discount pop up of Doc Socks

Instead of making you spin the wheel of mythicality, this discount pop-up is more straight-forward with a 10% discount off instead of a $5 discount. So, I proceeded to click onto “Activate 10% Off Coupon!”.

Checkout page of Doc Socks

With the 10% discount being applied, it brings me to $72 inclusive of the shipping cost for 5 pairs of Doc Socks. If you compare it with the Doctor Sock Soothers site, it is much more pricey to purchase on the site of Doc Socks. $60.40 compared to $72 for the same quantity of products you are getting, almost $12 indifference. I honestly wonder why. While I could not give you a specific answer for this, I can tell you that this is another sign of an unreliable seller, whoever that is the mastermind of Dr Sock Soothers.

Contact us, T&C, Privacy policy links of Doc Socks

There is another thing worth mentioning, which is their customer support and their return policy. These three tiny buttons are at the very bottom of the website and this is what shows up if you click onto “Contact Us”.

Contact us page of Doc Socks

Spoiler Alert: The Money-Back Return Policy of Doc Socks is a Beep Scam!🙅

There is evidence to back this statement up, just you wait for it. 😏

Doc socks benefits

So far, what do you think of them? Good impression? Bad impression? Can’t decide? Right. Because there is nothing wrong with selling products through sale-driven websites. Every one of their motives is to convert you into buying their “professional” socks but to be fair, this should be the aim of every single business. But I need to stress on one fact, the one and only fact. When you are selling a product that is directly relevant to the health of every single individual out there, you have to be a responsible seller.

  • Do Not make false advertisement
  • Do Not mislead people into buying a product they need as some sort of treatment or prevention to health-related medical conditions
  • Do Not claim non-existing health benefits that are beneficial to the consumers or wearers

Any seller that fails to accomplish the three “Do Not” above is essentially a fraud or a scam, whichever way you prefer to call it. It is different for sellers that are advertising amazing clothes on their sites but deliver you a raincoat instead of sellers claiming their products can cure or treat some sort of health conditions you are suffering from but have zero effect on whatever treatment they claim their products provide. Unfortunately, Doc Socks failed to adhere to the three rules of being a responsible seller and this is what their customers get in return for purchasing their socks.

Want to Stop Leg Swelling and Improve Athletic Performance?

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Doc Socks: Waste of Money

One, the money you spent on purchasing their falsely advertised product is wasted when you can actually go get yourself some real effective treatments with your hard earn money. Those marketing campaigns are created to aim at your pain point with one goal and one goal only- GET YOUR MONEY.

Doc Socks: Waste of Time

Two, the time you spent on utilizing their products for a period of time to start to see the effect or therapy they claim to provide, be it 2 weeks, one month or 3 months are gone for good. The time it took for you to notice the bull crap they are selling is wasted so you are essentially prolonging your suffering of those medical conditions.

Doc Socks: Waste of Effort

Three, the effect or consequence of the wrong treatment can worsen your health condition, especially a self-prescription without the advice of professional medical personnel. You do not know the extent of the health impact it can deliver, especially a bad one. When you start to notice it, it might be too late. All those research you did for the conditions you are desperately hoping for a treatment? In the end, you settle for something that is useless and it is infuriating.

Scam alert

I am not writing this with the life mission to slander. I am writing with the purpose of helping everyone out there to not fall for the scam. And most importantly, every word I wrote, every claim I made, there are statements to back them up. What are they? It can’t be more straight-forward. The reviews left by their own customers.

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Doctor Sock Soothers Scam- Negative Reviews and Unanswered Complaints

Doc Socks complaint 1
Doc Socks complaint 2
Doc Socks complaint 3
Doc Socks complaint 4
Doc Socks complaint 5
Doc Socks complaint 6
Doc Socks complaint 7
Doc Socks complaint 8
Doc Socks complaint 9
Doc Socks complaint 10
Doc Socks complaint 11
Doc Socks complaint 12
Doc Socks complaint 13
Doc Socks complaint 14
Doc Socks complaint 15
Doc Socks complaint 16
Doc Socks complaint 17
Doc Socks complaint 18
Doc Socks complaint 19
Doc Socks complaint 20
Doc Socks complaint 21
Doc Socks complaint 22
Doc Socks complaint 23
Doc Socks complaint 24

My dear readers, these are not even one-third of the complaints I found through reliable sources online. Let me summarize them for you:

  • One-Size-Fits-All does not work
  • Durability of the socks is “fragile”
  • Socks not received but money was charged
  • Customer support sucks (Literally)
  • Customers’ cards were overcharged rather than the actual amount
  • Refund policy is a scam
  • Complaints unanswered

The complaints speak for themselves, so do you really need me to elaborate more on why they are a scam? Now you can make better choices on whether to trust Doc Socks or purchase compression socks through reliable purchase platforms.

Want to Stop Leg Swelling and Improve Athletic Performance?

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A Little Education on What Compression Socks Actually Do For You

With and without compression socks

Compression socks or any other compression legwear are medical devices created and developed to treat and prevent unhealthy leg conditions. They exert compression pressure on your lower legs, calves, feet, and ankle to help push your blood upward towards your heart against gravity in order to accelerate better blood circulation. Poor blood circulation in the legs is the number one reason why mild leg conditions can manifest into severe leg diseases which could be both cosmetic and health concerns.

Graphic of blood movement

They come in 4 standard compression degrees to treat different severity of leg conditions and high compression pressure compression socks typically shall be worn under the prescription of a doctor as anything exerting the pressure of above 20 mmHg is considered as medical-grade and they can go as high as 60 mmHg. Utilizing compression socks that exert too high of pressure may cause your legs to suffocate and the consequence could be blood disruption in the lower limbs; too low of the compression pressure will not be effective in any treatment the patient is looking for.

The moral of this statement is even if there is a chance for a sock to be “One Size Fits All”, there is no way on earth there is “One Compression Level Fits All”. Wrongful application of compression pressure can be VERY harmful to health. This is not something you can take lightly. Blood disruption in the lower limbs can cause blood disruption to the entire body as your heart is unable to get the blood supply it needed so it is not functioning the way it should distribute oxygen and nutrients to every nuts-and-bolts of the body. This will result in many other severe health conditions that one cannot begin to imagine. Yes, my dear readers, a series of a health crisis CAN be developed with you initiating the first step of purchasing wrongful advertised compression socks.

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Doctor Socks Soothers- The Closing Chapter

Do Not Let Dr Sock Soothers Take Your Money!

Graphic of scam taking customer's money

We have reached the end of the article dissecting every part of their websites and their product reviews. As I mentioned, this is not a statement of slander. I am writing with facts and evidence. It is my mission to convince you not to fall for the scam knowing they are not delivering any treatment they promoted and promised. We want you to take your leg health seriously and we know you do! So, if my article can help you to not waste money, time, and effort then it is worth my effort to write this article that is as long as my booze receipt on New Year’s Eve (LOL).

Sorry! Doctor Sock Soothers! A Scam is a Scam! 💁

At the end of this article, you just need to take these 5 factors into consideration before deciding to make a purchase for a pair of Doc Socks:

  • They do not work
  • They do not have a clinical trial to back up their claims on the therapy their socks provide
  • Their 100% money-back guarantee policy is merely for show
  • They practice shady rebilling to their customers’ credit card
  • Their customer support is as good as “non-existent”
Graphic of healthy legs running

Last but not least, if you are looking for alternatives to help with blood circulation in the lower extremities or to simply ease the achiness and swelling of the feet and legs, visit our store on Amazon. Browse through our collection of high quality compression socks with even funky patterns to fit your fashion desire! Most importantly, we REALLY practice honest money-back guarantee policy with ZERO hassle for our beloved customers! It is absolutely our mission to help every individual in the world out there to achieve better leg health and we cannot be more thrilled to be a part of your journey to wonderful leg health! Happy feet, happy life!

