Complete Guide – Thigh High Compression Stockings for Men

Have you heard about these wonderful socks called compression socks? They offer lots of benefits to their users and you could also benefit from it. Sometimes, men who desire to wear thigh high compression socks get confused when in search of the best thigh high compression stockings for men. If you’ve been in search of the best type of thigh-high compression socks for men, relax, you don’t need those endless search again.

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Below, you will explore the types of thigh-high compression stockings for men, which you would need to buy for your use. Also, the list below will take you through features, levels, and other essential things thigh-high compression socks for men must-have.

Thigh High Compression Stockings for men

Thigh-high compression stockings for men are quite available in a differing variety of compression levels, from 15-20mmHg to 20-30mmHg, and 30-40mmHg. The socks give compression therapy; either they are required for medical use or casual wear. There are plenty of medical thigh high compression socks that carry lower compression levels and those with high levels.

Thigh-high compression stockings for men can also come with classic and fancy design. Even though there are women compression socks that include compression leggings, compression socks for maternity, compression pantyhose, and all sort of thigh forms, this article is designed to highlight only that of men.

Also, thigh-length compression socks for men are designed as open-toe compression stockings. They are quite recommended for men that have tightness on toes when they wear closed-toe compression socks. The open-toe medical compression socks are also designed to fit for bigger shoes, feet, and toes.

So let’s examine the types of thigh high socks you can pick from.

Types of Thigh High Compression Stockings

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1. Thigh High Compression Socks with Sheerness and Durability

This type of thigh-high socks for men is one of the crowd-pleasers. If you find a compression that’s described to offer durability and sheerness, you do well to pick it. You might also find that these socks will come with a silicone dot band that will make socks stand up very firm. Also, it will come with a realistic open toe for numerous men’s shoe choices. These are simplified features you can get from these types of compression socks.


  • It offers great comfort
  • It’s transparent with durable hidden power
  • They come with reinforced heel
  • They are excellent for everyday style
  • The material content is a mixture of 55% spandex and 45% Nylon

2. Thigh High Compressions Socks with Microfiber

This isn’t just about the microfiber alone. They can also be designed to be opaque. Clinically, this type of compression is active for limiting symptoms of fatigue, mild varicose veins, leg swelling, and aching leg. The materials have been discovered to be capable of handling post-sclerotherapy treatment. The use of microfiber makes it pretty easy to don and doff. With a reinforced heel designed with it, you can be guaranteed durability.


  • Might be in moderate compression support between 15-20mmHg
  • It’s designed to be a two-way stretch, and that gives impressive comfort
  • It’s also designed with a silicone dot band
  • It’s designed with a fiber content of 15% Spandex and 85% Nylon
  • It comes with reinforced toe and heel

3. Medically Approved Thigh High compression socks for men

This is another adorable thigh high socks for men. Place a close watch on socks that are medically approved. These types of stockings are usually designed to be opaque, smooth, and comfortable. You might first have to wear them once and verify the level of comfortability. Since these types of socks are medically approved, they give relief to those who are wrestling with aching legs, post-sclerotherapy treatment, mild varicose veins, and other conditions related to the legs. Below are other supports it offers.


  • Healthy support compression level between 20-30mmHg
  • It’s also designed with a reinforced toe and heel
  • It’s designed with microfiber
  • It’s also two way stretched
  • It’s easy to wear and remove
  • It’s designed with a mixture of fiber and spandex

4. Closed Toe Thigh High compression socks for men

Another recent design that’s been the talk of the town is the closed-toe thigh high. It is designed with a band for additional power and a reinforced toe and heel, which extends the longevity. It comes with a compression level that’s between 20-30mmHg, which energizes your body as it improves the circulation it gives to the heart. It’s profoundly beautiful and beneficial.


  • It’s designed with top silicone band
  • It has a fiber content of 75% nylon and 25% spandex.
  • It comes with a firm support compression between 20-30mmHg
  • It’s designed with a two-way stretch
  • Its nylon is highly opaque for more straightforward application and enhanced comfort 
  • It has a silicone band that does not shift

5. Open Opaque Toe Thigh High Compression Socks for men

Want an open toe thigh high compression socks that are also opaque. Then, you will find this pick excellent. That isn’t all. It’s flourished with a silicone band for additional power, and also, it comes with a reinforced toe and heel to extend its lifespan. With firm 20-30mmHg compression socks, users can get accurate energizing of their blood circulation from the leg to the heart. It’s beautiful and beneficial.


  • The reinforced heel is firm
  • Its fiber content is designed with 30% spandex and 70% nylon
  • It comes with a double stretch design for additional comfort
  • It’s fixed with a top silicone band
  • Opaque nylon grants smooth applications and impressive comfort

6. Closed Toe Thigh High Compression Socks for men

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Isn’t it great that users who want closed toe thigh high socks can get too? Yes! This is another design that’ll melt your heart. You will find these incredible types with silicone dot band. Also, with a compression level of 20-30mmHg, you can get something stylish, beneficial, and practical. Any compression with this type is incredibly the best you can reach out for.


