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Knee Highs Hose – (All The Comforts w/ All The Benefits)

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If you have been asked to wear knee highs hose, you are compelled to educate yourself on what they really are. Understanding what they are will enhance your application and have an impact on your general wellbeing. The details to be understood about knee high socks must feature the best ones on the market. And for certainty, this article will not fail to delve on that. Thus, coupled with the prescription, if you are seeking for the best type of knee-high socks to purchase, the final part of this article will present to you the best four that you can pick from. Let’s begin by understanding the design behind knee high socks.

The Incredible design Behind Knee High Stockings

Compression knee high socks are unique stockings that are designed with graduated compression technology. The graduation in each sock refers to the steadily descending and ascending of compression up and down the region of concentration. This specific type of pressure is to enhance the flood of blood in an excellent way to the legs and from the legs. Thus, deoxygenated blood cells are pressured to move back up to the heart where they will get energized with oxygen and then will be transported back to the limbs. Undoubtedly, compression socks are incredibly efficient for limiting symptoms of pain, swelling, and soreness that is caused as a result of immobility within the legs.

Fantastic Reasons to Wear Knee High Compression Socks

Reasons to Wear Knee High Compression Socks and hose

There are lots of benefits that stem from the use or wearing of knee high or over the calf compression socks. The additional length of this type of socks specifically let them provide maximum circulation and comfort all over the leg. This can be extra handy when you crave comfort in every part of your feet, ankles, and calves.

Additionally, if your occupation demands that you spend a considerable number of hours sitting, knee high compression socks will be an ideal pick. For instance, a profession like a desk job or a business trip may result in numbness, soreness, and stiffness in the leg, and you wouldn’t always be moving. To address the situation, these socks will function to keep your blood moving even though you are moving within limbs to allow you avert poor circulation and stiffness.

Another incredible reason to wear knee length compression socks is that it works excellently for those who are recovering, either from surgery or an injury. But how does this function? It assists in increasing blood circulation in the region where the cells have been damaged or tampered with. Then, it will directly speed up the rehabilitation and recovery process; thus, in no time, you will be back on your feet once again.

Finally, if you regularly engage in a physical activity like running, you would surely need knee length stockings. They will provide you with maximum comfort and support to the legs. In fact, with it, you can experience premium blood circulation that functions to fight any soreness, swelling, pain, and energizes the leg to keep you moving as you continue utilizing them for your sporting activity. Are knee high socks good for every event?

Knee High Hoses For Every Event

There are compression knee high stockings that are fitting and perfect for every situation. For example, it doesn’t matter where you are, whether at home, in the office, on the field. Also, you can pick from sporty to casual socks styles. The diverse collections that a potential buyer can find in the market differs. For instance, they can get a low color design, bold colors, that is, bright colors. You can get neutral colors too. One thing is certain; you will be able to pick your own with the abundance of compression socks available in the market.

When shopping for compression gear, ensure that you are paying closer attention to the purpose you want them to serve. Some knee high lengths provide a higher compression level since they are designed for more intense activities like endurance, sports, and running. In contrast, others are only manufactured for more desires and comfort. These types could be worn when a person is engaged in chores around the home, traveling on a plane, and sitting or standing all day, whatever your needs are, be sure to confirm what you are buying.

The design of knee high socks is like all other compression styles too. Knee high styles are also manufactured to be snug fitting and stretchy too. Medical professionals often recommend these socks because they offer gentle squeeze to the foot, the lower and ankle region, with the provision of graduation that is tighter around the ankle and forces continuously looser compression as it moves over and up your calf. The length of knee high compression gears are incredibly comfortable; they lessen swelling and pain that a few folks experience in their legs and would help in preventing and treating a vast array of medical complications. Yet, who should individually wear them?

Who Wears Knee High Hose

All over the United States, there are lots of people, both young and old, that wears compression socks. Thus, it is not age bound, that is, it is not meant for some specific age and not suitable for the other age groups. Also, knee high socks are useful for pregnant women, police officers, athletes, construction workers, freelancers, and a host of individuals that spend a lot of time on their feet.

Usually, doctors recommend this specific type of socks for those who wrestle with poor blood circulation, recently had surgery, bedridden patients, and those at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, varicose veins, and several other serious complications. Nevertheless, it might amaze you to know that there are knee-high socks for men, and there are knee high stockings for women. Let’s examine them so you can have a broader understanding of this concept further.

Knee High Hoses For Men 

black Knee High Hoses For Men

When it comes to knee high compression hosiery for men, there are varying reasons why this type of socks are designed. For instance, men wear knee high compression socks if they involve themselves in intense physical activities like racing. Thus when selecting, they should go for the one with synthetic material, that drives moisture off their feet. This type of compression is designed with cotton material like the ones sold by comprogear to ensure that you can get that feature.