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

Want to Stop Leg Swelling and Improve Athletic Performance?

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DocSock – Scam Alternatives

People often have to stand or sit for long periods of time because of work commitments. Unfortunately, however, these positions can cause a lot of stress on the legs, leading to various health problems, including leg cramps, aching feet, varicose veins, and thrombosis.

Medications alone are often not enough to combat these issues. Many people also need to employ the use of medical equipment to attack the root cause of the problem, namely, poor circulation in the legs. Compression socks can help improve blood flow in those areas of the leg where there is a high chance of blood clots.

Want to Stop Leg Swelling Now?

ComproGear Compression Socks are designed to stop swelling instantly!

Click the button below to see the lineup of ComproGear Compression Socks:

ComproGear Socks vs. DocSocks

Comprogear produces affordable compression socks for both men and women that help to combat varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. All of their socks are high-quality and help patients to get needed results.

ComproGear compression socks come in a wide variety of sizes based on leg measurements. They offer graduated compression that is strongest at the ankle and weakest at the knee. For this reason, it is important for patients to ensure that they get the correct size so that compression can be correctly distributed to the right parts of the leg. Otherwise, they will not see the full benefits of their compression gear. They may even experience negative results if the sizing is too far off.

A DocSock, on the other hand, is designed to be a one-size-fits-all compression stocking. They still offer varying compression levels throughout the leg, but that does not take into account the diversity of people who would benefit from wearing compression gear. While Doc Socks may save patients from having to take initial leg and foot measurements, they ultimately do not offer the same results as a properly fitted compression sock.

Read on to learn more about products that will actually help patients to experience pain relief and healing.

ComproGear Savory Blue Chevron Compression Socks

ComproGear’s savory blue compression sock is an incredibly comfortable knee-high compression sock. They are made of a blend of 65% nylon and 35% spandex and are durable enough to be worn all day.

Savory Blue Chevrons Doc sock

These socks are available at the mid-range compression level of 20mmHg to 30mmHg. Furthermore, their striking pattern makes them the perfect statement piece. Who said medical gear couldn’t be fashionable?


Some of the benefits of the savory blue chevron compression socks include:

  • Proper pressure distribution throughout the legs and feet
  • Reduced swelling and ankle soreness
  • Faster post-workout recovery times
  • Helpful for diabetics with hardened arteries

Best Used For

The savory blue chevron compression socks are ideal for athletes, diabetics, and frequent travelers. People who sit or stand for long periods will also find them useful.

Sunset Stripes Compression Socks

The sunset stripes compression socks are an remarkable combination of design and comfort. The visually appealing yellow and white stripes are casual enough for every day wear but also professional enough for business purposes. They are comfortable and durable enough to be worn all day long. Like the savory blue chevron socks, sunset stripes are made from a composition of 65% nylon and 35% spandex.

Sunset stripes compression socks

ComproGear’s sunset strip compression socks offer 20-30mmHg of pressure, which is more than enough to ensure adequate blood flow to the ankles and feet.


  • Reduced swelling and pain in the ankles and feet
  • Better circulation in the leg
  • Decreased risk of vein thrombosis for people who stand for long periods of time
  • Proper compression, which leads to arterial expansion

Best Used For

The sunset stripes style of compression socks is ideal for athletes, pregnant women, and diabetics. They are also great for any patients who are at a high risk of blood clots.

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Mountain Blue Compression Socks

The mountain blue compression sock is another variety of ComproGear’s high-quality, effective compression socks. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also ensure a proper distribution of pressure around the feet and ankles. Though they are not patterned, the eye-catching blue color is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Like the other socks in this line, the mountain blue compression socks are made from a combination of state-of-the-art elastane (Spandex) (35%) and nylon (65%), making them incredibly comfortable. They are available in a mid-range compression level of 20mmHg to 30mmHg.

Mountain blue compression socks


  • Reduced effects of chronic venous disease
  • Decreased leg swelling
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lessened tissue strain around the ankles and feet

Best Used For

The mountain blue compression socks are great for those with swelling around the ankles and feet. They can also benefit anyone with chronic leg and foot discomfort, including pregnant women and those with diabetes.

Onyx Black Compression Socks

ComproGear’s onyx black compression socks are both stylish and versatile. The knee-high style will protect your legs during outdoor activities and help to keep you warm during cooler weather. The sleek feel of the 65% nylon and 35% elastane fabric matches the sleek aesthetic of the classic black sock. Like the other socks in this line, the onyx black compression socks offer 20-30mmHg of pressure, which is useful for treating a variety of conditions.

Onyx Black Compression Socks


  • Pain relief
  • Reduced tissue strain
  • Spasm prevention
  • Foot and leg protection

Best Used For

The onyx black compression socks are perfect for long-distance trips and athletic activities.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors that need to be considered when shopping for compression gear. You want to make sure that your investment will be effective at improving your circulation and overall health. Don’t just buy the first sock you come across!

Factors to Consider

Fit of the Socks: Proper sizing of compression socks is incredibly important if you want to experience results. This is why products like DocSocks do not work. Take the time to measure the length and circumference of your calf before you begin shopping, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. An improperly fitted sock will cause soreness and pain instead of comfort and healing.

Pressure Level of the Socks: There are various available compression levels, and they are used to treat different disorders. Commonly available levels include 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg. It’s best to talk with a doctor to figure out which is right for you.

Length of Socks: Compression socks are available in a wide variety of lengths including knee-high, thigh-high, and waist-high. People treating ankle disorders will likely benefit from knee-high socks, while those with circulatory problems in the entire leg will want a taller sock. Again, your doctor can help you decide which style will give you the best results.

Style and Color: The aesthetic appeal of a sock can make a big difference, especially if you have been told you need to wear compression socks all day, every day. They are sold in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can select a bold pair to make a statement or a simple pair to wear to work. There is sure to be a sock that fits your style!

Ways to Protect your Sock

Like other medical equipment, compression gear requires special care to ensure a good return on investment. If they are improperly cared for, they will loose their shape and become less effective. Here are some ways to protect your compression socks from damage:

  • Do Not Wring Dry the Socks: Twisting and pulling at the socks will have a negative effect on their shape. Squeeze them lightly, then let them air dry after washing for best results.
  • Do Not Iron the Socks: Both nylon and spandex are affected by heat. Do not ever iron socks or leave them to dry near a direct heat source such as a radiator.
  • Keep Socks Clean: Make sure you keep your socks clean! When you are not using them, fold them and keep them in an enclosed space.
  • Do Not Cut the Socks: Cutting socks to shorten them or remove loose strings will affect the compression. There are so many styles of compression stockings available that you should not have to cut them to get the right shape and size.


While it may seem like it is cheaper and easier to buy DocSocks instead of high-quality, fitted compression socks, it’s ultimately a poor investment that can cause leg pain. Compression gear can only help improve the circulation of blood around joints when it is the correct size. That is impossible with a one-size-fits-all sock. Compression socks like those available through ComproGear will help users see better pain and swelling relief.

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Sock Soothers or Compression Ankle Support Socks: Which Is Best?

doc dr sock for men and women are perfect for plantar fasciitis
Sock Soothers compression sleeves have become well known, though not for the best reasons.

