Stop Sign

A stop sign is a critical piece of safety equipment.

Whether you…

  • Work for a City (Local Streets)
  • Work for a State (Highways)
  • Work for the Federal Government (Highway Safety)
  • Run an HOA (Home Owners Association)
  • Manage an Apartment Complex or Private Building
  • Are just curious about road safety and signage…

You need to know the specifications of the stop sign.

Plus you need to know where to buy a stop sign or choose the best stop sign for the job.

Stop signs come in all different sizes.

There is a correct size for roads. Then there are thousands of other sizes for inside buildings or in parking lots.

Next you have quality. This includes metal thickness and type. It also includes reflective tape quality.

Finally, you’ve got to buy the stop sign itself. This may involve complex government contracts, or more recently, simply clicking the buy button on a website.

But first, you want to know you’ve got the right size, quality, and shipping price on the stop sign itself.

That’s why we want to clear up the confusion. At ComproGear we’re dedicated to helping people buy products they need at the highest quality and lowest prices. We’re planning to build out this page as a dedicated resource about stop signs. We’ll share the history, specifications, and where to buy a stop sign.

Stop back in a few weeks and our research will be complete. Then we can share all the details with you. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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