The Purpose of Compression Socks (with Pictures!)

Compression is a term readily associated with engineering and describes force created by squeezing an object. In health and medical science, compression therapies work the same way by directing pressure onto the vessels of the patient’s legs. By squeezing your lower limbs with sturdy fabrics, compression wear increases blood flow back to the heart.

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ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Different levels of pressure can be applied to your legs to treat a variety of medical conditions. But compression socks are not just for medical purposes. Athletes and workers also wear them to increase their energy levels and improve circulation.

Overall, the main purpose of compression wear is to achieve better circulation by wearing just the right strength of pressure socks on your lower extremities.

In our blog today, we’ll discuss the many purposes served by compression stockings and how they can fit into your own lifestyle.

What Are Compression Stockings and Socks?

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What is the purpose of compression socks? How do they work? Let’s find out.

Compression stockings and socks are specialty garments designed to apply pressure to the feet and legs. They are stretchy and snug-fitting socks that squeeze the legs in order to increase outside pressure on the blood vessel walls. In doing so, they increase blood circulation while preventing damage to the veins.

You may hear compression socks referred to as compression hose, compression sleeves, compression stockings, etc. All of these variations are available in select sizes, colors and, most importantly, in different pressure strengths.

Types of Compression Stockings and Socks

compression stockings styles

Pressure socks are available in ankle-length, knee-high, thigh-high and waist-high styles. Within each of these style groups, there will be a variety of compression support levels. The most common pressure levels are:

  • Mild Compression: 8-15 mmHg
  • Medium Compression: 15-20 mmHg
  • Firm Compression: 20-30 mmHg
  • Extra-Firm Compression: 30-40 mmHg
  • RX: 40-50 mmHg

Each support level serves a unique purpose and will be recommended by doctors accordingly. Only pressure levels above 30 mmHg require a prescription, though. All other compression levels can be purchased through companies such as ComproGear:

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Advantages of Compression Socks

A common use for compression socks is to provide comfort to people who regularly stand on their feet for long periods of time. Professionals such as nurses, retail salesmen, construction workers and security guards wear these socks to reduce pain in their feet. Compression wear can also prevent swelling in the feet and legs.

Athletes can also take advantage of compression therapy to support their intense training routines. Pressure socks can be used to keep the calves warm during workouts and to circulate lactic acid away from the muscles. An injured or sore athlete can also speed up their recovery time by wearing compression hose.

Compression hose are known to have many therapeutic benefits. Physicians and doctors often prescribe compression socks to prevent and remedy certain critical circulatory diseases. We’ll take a look at the key purposes of compression socks below.

To Provide Comfort

As mentioned above, anyone required to be on their feet all day can keep comfortable with compression socks. By applying gentle pressure to the legs, compression socks help your blood flow defy gravitational force. You’ll be able to experience steady circulation from the lower limbs and back to the heart.

Compression hose also provide an additional layer of support under the arch of your foot, as well as around your ankle. This can prevent plantar fasciitis in the arches and keep your ankle stable enough to lower the risk of sprains.

To Lessen Pain, Strains and Swelling

People who sit all day are also at an increased risk of suffering from pain and strains in the legs. Immobility and poor circulation lead to blood pooling in the legs, causing the ankles to become swollen. By applying pressure to the leg vessels, compression socks reduce your chance of blood clots forming and reduce swelling by keeping the blood moving.

If your legs are already sore, donning a set of compression hose can increase the circulation of oxygenated blood to the lower vessels. The more oxygen and adequate circulation that reaches your injury, the faster your recovery time.

Medical Benefits

Due to its significant effect on circulation, compression therapy can be beneficial in preventing certain critical medical conditions. Doctors frequently recommend compression socks for patients at risk of, or who are currently suffering from, diagnoses such as:

  • Varicose Veins: A condition that causes large blood vessels to become stretched and swollen along the legs. Symptoms include dark blue veins protruding out from underneath the skin.
  • Lymphoedema: This condition causes the body’s tissues to swell up in response to inadequate blood and lymph circulation.

Pressure socks also help in preventing conditions like dependent edema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and venous ulcers. They can be used to prevent orthostatic hypotension as well, the cardiovascular condition that causes lightheadedness when someone first stands up after a period of rest.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

The Best Compression Socks on the Market

When it comes to buying compression socks, there so many options available. Select drug stores, medical supply providers and online companies like ComproGear offer a range of compression wear to meet your needs. If you are unsure which compression level will be best for you, ask your doctor for advice before making your purchase.

ComproGear sources quality fabrics made of nylon and elastane for our compression socks. We rely on state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture each high-grade compression sock so our customers can get the benefits they deserve from wearing great compression wear.

Our highly durable socks are available in several patterned options. There is a color for everyone. We hope that you too can find the right look for your personal style.

ComproGear Savory Chevrons Compression Socks
Savory Blue Chevron Compression Socks.

Let’s take a look at ComproGear’s latest offerings of compression wear below. Please note that all of our compression socks on this list are made with graduated compression technology.

1. Savory Blue Chevrons Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg)

These knee-high compression socks from ComproGear look sleek and stylish with a blue and chocolate chevron pattern. Made using a combo of 65 percent nylon and 35 percent spandex, they are comfortable enough to wear all day long, offer the perfect fit and can speed your athletic recovery. Their vibrant design is sure to be a hit at casual gatherings or at the office.

2. Sunset Stripes Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg)

ComproGear Sunset Stripes Compression Socks
Sunset Stripes Knee-High Compression Socks.

Cover your legs with the spirit of summer sunshine, no matter what time of year it is. Thanks to our Sunset Stripes socks, you can enjoy a stylish and comfortable take on compression wear. Feel confident wearing these socks at work or public events. Available in four different sizes, your pair of Sunset Stripes will increase leg comfort, decrease swelling and reduce tenderness.

ComproGear Mountain Blue Compression Socks
Mountain Blue Nylon & Elastane Compression Socks.

3. Mountain Blue Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg)

If you would rather keep things simple and classy, opt for these solid Mountain Blue compression socks by ComproGear. Made using a mix of 35 percent elastane and 65 percent nylon fabrics, we guarantee they’re durable. In addition to complying with most work dress codes, these socks can help prevent swelling in the ankles and feet.

ComproGear Onyx Black Compression Socks
Onyx Black 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks.

4. Onyx Black Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg)

These elegantly onyx compression socks can easily replace your dress socks. Made using high-quality nylon and elastane, you can comfortably wear these socks for a full day and enjoy the benefits of compression without sacrificing your style. They are excellent for sports recovery and healing from pain in the lower extremities.

ComproGear Red Wine Compression Socks 20-30 mmHG Knee High
Red Wine Knee-High Compression Socks.

5. Red Wine Compression Socks (20-30 mmHG)

ComproGear’s Red Wine socks can take you seamlessly from day to night with their rich burgundy hue. Created using graduated compression technology, these socks will improve circulation and can prevent varicose veins from reforming after sclerotherapy.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Final Words

By choosing from any of these knee-high compression socks, you will open the door to the benefits of compression wear. Fashionable, durable and comfortable, they’ll meet a variety of needs and will offer relief from many unpleasant symptoms. Always be sure to take your measurements before you order as wearing the right size will ensure your experience with ComproGear’s compression socks will be a positive one.

We care about our customers. All ComproGear socks ordered through Amazon are covered by Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee. If you ordered the wrong size, change your mind or aren’t satisfied with our products for any reason, ComproGear is happy to send you another pair or provide you with a 100% refund.

So, which pair are you trying out today?

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

This page last updated January 7, 2022