Sock Soothers (aka SockSoothers) and compression ankle support socks look similar, but is the Sock Soothers brand just as good as any other compression socks? It seems that Dr. Sock Soothers has been receiving backlash from customers regarding sizing, quality and refunds. As consumers, it can be difficult to know if you can trust a brand or their product. Are Sock Soothers really worth your money?

After reviewing the pros, cons and customer feedback, ComproGear is offering this honest look at Sock Soothers.

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What Are Sock Soothers?

fatigue compression foot socks that will help alleviate plantar fasciitis
Footless Sock Soothers sold by Dr. Sock Soothers.

Sock Soothers, or Doc Socks, are a brand of ankle compression socks designed to provide relief to people who must stand a lot or who suffer from medical conditions. Dr.Sock Soothers claims their socks do exactly what any good ankle compression sock would do.

By design, Doc Socks don’t cover the entire foot. Just like an ankle compression sock, the hem of the sock ends either just below or just above the ankle bone. The toes are left uncovered. This is similar to most athletic compression socks of ankle height.

Sock Soothers are sold as a one-size-fits-all product. The material the sock is composed of is not posted on their website, but it appears to have a stretch to it.

dr doc socks are just perfect for plantar fasciitis and diabetic neuropathy
The hem of the Doc Sock rests just above or below the ankle bone.

According to Dr. Sock Soothers, you’ll experience the impressive anti-fatigue properties of your pair of Doc Socks. They will alleviate achy feet, heel pain and swelling. They should also boost circulation to the lower extremities.

Each Sock Soother support garment is said to have three intensities of targeted compression across seven zones of the foot. This combination is believed to offer breathable support for your feet and can be used during activities like running, hiking or work or to treat plantar fascia.

What Are Compression Ankle Support Socks?

Ankle compression socks increase circulation in and around the foot.

Compression ankle support socks are a compression garment made of a firm but flexible material. ComproGear uses a combination of nylon and elastane. Ankle support socks fit closely to the foot, gently compressing the tissues and veins of the wearer’s foot.

This gentle yet firm pressure helps improve blood circulation throughout the area, which comes with many benefits. Just like Doc Socks, an ankle-height compression sock will end just above or just below the ankle bone.

Compression ankle socks come in a wide range of pressure ratings. Just as choosing the right medication is imperative to your health, so is choosing the right level of compression in a compression sock.

You can choose from a variety of features when you shop for compression ankle support socks: padded soles, closed-toe, open-toe, anti-microbial fabric, light compression, firm compression, etc.

Benefits and Features of Compression Ankle Socks

A good pair of compression ankle sleeves or socks should have the following features:

Compression ankle support socks can alleviate pain and swelling in the extremities.
  • They are made of spandex-type material that fits snugly and gently.
  • Can be worn with or without your regular socks or hosiery.
  • Your compression socks should relieve discomfort while you are standing, walking, at the gym, running or hiking.
  • Alleviate swelling when you stand or sit for extended durations of time.
  • Promotes blood flow and circulation.
  • These socks provide effective support for your plantar fascia, toes and the underside of your toes.
  • They naturally and comfortably elevate the arch of your foot. This can be helpful for people struggling with carrying excess weight.
  • They help minimize healing time for athletes and people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Differences Between Compression Ankle Socks and Sock Soothers

Here is a simple chart to help you understand the basic differences between Sock Soothers (Doc Socks) and compression ankle support socks:

Compression Ankle Socks

Low, Medium and High Pressure Levels
Sock Soothers

Unknown Pressure Level
Knee, Thigh and Ankle Styles

Open-Toe or Closed-Toe
Only Ankle Style

Only Open-Toe
Suitable for a Multitude of Conditions Mainly Suitable for Conditions Around the Ankle and the Plantar Fascia

Is Sock Soothers Making Trustworthy Claims?

The Sock Soothers website certainly promises all the same features a decent pair of compression ankle socks would have. But there has been questionable business practices observed by both the public and the Better Business Bureau:

A pair of Sock Soothers shown on a mannequin.
  • According to the Dr. Sock Soothers website, wearing a pair of their Doc Socks ankle sleeves will not only improve blood circulation, but it will also alleviate leg pain. Unfortunately, some customers found the socks added to their pain.
  • Sock Soothers are sold as a one-size-fits-all product, which sounds great since it eliminates the need to take measurements. However, Dr. Sock Soothers has received much negative feedback from customers who have found the socks so small that they cannot get their feet into them at all.
  • Three stellar customer reviews posted on both the Dr. Sock Soothers website and the Doc Socks website attest to the amazing quality of Doc Socks. But since no other reviews have been posted on the websites, the company has been suspected of posting paid reviews.
  • The company has also been accused of paying for suspicious third-party reviews which tout the quality of Doc Socks by using only those three reviews we just mentioned above (viewable on the Dr. Sock Soothers website).
  • Doc Socks by Dr. Sock Soothers have a name similar to the well-respected compression sock brand, Doc Miller Compression. This may contribute to consumer confusion at the time of purchase.

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The Pros of Sock Soothers

Now let’s take an honest look at the positive customer reviews of Doc Socks that have been shared across various third-party product review websites:

  • The positive customer reviews do express satisfaction with arch support and mentioned that the socks could easily be worn underneath another pair for layering if needed.
  • If you are able to get your Doc Socks on, then you may reap the benefits of wearing them. Please note that 21 of the 35 reviews on gave Doc Socks just one star out of five with many of them finding the socks were too tight to get on.
  • Though most customers shared they struggled to get the socks on, some customers who were able to fit their pair of Doc Socks found them helpful. More female customers than male customers were able to get the socks on.

The Cons of Sock Soothers

An illustration showing Dr. Sock Soothers “7 targeted zones.”

Despite a few customers having a positive experience with Sock Soothers, it is not a product that ComproGear will be carrying anytime soon. Based on most customer product reviews of Sock Soothers, buying from Doc Socks is hit and miss…but mostly miss. Here’s why it may be best to find your compression socks somewhere other than Dr. Sock Soothers:

No Pressure Levels or Compression Guidelines

It is concerning that no pressure ratings are provided on the Doc Socks website. Finding the right pressure level for your compression socks is not just a matter of comfort. For customers with medical conditions, wearing the wrong compression sock may worsen the condition or allow symptoms to go unmanaged.

Possible contraindications for compression sock therapy include:

  • Peripheral neuropathy.
  • An active skin infection.
  • Pulmonary edema related to congestive heart failure.

Since all Sock Soothers are the same pressure rating, this may explain why so many people described the socks as “painful” to wear. The larger a person’s foot size, the more intense the compression of the Doc Socks would become.

“One Size Fits All” Does Not Fit All

While it would be convenient to not have to think about sizing as you shop for socks, it is an important factor. Many of the Sock Soother customers voiced their frustration over not being able to get their Doc Socks on because the socks were too small.

One customer confessed it was so difficult to remove her Doc Socks that she nearly resorted to cutting the socks off her feet with scissors.

ComproGear Pro Tip: To avoid buying a pair of compression ankle socks that are either too loose or too tight, purchase from a company that offers a full range of sock sizes. Check that your shoe size and calf size corresponds correctly with the suggested sock size. See the chart for examples.

Improper Materials and Design

Customers of Sock Soothers complained of slipping due to the tightness of the Doc Soc open-toe, fraying of the fabric and unravelling of the stretchy compression fibers, leading to skin irritation.

A compression sock should be firm and will certainly be more difficult to get on than a regular sock. Unfortunately, the design of Sock Soothers makes them so challenging to get on and off that many customers abandoned wearing their Doc Socks after just one day.

