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Full Leg Compression Sleeve – Complete Guide (with Pictures!)

black compression sleeve for running full leg

Either you are an athlete, or a wrestler with varicose veins, one of the best therapies you can apply with success is full leg compression sleeves. A full leg compression sleeve is an entirely different type of compression sleeves available in the market. To start the utilization of these socks, one of the best approaches to using it well is to understand what it is, how it works, how to choose, and what validates a particular full leg compression socks as a quality pick for you. An interesting read for those previous users and prospective users of compression sleeves. So, let’s start with the breakdown of what full leg compression sleeve is.

Benefits of Full-Leg Compression Sleeve

One of the compression sleeves that is principally worn on the lower half of a person’s leg is a full leg compression sleeves. The fundamental role it plays is to compress muscles. More frequently, full leg compression sleeves are utilized in sporting activities and medical purposes, especially those with varicose veins.

They can be applied in a sporting performance as a means to speed up a person’s recovery process. Full leg compression sleeves are now becoming more famous. In the face of debates regarding the validation and the effect of these socks, many athletes, both professionals, and amateurs, have given great recommendations and feedbacks.

Scientists have also researched these sleeves to verify why athletes regularly wear them. What was the outcome of their research? They have been able to see that these socks speed up the recovery process, and that’s one of the reasons athletes would never give up using them.

Compression Sleeve for Varicose Veins and why they work

There are other benefits that wearers of full leg compression sleeves can get. These include:

  • Allowing the skin to breathe well
  • Acting as antimicrobial treatment as they prevent odors
  • Regulate temperature and keeping wearers warm during cold weather
  • It reduces recovery time from injuries
  • Prevents discomfort due to seamless properties.
  • Keeps wearers dry by absorbing the moisture

These are just a few of the benefits that await you as you give full leg compression sleeves a trial. Additionally, they make up some of the reasons why a lover of sports must consider the wearing of these socks if you are an amateur.

How Full Leg Compression Sleeves Work

image showing How Leg Compression Sleeves Work

Full leg compression sleeve function by graduation compression. The compression is tighter at the ankle or foot, and then it losses as it transmits to the leg or muscle. This mechanism allows a user to fight the effects of gravity efficiently and aid the body in letting deoxygenated blood flow upward to the heart faster.

The muscles in the body require a substantial amount of oxygenated blood for maximum performance. Thus, the more oxygen is available, the better the performance will be. As a person can enhance the efficiency of the flow of blood in the body via graduated compression, a person’s sporting activities will be improved.

Furthermore, the amount of lactic acid available in the body has a bearing on cramps from sporting activities. Since lactic acid gives rise to cramps, which is a result of lack of oxygen, therefore, with the application of compression sleeves to enhance the blood flow within the body; it will ultimately reduce the amount of lactic acid produced, leading to the limiting of side effects like cramping that stems from sporting activities.

Full leg compression sleeves aren’t void of a substantial scientific need for the design. And for all those needs, anyone recommended to wear them will find real benefit.

Now, how is the gear used to treat varicose veins specifically? Let’s analyze what varicose vein is, then the process it adopts in treating this condition will be more easy to understand.

Varicose Veins Development

Varicose Veins Development image

Varicose veins can migrate into severe conditions if not treated. They can start as being harmless, but after a short while, they’ll develop into an acute source of pain. For instance, their beginning could be like small black veins that will become evident through your skin. After that, it would end up very painful and could lead to surgery.

However, with a full leg compression sleeve, you can excellently treat and prevent it. Medical practitioners usually prescribe these socks as one of the best ways to eradicate muscle pain and varicose veins. Also, they can be valid for swollen ankles, deep vein thrombosis, and quick recovery after running.

image showing varicose vein

Varicose veins are veins that have lost firmness, and thus they’ve become stretched from all the blood flowing via them. Also, it can be called enlarged veins. The veins in the body are responsible for transporting the blood from the lower region back to the upper region (heart region), so when a person has varicose veins, it means that the blood that flows in the veins lacks nutrients and oxygen.

There are a few valves in the veins that assists in pushing the blood up to the heart. These valves would need to work assiduously against the force of gravity, and over time they get tired.

When the veins can lack their firmness, the diameter of the veins increases and the flow of blood becomes slower. Over time, these veins can be a source of pain! In the early stage, the best full compression sleeves are sufficient for the treatment of this condition. But if the condition doesn’t improve, surgery will undeniably be the best bet. But sufferers must understand their symptoms and then seek the help of a professional immediately.

In the pumped-up varicose vein, it is often difficult for the blood to circulate. The blood flows slowly; in extreme conditions, the veins could rupture. And when it ruptures, the condition becomes fatal.

Additionally, some could refer to varicose veins like spider veins. These veins are tiny. They appear like dark webs on the legs.