Knee high compression socks for men thick. This is to ensure that it functions for men engaging in an intense workout. If they come too thick or they are unreasonably heavy, the compression sleeves can hinder some men from enjoying the activity they are engage in. Thus, it will impair the maximum performance that should have been enjoyed by the user. But is there any significant difference between women knee high socks and men’s socks? Of course, there are, let’s check them out.

The Difference Between Women’s Knee High Socks and Men Knee High Socks

Men and women knee high socks do come with lots of pronounced differences. For men’s knee high socks, they are not usually as stylish as the one worn by women. But that does not mean that socks available to men must be old fashioned or looks precisely like a granny’s own. Instead, what it means is that when women’s socks will be more aesthetically beautiful, men’s knee high stockings aren’t extremely beautiful. Regardless, nowadays, some manufacturers have made unisex socks that come with a similar designs for men and women.

Additionally, while women’s compression knee high socks could be designed in a broader range of colors to match the type of clothes they wear, the styles of knee high socks for men aren’t revealing. If not checked, you might not be aware that they are on compression socks. But that isn’t the same with women. Whenever a woman is selecting which socks will be best for her, she chooses based on a variety of clothing she has. And that is one of the reasons why you would see that compression socks worn by a woman match her outing, irrespective of her profession. This part leads us to another point that explains what knee high socks look like for nurses.

Knee High Compression Socks for Nurses

One of the professions that require the application of knee high hose is nursing. And in fact, the clarification between the difference in men and women’s version comes more apparent here. Nurses spend a considerable number of times on their feet; for that reason, they are prone to developing swollen, fatigue, and sore on the feet, calves, and ankles. This need has skyrocketed the need for knee high compression socks. And as a nurse grows old, the need and dependability continue. There are a lot of veteran nurses that can make younger coworkers know the many benefits knee high compression gears has and what they can provide. And if this is preached the more, it would influence the number of users in the hospitals today.

Knee High Stockings for Flight

Knee High Stockings for Flight

Pilots, flight attendants, and consistent flyers are prone to developing varicose veins, painful swollen feet and ankle, and other chronic complications in the leg. But why? The airplane cabin pressure and little movement on flights of 5 hours or more can lead to circulation issues. And that is one of the reasons why physicians recommend that regular flyers must wear compression knee high socks. And mainly, if you are obese, diabetic, or you had surgery recently, you are under compulsion to use this gear. Hence your condition will deteriorate to a state that you wouldn’t find comfortable at all.

Now, we’ve arrived at a point where you will be guided on how to select the best knee highs hoses. You might have been anticipating this part. Let’s dive in!

Choosing the Right Knee High Socks

Even though I’ll be revealing the best types of compressions you should select, you must understand the criteria and conditions that must be met to pick a particular compression and use it to solve your situation. Either you are searching for knee high socks for men, women, and for any specific need, you must always seek for comfort, level of compression, and effectiveness. The sleeves must offer a premium level of support for folks to wear them for many hours so that they can get the benefit that will bring them lasting benefits they seriously need. Also, it is essential that potential buyers consider the size they are buying. Why? The size you purchase will affect the level of comfort you will achieve. If you aren’t buying your fit, then it could pose a significant threat to your health.

Speaking about the level of comfort to be derived in a knee length compression socks, it must be within 20-30mmHg. Why? It has been researched to be the most effective compression for the vast array of people. When seeking for the most effective and versatile level of tension in knee-thigh socks, go for the one with 20-30mmHg compression.

The material made is an essential aspect of knee high compression socks. Briefly highlighted earlier, the brands that will offer compression socks must make their garment washable, durable, it must be a blend of nylon and spandex to provide maximum breathability and wick moisture. Well, you might find some athletic compression socks that will come will silver textile materials.

How to Wear a Knee High Compression Gear

How to Wear a Knee High Compression Gear

While I wouldn’t need to go explicit in this section, the simple guide that will be presented here will be easy and smooth for you. Learning how to put on your socks is very vital.

Ensure that the skin on your legs is dry and that you are positioned in a stable place. In fact, you can sprinkle powder on the foot so that you can attain a reasonable level of dryness. Then, bunch or leave the sock unbunch before you slip your wear into it. Gradually and carefully pull the garment up, don’t rush, so that you won’t end up ruining the clothing, or you won’t wrinkle it. Then as you move up, always straighten the seams to prevent wrinkling and bunch at the ankle region or anywhere in the leg.

One of the reasons why you should try your best to never allow wrinkling is because, if there exist wrinkles, it will impact blood flow negatively; it is unlike your regular socks. Also, as you wear, never fold down the peak of the garment. For people suffering from arthritis, it would be useful if they use a stocking donner in pulling it up.