You May Not Get a Refund from Sock Soothers

The reviews on suggest mixed results when it comes to getting a full refund for your purchase. Doc Socks customer reviews have also cited a “restocking fee” being charged on occasion. Note that you will need to pay for your return shipping as well, and may also not receive a refund on the original shipping.

Most troubling is that multiple customers had to ask their credit card company to get involved in order to enforce the refund from Dr. Sock Soothers:

“I, too, was scammed a few months back. They would not even talk to me. So…I put a dispute against their charges online at my credit card bank’s site. My CC Company resolved it – refunded my money…” -Judy via, and are filled with customer reviews just like Judy’s. In addition, customers who called the 1-800 number provided by Dr. Sock Soothers found it to be an invalid phone number.

This is a frustrating situation for customers as they have lost money and are unable to communicate directly with the Doc Socks company.

Are Compression Ankle Support Socks Right for You?

Athletic compression socks aim to improve blood flow to the muscles.

Though buying Sock Soothers may be a gamble, there are trustworthy businesses providing a great alternative: compression ankle support socks.

There are benefits to wearing the right compression sock for nearly everyone, but some conditions and symptoms are especially responsive to compression therapy. If you have diabetic neuropathy, plantar faciitis, achilles tendonitis or are a runner, you’re likely to respond well to compression ankle socks.

ComproGear recommendations touching base with your physician to find out which compression level is best for you.

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Diabetic Neuropathy

diabetic neuropathy intervention

If you have diabetes and have ever felt a slight numbness or tingling in your legs, feet or toes, then you may be experiencing diabetic neuropathy. While it is recommended to avoid a high pressure compression sock if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, a low pressure ankle sock (8mmHg-15mmHg) can help with circulation.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy? How Can a Compression Ankle Sock Help?

diabetic neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a nerve disease that can affect the hands and feet. It is caused by hyperglycemia and constant high levels of blood sugar, leading to poor circulation in your feet.

High blood glucose levels damage the walls of the blood vessels in your legs. When the condition worsens, you may lose your ability to feel your feet. This is why it is important to wear only low pressure compression ankle socks with this condition, unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Compression ankle socks can be an important preventative tool in the fight against diabetic neuropathy as they maintain healthy circulation.

Common Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

One of the most reported symptoms of this condition is the lack of sensation in the feet. This can cause serious problems, as injuries can go unnoticed. The untreated injury may lead to infection and, in the worse cases, ulceration of the foot. This may call for foot reconstruction or amputation.

Your best line of defence is to act pre-emptively and seek medical advice if you are having the following symptoms simultaneously:

  • Increased rate of your heart beat.
  • Vision problems, including double vision.
  • Numbness or tingling in the legs and feet.
  • Electric-shock-like pain in the feet and legs.
  • Decreased or excessive sweating.
  • Suffering from muscle wasting or weakness.
  • Burning sensation in the feet during the night.
  • Poor feet coordination when walking.

Care Options for Diabetic Neuropathy

If you have diabetes, protecting and caring for your feet is an important step to living a healthy life with your illness. In combination with your compression ankle socks, there are a few other adjustments you can make to feel more comfortable:

Wear High and Wide Box-Toe Shoes.

Optimal shoe wear for people with diabetic neuropathy will include a soft sole and a wide toe. The shoe shape must accommodate the widened forefoot common in diabetics. A shoe with a widened toe will serve to minimize rubbing against the foot.

Try Orthotics.

An orthotic can provide arch support and help alleviate foot pain. Alternatively, you could try an over-the-counter insole for your shoes to increase comfort during walking. A great insole design will feature a u-shaped heel cup to support and stabilize your foot. This helps to prevent friction and sliding during long distance walking or high impact activities.   

Choose an Open-Toe Compression Sock.

Open-toe compression socks allow you to easily check the circulation in your feet. Your toes will also have more freedom to move with less pressure on them, which may be preferable if you suffer from neuropathy.

Plantar Fasciitis and Compression Socks

getting a detailed understanding of plantar-fasciitis

The word plantar refers to the sole of your foot. Fasciitis refers to inflammation. Planter fasciitis is the inflammation of the bands of fibrous soft tissue of your foot that run along the bottom of the foot.

Typically, you’ll feel the pain in your heel area first thing in the morning or after a duration of long rest.

Plantar fasciitis is common in high impact sports such as running, jumping and dancing. It is also common in people with flat feet.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

understanding plantar-fasciitis in detail

The first sign that you may have plantar fasciitis is sharp pain at the base of your heel. The pain pattern may be worse when you are exerting more pressure on the plantar fascia, such as when climbing steep stairs.

A second common sign is this unique pain pattern: pain when you get up in the morning and pain when you put weight on your foot. After walking for ten or fifteen minutes, you may notice the pain fade. However, the pain tends to return later in the day.

The third symptom of plantar fasciitis is the inability to bend your toes completely on the affected foot.

How to Manage Plantar Fasciitis

how to fix plantar-fasciitis

Providing additional support to your plantar fascia by wearing a quality pair of compression ankle socks is a good first step. You can also supplement your compression therapy in several ways.

Stretching and icing have been proven to be beneficial for self-treatment at home. Stretch first thing in the morning or after a duration of long rest.

If a physiotherapist has provided you with daily exercises, wear your compression socks or supportive sneakers as you do these exercises. The trick here is to make sure that you perform your exercises in a slow, relaxed motion. You don’t want to strain yourself or bounce.

These techniques are can be very effective when used alongside your compression ankle socks:

  • Rest: If you don’t rest your body and feet, it is unlikely you will have the chance to heal.
  • Tape the Foot: You can try taping your foot to relieve your symptoms. Ask your physiotherapist how you can tape your own foot at home.
  • Cold Therapy: You can enhance the effectiveness of your compression socks by first applying cold or ice. This technique helps to reduce inflammation and pain. You can do this regularly throughout your day when you are at home. We recommend a minimum of ten minutes every hour to successfully alleviate symptoms.   
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes (Wide Toe Box Shoes): Flat-soled or hard shoes may make plantar fasciitis worse. Running or training shoes are normally more comfortable and likely to reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis.
  • Avoid Walking in Bare Feet: This usually increases the strain on the bottom of your heels, making the condition worse. Instead, you should wear a pair of high quality compression socks.
  • Wear a Heel Pad: If your heel is in pain and you have to be on your feet, then wearing an insert or a gel heel pad may protect the area and relieve symptoms.
  • Stretching Exercise: Stretch the calf muscles and the plantar fascia at the back of the leg. You can also roll a ball under the sole of the foot to help stretch and massage the plantar fascia.
  • Wear Orthotic Insoles: You can enhance the performance of your compression socks by wearing orthotic insoles. They are especially important for people who over pronate or have flat feet. These insoles help to correct the motion of your foot and prevent pain from returning.
  • Use a Night Splint: You can wear this as you sleep to prevent your feet from tightening up overnight.   

Runners Prone to Rolled Ankles Benefit from Compression Socks

Rolled or twisted ankles are feared by trail runners. In most cases, a momentary lapse in concentration, simple lack of coordination, slippery mud, a shaded divot or a misstep is all that it takes to cause an ankle to roll or twist. Depending on the severity, a rolled or twisted ankle can lead to broken bones, ligament and tendon damage, swelling or muscle tears.

If the roll or twist leads to substantial swelling and pain, it is always a good idea to consult a physical therapist to determine the gravity of the injury. The most ideal treatment for ankle problems (twisted or rolled) is to avoid them by strengthening your muscles that support the ankle and work on the flexibility of the ankle area through stretching.