Applying Full leg compression sleeves for Varicose Veins

Full leg sleeves for Varicose Veins

How can full leg compression sleeves assist in the treatment of varicose veins? The compression from the sleeve adds pressure on the veins. This presses the walls of the veins, thus limiting their diameter. The blood will now be able to pool up and then starts to flow quickly and quicker. The enhanced blood flow then leads to a reduction in discomfort and pain. Nevertheless, the positive aspects of compression sleeves take full effect. Full leg compression sleeves compress the muscles, this helps the blood to circulate even better.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best type of full leg compression sleeves. You have them explained below:

The Best Way to Choose Full Leg Compression Sleeve for Varicose Veins

Full Leg Compression Sleeve for Varicose Veins

The best model you could find in the market is graduated full leg compression sleeves for varicose veins. Graduation in any compression means that it’s highest at the ankles, and the pressure gradually reduces as the socks get higher on the legs. This allows the veins in the legs to work against the force of gravity.

You could also come across models that have uniform compression. This type is used to treat edema. Uniform full leg compression sleeves exert the same level of pressure on your legs and are different from graduated compression sleeves.

The ranges of full leg compression sleeves vary. They are present in these ranges:

  • 5-10mmHg. This level of compression is regarded as low graduated compression. These models are highly effective at preventing varicose veins and treating light cases of spider veins.
  • 10-20mmHg. This level of compression is also recognized as medium graduated compression. These full leg compression sleeves for varicose veins are effective if the outbreak is just starting. They can effectively treat the condition and prevent it from becoming worse.
  • 20-30mmHg. This level of compression is also termed strong graduated compression. These types of full leg compression sleeves are recommended for extreme cases of varicose veins. They are the strongest full compression sleeve for varicose veins.

The material of the sleeve is quite essential. They must be designed to be breathable. If designed this way, they will allow the sweat that’s collected to evaporate from the skin. Inserting your legs into socks that harbors sweat isn’t hygienic at all.

Before the process of choosing the best full compression sleeve for treating varicose veins, it is essential that you speak to a medical practitioner. They can assist users and wearers with the right type of strength of compression socks needed.

Now at this stage, let’s examine what makes a full leg compression sleeve to qualify as the beat compression full sleeve.

What to Check in Full Leg compression sleeves

There are a few full leg compression sleeves you can get in the local pharmacy, so how would you start your selection? There are certain features that you should check to make a full leg compression an ideal pair. Let’s explore some of these below:


Ensure that you measure your calves for accurate sizing. This will make your sleeve fit you perfectly well. If the compression sleeves come incredibly tight, it will become uncomfortable, and in fact, it might be difficult for you to wear. On the other hand, if they are too loose, they won’t give the right level of compression, and consistently, they will keep sliding down.


Seek for compression sleeve that has been designed from fabric that will get rid of sweat from the skin. It should be able to shift sweat from the skin to the outer part of the fabrics and then vaporize it. This lets you stay sweat-free and feel cool always.


Full leg compression sleeves that have been designed with a seamless construction are the best you could get in the market. This technique entails knitting 3-dimensional textures right inside the fabric with no creation of seam. This allows the design to feature mesh panels for ribbing and breathability for the best support.


This could be an option less important than the other ones mentioned. But when choosing a color, be sure that it fits the intended use. For instance, never purchase white colors if your sleeve will be used for sporting activities because it can’t stay off stains. And again, if you will be using the socks for running, it’s recommended that you invest in bright colors as it adds to other low-light safety gear.

A Typical Example of what you can get from a full Leg Compression sleeves

Leg Compression sleeves images and size chart

Thigh High Full Leg Compression Sleeve: This graduated full leg compression hose helps circulation. These full leg sleeves entirely treat varicose veins, it exerts most pressure on your ankles and then applies the pressure gradually as the sleeve gets higher on the legs.

This particular sleeve is made of 28% lycra and 72% nylon. The design of the material has antibacterial properties that can prevent bad odor. These socks have a seamless design that will accurately prevent them from resulting in blisters and chafing. It is also excellent for workout and for those that stay on their feet for long hours or even bedridden patients.

When you get the best full leg compression sleeve, you will successfully be able to make the bulging blue veins go off. If a medical doctor prescribes them for you, be sure that the prescribed socks will help you prevent pain and any other problem associated with it.


While the majority of those who run and cycle love the benefit they get from the use of full leg compression sleeves; there is a caution! Never opt-in for the application if it is not recommended for you. Also, if you must use any full leg sleeves without recommendation, only go for the one with minimum compression.

Also, before you use full leg compression sleeves to halt the risk of DVT when traveling, I advise that you speak with your doctor.

Conclusively, the moment you have decided to purchase one, stick with a brand that offers quality and is well reported. There are several cheap full leg compression sleeves today, designed by people who fail to do intense research before coming up with compression socks or the development of the product; therefore, be careful which one you finally settle down with.