Now, let’s consider the best knee high socks that you should pick from.

Best Knee High Compression Socks

There are several types of compression socks you could get in the local pharmacy. Some are thigh-high, while others are knee high. These are dependent on the length of compression that you can get. As considered in the outset, knee-high compression socks are the best types of compression because it is valid for a large number of people.

The use of knee high compression has skyrocketed. In the past, you could find them limited with colors that can be irritating and ugly, but with modern incorporation in the design, that has changed. All you will likely see now is a fashionable style that would make wearing compression gear pleasing to you. Even though you can’t find this in all available knee high socks, the four that will have my mention will have it. And in fact, you do not have to worry about the fabrics; all come with desirable and quality fabrics. So, let these four knee high socks answer the question: “which compression socks are the best for you?”

1. Comprogear Savory Blue Knee High Sleeve

Comprogear Savory Blue Knee High Sleeve

This is a knee high compression socks that range from 20-30mmHg. It is impressive and excellent at varying conditions. To enhance its aesthetic appearance, this type of socks is designed with a fascinating savory blue color. Thus, either you are a man or woman; this color will make you want to wear your socks all day. You can think of it as wearing a pleasant new dress! The material design is no failure! It is designed with 65% nylon and 35% spandex. So be confident that it will wick off moisture.

They are incredibly designed to hug legs and limit the expansion of the veins all day. And if you are purchasing it for athletic purposes, you can be sure of increased athletic activity. The design would never make wearing tight or difficult for you. And using it will be perfect for maximum comfort and ease.

2. Comprogear Sunset Stripes Knee Length Hose

Comprogear Sunset Stripes Knee Length Hose

Does a sunset strip color fascinate you? Then this will be your ideal pick. The color of this model comes with sunset stripes. Since it offers a compression level of 20-30mmHg, any buyers should be confident that they will have their condition treated well either they have varicose veins or other related conditions. And in fact, it will be capable of handling different situations too. Yes, you can count on the comfort level too! Since it is designed from 65% nylon and 35% spandex, you can be sure that you will have breathable socks and socks that putting on and removing would not be a difficult task.

3. Comprogear Knee High Mountain Blue Socks

Comprogear Knee High Mountain Blue Socks

Manufactured with an excellent design of a mountain blue color, you will be sure of compression socks to flaunt all day. You can’t even resist it, trust me! However, the aesthetic isn’t dependent on the color alone; the compression level is highly significant, and it’s the standard for treating all sorts of conditions. It offers a compression level ranging from 20-30mmHg. The material composition provides durability and ensures comfort too. It comes with 35% spandex and 65% nylon. If his color is your pick, what more can you seek?

4. Comprogear Knee High Onyx Black Sleeves

Comprogear Knee High Onyx Black hose

Ideal for comfort and ease of wear, the compression level ranges from 20-30mmHg. This will make wearing pretty easy for you. It is different from any old fashioned socks that claim to come with this amazing solution. With the color, you can be sure of a quality aesthetic feel. It is designed well with 65% nylon and 35% spandex. Want to wick off moisture, or you want breathability, there you have it.

Now, with these four types of knee high compression socks that you can pick, what is your verdict? Maybe you are wondering, who manufactures these socks, and how can I trust the firm with my hard-earned money? You already have the answer to these questions in the next section. Why not just read it, it’s a few lines!

Two Distinct reasons to Choose Comprogear Compression Stockings

1. 100% Guarantee Policy

Each pair of knee high socks you purchase on Comprogear is completely backed up with a 100% guarantee policy. But what does that mean? It means that if you are buying on Comprogear and the size you get isn’t your fit, then there isn’t a cause for alarm, just indicate that, and another pair will be sent to you after you must have provided the right pair. However, what if eventually, you still don’t get your size, will you always get your fund? That leads us to the next point.

2. Return Policy

The return policy is made for those who couldn’t find their exact pair after sending them another pair. When you request for a refund, your money will be immediately refunded without charges and any delay.

Note: You should verify your size on the ideal sizing chart so that you can reduce any issues concerning sizing.


Any knee high socks that you are purchasing must not feel overly tight on your legs. Even though at the first use, you might feel constriction, but the snug will reduce after a few days. But if it doesn’t, quickly halt the use and request for another size or you visit your doctor to confirm what the real problem is. He or she might figure that sizing isn’t the problem, but you have infections or other allergies.

For an excellent outcome, often wear your socks all day. Begin the moment you are up. For continuity and best result, it is recommended that you have more than one pair. You might want to buy two from the four types reviewed above.

After using your knee high socks for more than 3-6 months, consider replacing them. If used for an extended period without replacing them, it will limit the compression levels, and thus it will become ineffective. But when replaced, you will get a perfect and efficient compression.