You can effectively support your ankle muscles by wearing compression socks. Preferably, you should wear your compression socks with trail shoes if you are susceptible to ankle rolls and twists. You can also include special ankle taping techniques. The best person to teach you ankle taping is a physical therapist or a trainer.   

Achilles Tendinitis and Compression Ankle Socks

This is a common condition amongst athletes. Achilles tendinitis occurs in the Achilles tendon, about two to six centimeters above the tendon’s attachment to the heel. This condition may get better with rest, but when you stand and start using your feet, the pain begins again.

achilles tendinitis in sports

Achilles tendinitis appears to be caused by overloading the tendons. You may develop profoundly debilitating tendon issues if your Achilles tendinitis is not properly treated.

Compression ankle socks are just one of the tools you can use to prevent and recover from Achilles tendinitis. The firm support of the compression sock fabric braces the ankle, tendon and arch to reduce the incidence of injury.

You will also benefit from improved circulation from wearing compression socks which will speed up the healing process for you.

Alternative Interventions for Achilles Tendon Pain

In addition to wearing a quality pair of compression socks, you can supplement your daily care with the following supports:


A physiotherapist can help you manage Achilles tendinitis by teaching you daily exercises and stretches to increase strength in the tendon. This is a safe way to improve your tendon’s load tolerance.

Cross-Fiber Friction Massage

You can give yourself a cross-fiber friction massage at home by rubbing and gently pinching in on either side of your tendon. Initially, it may feel sore, so start massaging lightly and then increase the firmness of the massage over time.

Cold Therapy

If your tendon is badly injured and inflamed, ice and elevate the injured foot:

  • Ice the tendon as soon as you become aware of swelling or pain in the area.
  • Ice the tendon for 10-15 minutes. This may need to be done as often as twice an hour if your injury is severe.
  • Maintain an icing routine for 72 hours.
  • See your physician if the injury is initially severe or if the pain continues for more than 72 hours.

Quality Compression Ankle Support Socks

Take care of your feet and your health by wearing only quality compression wear. Compression ankle support socks are a great option for anyone looking for a durable, effective and comfortable solution to foot and leg symptoms.

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Scam? – Doc Socks Reviews (1,000+ Reviewer Complaints about One Size Fits All Sock)

Doc Socks Reviews Socks

Curious about Doc Socks Reviews? Wonder if the Doc Socks Reviews are legit or fake? Do these heavily-advertised Compression Socks really work as advertised? Should I buy a pair of these socks? Five Pairs? Seven Pairs?

Too Long ; Didn’t Read

– Compression Socks work.
– One-Size does NOT fit all!
– Doc Socks company is running a scam (Don’t Believe Me. Read the article below…)
– Looking for high-quality Compression Socks? You can shop ComproGear Compression Socks on Amazon

Every now and then something comes along, and everyone starts talking about it. Whether it’s due to a great marketing plan, or the product is “just that good,” it often takes some time and research to figure out why something has gone “viral.”

(In this case, it’s due to a lot of doc socks reviews with affiliate links running the show. These “professional reviewers” would have you believe doc’s socks are the best thing since sliced bread. Anything to get you to buy something so they get a commission for their “Honest” Review. Ewww…)

If you’ve heard all the hype about Doc Socks and have been wondering if they’re right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the “legwork” for you so that you can learn what you need to know to make an informed decision.

We poured through hundreds of reviewers’ comments to determine what’s real and what’s fiction.

We’ll talk to you through the reviewers’ comments step-by-step. Plus we’ll go over some basic information on compression socks, how they are beneficial and some details about this brand of products specifically. Ready to get started?! When it comes to feet and legs, you’ve only got one pair of those, so you want to take the best possible care of them!

And the good news is that compression socks can be a great way to do that. The not-so-good news is that a certain brand of compression socks isn’t all they’re cracked up to be. Because Doc Socks has become such a buzz word, we believe they deserve a well-researched, well-inspected review.

As part of our Doc Socks Reviews, we explore and test every claim and complaint. We then created our final verdict based on the results of real reviewer comments. Moreover, we also added a few technical details about what the product actually is, as well as the manufacturing and therapeutic techniques that were used to make these socks.

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Doc Socks Review – Part 1 – What Are Doc Socks?

Doc Sock

Let’s review the overall market first. These are a special kind of sock made from using compression therapy techniques. Basically they’re stretchy socks known as “compression socks.” (In fact, we don’t just review this stuff. We manufacture and sell Compression Socks, so we know all about how they’re made.)

Doc Socks claims to use seven points of compression to increase the circulation of your blood. But the biggest differentiator between them and other brands is their one-size-fits-all philosophy. We looked at every reviewer comment. Review after review said this “one size fits all” doesn’t fit. Coupled with the excessive marketing and terrible return policy, some reviewer comments claim their product is a scam.

This effectively means that only one particular pair of socks can fit anyone. From child to a full-grown adult, irrespective of their foot size, leg length, or personal motivation to squeeze into clothes that are the wrong size, the theory is that these special socks are made for everyone. Despite this, the company claims that its compression technology still works. In fact, they claim claims that their technology works better than their competitors who offer multiple sizes and proper fitting instructions.

But we already know a lot about what the company says about their own product. The real question is: What Do Customer Review Comments Have to Say About Doc Socks? Well, let’s just say the reviewer comments aren’t pretty. But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

What Are Compression Socks?

vericose veins in work

Before we go any further into reviewer comments, let’s get some information on compression socks in general. Compression is a special hosiery technique used in elastic garments that are meant to be worn around the legs or arms.

Compression helps to prevent or relieve some common venous disorders, including phlebitis, edema, thrombosis, etc.

Well-made, properly fitted compression socks can actually help with leg disorders. It’s not a magic bullet, exactly, but compression technology is effective enough to be recommended by podiatrists and other specialist physicians.

Compression Sleeves work by compressing the limbs, and thus, increasing the blood circulation; these techniques can also help to prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins.

Benefits may include:

  • Less Pain
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Increased Health Benefits

ComproGear Compression Socks

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Looking to Buy a Pair of Compression Socks?

Compression Technology – Eliminate Pain with the Right Technology

Three main compression techniques comprise the use of compression socks and other compression clothing, including:

  1. Graduated Compression Technology (Includes most high-quality compression socks)
  2. Anti-Embolism Technology (“TED Socks”)
  3. Non-medical Support Hosiery (Basically just normal socks or very light compression garments)

Depending on the type of garments and the health-related complaints that they are capable of solving, the compression techniques used in the products may vary.

Different levels of compression in the garments are measured by the unit mmHg, also called “Millimeters of Mercury.” Tightness in compression socks typically ranges from 8 mmHg (very low) to as high as 50 mmHg. Think about mmHg in the same way as when you get your blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office and you look over at the Mercury pressure gauge moving up with each pump of that annoying bulb thingy squeezing your arm half to death, that’s what we’re talking about here…

A Brief History of Compression Therapy

Hippocrates writing his medical bible
Hippocrates: the father of modern medicine.

Although some specific companies might make it seem as if compression therapy is a new-found magical technique, it’s absolutely not. Uses of materials with compression therapy techniques can be traced back to 7000 years ago, during the Neolithic period. Rather advanced for their time, don’t you think?

The Competition
Socks for athletes.

More prominently, around 400 BCE, the Greek physician, Hippocrates of Kos used this therapeutic technique in sock-like bandages to treat leg ulcers and other varicose diseases. Since then, compression technology branched out to be used in various other garments made of wool, cotton and linen (or Nylon and Spandex, as in our line of ComproGear Compression Socks).