  • It has a durable construction
  • It’s designed to be opaque and yet masked the tiny lines of varicose veins and other skin blemishes
  • They are designed with 75% nylon and 25% spandex
  • The silicone dot band is made for natural comfort
  • It’s designed with reinforced toes and heels

7. Four-Way Stretch Thigh High Compression socks for men

The design of the four-way stretch is effective for comfortable wear at all times. With its opacity, users can mask their varicose veins too. With this band, slipping is dramatically avoided. Additionally, it’s designed with a graduation compress standard.


  • It has a fiber content of 25% spandex and 75% Nylon
  • It offers 20-30mmHg firm compression
  • It’s wide and comfortable
  • Its heel is reinforced and it is an open toe

8. Open toe Thigh High Compression socks for men with the extra firm

Open toe Thigh High Compression socks for men with the extra firm

If you aren’t fit for the mild or moderate compression socks, and you only want open toe thigh compression socks that offer additional firm support. Then this type is best for you. It’s designed with a silicone dot band. These bands are beautiful and functional. This is one of the best medical support socks usually recommended by many doctors. To treat varicosity well, you can find great comfort by selecting this.


  • It’s designed with a silicone dot band for retaining its position.
  • It is very durable and comes with a reinforced heel that’s durable.
  • With a fiber content of 25% lycra spandex and 75% nylon will provide you impressive moisture-wicking features.

9. Closed Toe Thigh High Compression socks

This is another great thigh high compression socks with the extra firm. It’s recommended for men because it is uniquely for patients recovering from an operation. The intense compression level is usually prescribed by a physician for bedridden patients. This type isn’t void of a silicone band to maintain firmness. It’s designed with a reinforced heel that’s pleasant for durability.


  • It’s opaque
  • It comes with a durable construction
  • It’s manufactured to be opaque
  • It has a full comfortable silicone dot that retains its band
  • The fiber is 25% spandex and also 75% nylon

10. Thigh High compression socks for men with lower compression

Are you one of the folks that need just 18mmHg? Then it’s fantastic to pick this. It’s an ideal compression for anti-embolism therapy. This is a correct replacement for any type of socks in this range that fails to meet your needs. Also, this design is thicker and offers value for less money. They are also durable and more abundant than other brands. They also come at a reduced price.


  • It’s with 18mmHg and offers moderate compression.
  • It has a durable nylon material.
  • The fiber content has 15% Spandex and 85% of nylon.
  • It comes with a convenient gusset and durable silicone
  • The color can come in beige. (For fashion lovers)

11. Thigh High Socks designed for hospitalized individuals

This type of thigh-high compression socks for men is an excellent fit for hospitalized individuals. They are even patient-friendly and medically accurate. These socks provide maximum comfort and deliver actual graduated compression to the legs. This type will offer an excel replacement if you have any current inspection-toe styles socks that are not functioning.


  • It offers compression at the ankle within the range of 8mmHg
  • It comes with an inspection hole that allows comprehensive monitoring of patients to confirm stages of recovery
  • It’s moisture-wicking
  • It has a fiber content of 90% nylon and 10% spandex
  • It comes with a gentle top band and holds the socks in place
  • It impressively gives comfort to wearers

12. Thigh High compression socks with waist Attachment

This type, just like the recently mentioned type, is also user-friendly. They are medically correct and provides wearers with maximum comfort while it delivers exact graduated compression to the socks. It’s an excellent replacement for any current toes style you have or have been prescribed to wear in the hospital.


  • It has a compression of 18mmHg at the ankle region.
  • It comes with an inspection toe hole that makes it impressive for monitoring the patient’s progress.
  • It’s also designed with a compression material of 10% spandex and 90% nylon.
  • It has a gentle top band that makes the sock firm at all times.
  • It doesn’t restrict flow and provides maximum comfort as a built-in gusset is designed with it
  • It allows free movement of the toes for additional support.
  • Available in white color only.

13. Thigh High compression socks with thigh band

That is another incredible sock that’s designed for men. You can watch out if the hosiery is fit for the foot, leg, and calf of a man. These types of socks are designed with thigh band; its efficiency has been verified by the majority of people that are in search of thigh-high compression stockings for men.


  • It has a pleasant and smooth toe seam
  • Its fiber content is between 73% nylon, 7% silicone, and 20% spandex
  • It has a bubble shape
  • It comes with a silicone dot band that keeps the socks with no use of adhesive and fasteners
  • It’s perfect for the knee length of a man

14. Thigh High compression socks with a sensitive band

This is new! So watch out when in search of thigh-high socks for men. The sensitive bands let’s moisture evaporate via a fine mesh of the band. The sensitive band works to absorb moisture speedily. You can find imprint on the skin with no pressure. There isn’t stress wearing it, and it’s very comfortable. The length of the compression is regular. Its fiber content is 3% silicone, 21% spandex, and 76% nylon.

graduated compression socks for men


What a massive list! You sure don’t have to stress yourself when searching for the best types of thigh-high compression stockings for men. All you are required to do is to note a feature that meets your desired needs and recommendations by your physician.

However, note that sizing for this thigh-high graduated compression socks for men differs from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, it’s reasonable to get your actual size and refer to the size chart for the particular type of socks you need before the selection is made.

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