Unlike other athletic socks and stockings, these types of garments use stronger elasticity to provide pressure on the legs, ankles, and feet. The techniques are fully proven, with socks and other compression garments often recommended by physicians to treat leg pains and other veinous diseases.

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

Compression Garments can be worn by both men and women of all ages. However, these socks are particularly beneficial for people who put a lot of stress on their legs and feet – either from standing for very long periods of time or from significant amounts of movement.

Wearing a pair of compression socks not only promotes comfort but can also reduce stress and pain in the lower parts of the body.

It is important to be cautious about wearing compression socks as there is a complaint from some people who have had some negative effects on patients with arterial disease, oozing dermatitis, heart failure, and some other concerns. That’s why it is always important to check with a medical professional before use.

They’re not magic socks after all. Socks, no matter how compressive, can’t stop a heart attack! But they can certainly make life more comfortable and pain-free.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

What Other Products Are Available?

compression stockings

There is a great range of compression socks that use this kind of therapeutic technique, including sleeves, stockings, pantyhose, etc. In fact, a number of different types of compression socks are available on the market today. The scammer ones are more marketing than the product. But many other reputable companies have been providing this type of comfort and care for people’s legs and feet for many years.

Important Takeaway: You can get compression garments anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to just a specific brand because you saw it advertised.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

Reviewing Doc Socks – What Materials? What Price? What Size? Any Complaints?

meme about review

Human minds often ask a lot of questions when they come across something new and revolutionary. This is especially true when related to the medical industry because people are deeply concerned about their health.

What do Doc Socks (aka “Dr Sock Soothers“)do?

Some sites claim they provide a small amount of pressure made to help you heal from an injury faster and experience less pain in your legs. The specialized design of these socks will limit the pressure provided to just the right amount. The pressure of Doc Socks is just perfect.

You should read the reviews of the compression sleeves to find out for yourself.

“Got feet? You need this product! These socks are the cure for all your woes. These socks cure cancer. These socks make you a better lover. These give you youthful vigor. These are pretty much the answer to every dream you’ve ever had. Buy these right now or suffer horribly until your feet fall off…”

When something with claims this radical comes along, it creates big news. (After all, magical foot garments that cure every disease, have nothing but glowing 5-star reviews, and offer 3-pairs for the price of 1 are pretty sweet.) But what you may not have heard is that this trend also came with plenty of scrutiny and complaints. (and loads of fake review allegations…)

Just read any customer reviews for Doc Socks. This company has gone through its fair share of scrutiny already, with many first-hand buyers sharing their experiences online. Mostly it’s a mixed review here and a mixed review there. Some review comments claim to greatly benefit from wearing them. Other review comments list various complaints.

As a result, we decided to look into the review comments further. Below, we discuss our findings for reviewer comments in detail.

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The Pros of These Socks – Pain Relief, Breathability, and Durability

Compression Technology Buy Seven Pairs or Five Pairs of One Size Fits All Socks. Does this Compression Technology fix plantar fasciitis and alleviate foot pain? We find out in this doc socks review.

For our review, we have gone through a lot of research including the claims made by the Doc Socks manufacturers.

We have also read other sock reviews published by both professionals and customers.

(Keep in mind most of the “professional” reviews are junk. These reviews are almost all exceedingly positive. This misleading reviewer stance is driven by their affiliate links sending you to the doc socks scam website to buy a pair so they can get a commission from their review link.)

A thorough look at the review literature reveals a number of interesting claims regarding durability, breathability, fashion forwardness, the effect on pain relief and more. Many of which raise questions about their legitimacy. Before going into the details of those claims, let’s take a look at the pros of Doc Socks below.

Health Benefits: Prevention and Relief

The health benefits found in compression socks always seem to point towards two specific directions – prevention and relief. For our review, we deemed the following benefits to be fit for the purpose.

  • Enhance Blood Circulation: Wearing compression stockings on a regular basis can help with the blood pressure, and thus circulation in the lower limbs and veins. In return, it provides comfort by relieving stress. Reviewers frequently cited this as a core benefit. And it’s true. Compression Socks primarily enhance blood circulation.
  • Prevent and Relieve Swelling of Feet: They can also benefit in preventing or relieving leg swelling, similar to other compression products and garments. As reviewers frequently state, swelling goes down with proper ankle compression garments.
  • Prevents and Relieves Pain: Doc Socks are also particularly good in preventing pain in the legs, calves, ankles, etc., including plantar fasciitis. Some reviewer comments say ankle compression socks can also relieve back pain caused by standing for a long time.
  • Prevent Circulatory Diseases: Diseases like varicose veins can be prevented by wearing Doc Socks to work (or while doing any other activities that cause stress to the lower parts of the body.)
  • Help with Diabetes: As diabetes is a condition associated with blood sugar level, one Doc Socks review claims to help with these conditions by maintaining an enhanced sugar circulation in blood.
one size fit all

Fashion Benefits: Convenience and Comfort

  • One-Size-Fits-All: This is the claim by the makers of DocSock that pushed it to the forefront of our discussion. While testing for our review, we found a complaint after complaint about these garments not fitting properly. (We will discuss not only this complaint but also everything else in detail later in our review.)
  • Wear Anywhere, Everywhere: Like any ordinary socks, these socks come in many fashion friendly designs, making them pretty good to wear in any place you would normally wear a pair of socks. (Reviewers say they’re great for this. But which of these are fake reviews and which are real reviews?)
  • Show Them Off or Hide Them: With good breathability, you can either show them off by wearing them with a high cut trouser or you can just use them as an inner with your normal socks.
  • Wear All-Day: Comfortable and slightly fluffy, you can wear Doc Socks all-day for maximum comfort. At least, that’s what is claimed by many socks reviews.

Keep in mind something important: All compression socks have the above benefits. These are not monopolized by any particular brand.

Reviewers Speak Out – The Cons of Doc Socks

While Doc Socks market themselves as having a lot of unique benefits, many of them can be found in other compression garments. However, the principal criteria as a product that doesn’t require to be fit according to your foot/ shoe sizes are what makes them so debatable. Customers at have made a lot of complaints about not being able to fit these socks properly on their feet.

Other complaint types revolve around the criteria of authenticity and the effectiveness in pain relief. We discuss each of the complaints in detail below.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

One Size Socks Don’t Fit All

one size doesn't fit

The principal doc socks review complaint is the size.

All it takes is just a glance around a room full of people to realize that there is no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All. People come in all shapes and sizes, and compression socks should too! To help with our socks reviews 2019, we asked both our in-house experts and other professionals for their opinion– they all agree that this claim is based on nothing.

Reviewers have spoken…

Sadly, the “One-Size-Fits-All” predicament is a common one. Fashion has often been guilty of these kinds of fake reviews and claims. Unfortunately, you can find everything from socks to undergarments to jeans from companies just trying to make a quick buck.

Doc Socks

  • Not a good compression sock


  • Not an actual doctor

Worst of all – Rumors of…

  • Unauthorized Credit Card charges
  • Impossible to Get a Refund
    (bet they didn’t tell you about that on their sales page!)

No Legitimate Approval of Doctors & Experts

Another major complaint in these customer reviews is the lack of legitimate recommendations from medical experts to use them for pain relief or other health benefits.

While writing our review, we have left no stone unturned to find a licensed practitioner recommending this product.

In one particular review, there is a claim that Doc Socks are designed by a podiatrist.However, that review (nor the reviewer) couldn’t prove authenticity as there were no names or reference details given. The design is a generic ankle sock with some compression.

doctor approves

So, it’s fair to say that this complaint about the legitimacy of Doc Socks is true. It’s not actually recommended by physicians.

Questionable Business Practices

The websites selling Doc Socks are filled with what appear to be scammy (fake) reviews from “customers”. While reading them, we found each of the reviews to be very generic.

For Example, take a look at this comment:

a fake review
A generic review. One of many…

As reviews can be bought online easily, we suspect that’s what these manufacturers have been doing. Some are so fake that you can even find the associated pictures of the “review poster” randomly on the internet.

By seeing the number of complaints overloading the customer review pages on the internet, we can safely say that this business used all the tricks in the books to get customers buying their products, but they don’t actually provide the benefits that they claim.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

Lack of Authorized Listings

We found it very hard to find a pair of this revolutionary garment in any popular e-commerce space like Amazon. Knowing that Amazon has some safety and regulatory practices in place, the lack of availability of such listings makes us believe that these products are simply not reputable.

Due to the lack of product availability on popular e-commerce websites, we also couldn’t track any customer reviews from authentic buyers.

Fake-Looking Website

fake doc socks webste

Not only is the Doc Socks website filled with fake-looking customer reviews, but many other characteristics of these sellers’ pages also look to be using some common scamming techniques.

These include using claims that have no proof, fancy designs that seriously lack substances, shady payment systems, auto re-bills, forcing consumers to buy in bulk, etc. hey also don’t seem to actually reply to their live chat messages….so what’s the point of live chat?!

Doc Socks Reviews – Do Doc Socks Really Help?

Pros and Cons of these socks.

First, they’re a compression ankle sock. Compression socks do actually work. But that’s pretty much it for the pros. Now about the cons.

  • Angry Customers,
  • Less-Than-Honest Business Practices,
  • Compression Technology The Same As Other Brands,
  • Complaints of Unauthorized Credit Card Billing,
  • Fake Reviews,
  • One Size Fits All,
  • Unscientific Claims to Cure Every Disease from Plantar Fasciitis to Blood Circulation,
  • Unfounded Recommendations from a Fake “Podiatrist”,
  • Big Money for Low-Quality Products

And don’t get me started on the sales page. It pushes you to buy a bunch of pairs of socks. And while you’re picking between one pair, five pairs, or seven pairs, there’s this countdown timer pretending like the “limited time offer” is going away.

There’s no guarantee. You can get better socks for cheaper elsewhere. Trying to return the socks feels like getting your eyelids peeled off in a horror movie.

There’s no scientific basis for their specific brand. Compress your feet, sure. That has scientific support. But only if you use the right size of a well-constructed pair of compression stockings. So if you do buy that specific brand, good luck getting that company to provide after-sale support.

Think your feet hurt now? Try having your feet hurt with an improper fitting “one size fits all no one” garment. (Plus it won’t just be your feet that hurt. It will be your wallet too.)

If, against all better judgment, you do decide to buy, just make sure to use a credit card that has a good chargeback department. We’ve listed out our opinions for the “getdocsocks” craze everyone seems to be into.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

Final Doc Socks Review: Should I Buy Socks Named Doc?

Review Complete – The Doc Socks Verdict?

After completing our in-depth doc socks review, we are sure about one thing…

Doc Socks are not worth your time or money.

Combine the basic philosophy that compression socks should not be one-size-fits-all, with the scammy business practices? We’re running as fast as we can in the other direction. However, you don’t have to trust our review.

Check it out for yourself. The Doc’s Company now has a whopping 12 Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints.

(12 BBB Complaints may not seem like a lot, but most businesses have 0 unresolved complaints. The worst businesses I’ve seen usually only have 2 or 3 unresolved BBB complaints. The Doc Socks company has TWELVE…)

There are plenty of other complaint forms online that also reveal complaints from the direct victims of this massive fraud. However, if you still want to test a pair of docortho or bootdoc socks yourself, we would recommend being extra careful while buying them to review.

As we couldn’t confirm the validity of some of the payment systems in place, you could potentially be a victim of significant fraud and incur a significant financial loss. Any company that has an auto-rebill business model should be under your highest scrutiny. And with this many complaints, you should be ready for a lot of problems if you give Doc’s your credit card number.

Final Verdicts

Our final verdict is that Doc Socks (or any pair of socks that claims one-size-fits-all) are not a good buy.

On a business level, any company with this many complaints should be out of business. And it looks like this might be the case very soon! It’s hard to figure out which website is the official website any more. Now it’s mostly companies riding the coattails of their excessive marketing campaign by creating look-a-like websites.

ComproGear Compression Socks

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What’s our Recommendation?

Should you buy compression socks? Absolutely! But buy them from reputable manufacturers. Right here, at ComproGear, we sell a number of comfortable compression socks in a variety of sizes and designs.

All of our socks come with 20-30 mmHg compression levels and are made with high-quality, breathable compression materials manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment. We sell multiple sizes because human bodies come in multiple sizes! If the size you choose doesn’t fit? We’ll send you a new pair free of charge! We also offer 100% refunds to anyone for any reason.

Unlike some other companies, we sell high-quality compression socks (in a variety of colors and sizes) at reasonable prices.

Plus we have a simple, kick-butt refund policy:
Unhappy Customer = Immediate refund.

We care about customer satisfaction more than profit. That’s how we stay in business for the long term.

Looking to Buy a Pair of Quality Compression Socks?

Doc Socks – Final Words

Whatever you do, be careful before buying from Doc Socks.


“You don’t have to buy ’em here. Just don’t buy ’em there!”

ComproGear Compression Socks

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Doc Socks – Improve Circulation with the Doc? (Shocking Reviews!)

DOC SOCKS are taking the world by storm.

In fact, “storm” might be the perfect description for these “professional, anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves” since they’ve caused a lot of stir lately.

The makers of Doc Socks claim to have used some innovative woven techniques and combined them with the recommendations of medical science, making them not just “another fashion accessory.”

However, not all Doc Socks customers have been happy with their purchase. Let’s find out why.

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What Are Doc Socks?

Doc Socks are toeless, ankle-high “compression” socks.

Doc Sock compression ankle sock. Does it cure plantar fasciitis or is it just a scam?

They come in one color: black, and they only have ONE size.
This one size is supposed to fit everyone.

In addition to the “One-Size Fits All” claim to fame, Docs also state that their socks:

  • Reduce Swelling,
  • Ease Heel Pain,
  • Soothe Achy Feet,
  • and Boost Circulation.

Dr. Sock Soothers apparently achieves this by using “compression technology,” targeting 7 different zones on the foot while using 3 levels of compression.

However, they never state what levels of compression they use.

If you are not new to compression socks, then you already know that compression levels are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).

Most compression sock manufacturers will specify their sock’s pressure levels, whether it’s 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg, etc, and let their customers know. They would never withhold that information.

ComproGear Compression Socks – 20-30 mmHg

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Doc Socks Claims

Having considered the proverb that says, “not every lightning is followed by thunder,” we have done our own research when it comes to Doc Socks Benefit Claims.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any authority article online that talks about the actual positive effects of Doc Socks.

However, the company still alleges to a lot of benefits:

one size fits all
  • One-Size Fits All: No matter how illogical it sounds, the makers of Doc Socks interestingly claim to fit one particular size for everybody.
  • Prevents Plantar Fasciitis: These socks claim to support the connective tissues in a person’s foot, thereby reducing the pain and healing time associated with Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Reduce Foot Discomfort: With impact absorptions and increased blood circulations, Doc Socks supposedly can reduce muscle fatigue, soreness, swelling and pain in the foot and legs.
  • Prevents Orthopedic Diseases: Doc socks affirm to prevent some major orthopedic or circulatory issues including varicose veins and deep venous thrombosis (DVT).

Want to Stop Leg Swelling Now?

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Are Doc Socks a Type of Compression Sock?

Doc Sock 7 targeted compression zones claim to improve circulation and cure plantar fasciitis in comfort. Read the reviews and decide for yourself if they're really worth the money.

Since Doc Socks claims to use 7 different compression zones and 3 levels of compression, one would automatically conclude that Doc Socks are compression socks.

However, compression garments depend on the perfect fit in order for their compression points to work adequately.

Because Doc Socks claim to have a magical-sizing recipe, making them suitable for everyone irrespective of age, body weight, or height, they cannot be effective compression socks for everyone.

And this has been confirmed by Doc Sock customers:

I purchased these socks online on 26/08/2019. They were delivered on 07/09/2019. They certainly were not “one size fits all” and were very painful to wear. I contacted the company for a refund and they offered to allow me to keep the socks and they would refund 60% of my payment. I cannot wear these socks so insisted I needed a full refund. In the UK we have legislation covering items purchased online which do not conform to advertising claims. I took advice regarding the situation in the USA and was advised to write to you. Since reading the many complaints on your website about this company, I fear I have lost all my money and have three pairs of socks which are of no use whatsoever. I also claimed my original shipping costs but they refused to refund these – in the UK legislations stipulate shipping costs must be refunded if the items are not as advertised. I was prepared to pay the return shipping but will now do nothing until I hear from you. Many thanks.

Date: 09/12/2019

Title: Problems with Product/Service

Review: 1-Star

Review on Better Business Bureau ( BBB ) Website

The bad reviews go on and on.

As of this writing, there were 12 open complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.
Most companies have 0 open BBB complaints. Doc Socks has 12 of these complaints!

And you have to realize something. It’s relatively difficult to open a BBB complaint. It’s not like writing an Amazon review where it only takes 10-seconds. You have to be REALLY pissed off to contact the Better Business Bureau.

Do Doc Socks Really Work?

No. Doc Socks do not work for most people.

That’s because of the “one size fits all” property of their compression socks. Properly fitted compression socks, on the other hand, do really work.

Are Doc Socks Recommended by Podiatrists?

No again.

The Doc Socks company claims that these garments were created by a licensed podiatrist. Apparently, after having observed some issues in one of his patients with another compression sock, this podiatrist worked on a design that covers less surface area while still providing an effective range of compressive motions.

podiatrist recommended sock

However, one glaring issue with this claim is that none of these sources disclose the name of the podiatrist, leaving no way to check the authenticity of the claim.

To make matters worse, none of the research papers about compression garments mention anything about Doc Socks or their effectiveness.

If you were a real medical doctor selling a product, wouldn’t you put your name on the product?

Yes, that’s right. Just like Santa Claus, the Doc isn’t real.

How Do Regular Compression Socks Work? – Yes. Just Read Reviews about Circulation Improvements…

enhanced blood circulation compression socks

Our body’s circulatory system is a major and complex network of blood, blood vessels, and most importantly, the heart.

However, when a person has week linings in their blood vessels, lack consistent movement, or have an injury in the lower half of their body, blood can start to pool in their legs.

Already, the blood circulating in our legs has to fight against gravity to flow back to our hearts in order to replenish itself with the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Anything that impedes this flow of blood can cause a whole mess of issues, including
varicose veins,
and even blood clots.

Compression socks can help by putting gentle, yet firm pressure on a person’s ankle, leg, and foot. This squeezing effect assists by pushing a person’s blood back up from their feet and legs to their hearts.

Pumped by this regulated circulation, refreshed and oxygen-fuelled blood gets recirculated through the rest of their bodies, keeping them energetic and stress-free.

All Compression Socks Do This (including those under the “doc” brand, or on second thought don’t buy anything from ” the doc “)

What Are Their Benefits?

  • Accelerates Recovery
  • Reduces Leg Swelling
  • Helps Prevent Blood Clots in Legs
  • Assists Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Lower Body Blood Pooling
  • Helps Swelling in Pregnancy
  • Reduces Leg and Foot Pain from Venous Ulcers, Varicose Vein, etc.
  • Promotes Healing for After Surgery

You can buy ComproGear Compression Socks at Amazon


Who Can Benefit by Wearing Them?

Everyone can gain from wearing compression socks.

As part of our unavoidable aging process, the walls in our blood vessels start to thicken, causing a slower rate of blood circulation. While there are some specific exercises to tackle these issues, wearing high-quality compression socks can also be valuable.

Still, certain people, in particular, can really benefit from wearing a pair:

beneficieries of special socks
  • People who need to remain standing consistently for a long time (such as doctors and nurses). Read reviews on Amazon and you’ll see these products are extremely helpful here!
  • People who are already suffering from pain or swelling in the foot.
  • Athletes who run or exercise a lot.
  • Diabetic patients, especially patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy.
  • Manufacturing and construction workers who need to carry a lot of weight in their shoulder.
  • People who suffer from certain circulatory issues or back pain.

Related Topics

Doc Socks Branded Scam Socks or Compression Socks?

All the reviews say it. Avoid the one size fits all scam.

one size doesn't fit all man child

Otherwise, the pain in your foot and ankle will stay the same, but you’ll also have a pain in your wallet. That’s because a pair of these “Magic One Size Fits All” garments isn’t cheap. (Especially after reading complaints of the business doing unauthorized rebilling on customers…)

To put it explicitly, we at ComproGear don’t recommend buying Socks that have anything to do with the “Doc.”

The main reason is, of course, the lack of proof and the validity of the claims that Doc Socks state.

Despite having an array of professional researchers on whom we depend to design and manufacture our compression socks, we are not aware of any magical solution to fit One-Size for all.

The sizing matters in every type of clothing, more so in compression socks.

online shop to buy
Socks come in multiple sizes. This makes Doc Socks – dun dun dun – a scam. But I’m guessing you already knew that by now.

Compression socks, however, offer all the same benefits that Doc Socks claim to have and are specifically recommended by many physicians in the medical field. Plus, you can choose which compression levels you want and the size you want/need.

Not only that, but you can also find a whole slew of colors, fabrics, and designs to fit your fashion preferences. Unlike the one size shape and color of DOC SOCKS!

If you do decide to buy a pair of Doc Sock, be extra careful and vigilant to ensure the authenticity of the website before making your purchase. There have been many Doc Socks customer complaints about their business practices (i.e. auto-rebilling customers) and even their customer support.

Your valuable information might be at risk, and you may incur massive financial losses.

Of course, you could skip all that and just buy a pair of correctly-sized compression socks from ComproGear using one of the links below…

You can buy ComproGear Compression Socks at Amazon


sock size variaety

Finally, we’re at the punchline. Do these special socks really work?

No. One Size Fits All does not in fact fit all. Bodies are of different sizes. Feet especially.

Doc’s Final Words

Like any storm coming through, hopefully, this DOC SOCKS whirlwind will pass.

I hope this short review was helpful. For now, instead of buying suspicious-looking Doc socks…

…choose from a wide selection of 20-30mmHg Compression Socks made by ComproGear (or literally any other trusted brand that doesn’t reek of scam!).

You can buy ComproGear Compression Socks at Amazon


Follow your doctor’s recommendation or a detailed guideline for selecting a pair of socks that provide the perfect compression levels needed for your comfortability and health conditions.

ComproGear Compression Socks – NOW AVAILABLE

Purchase a Pair Today!

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