TED Compression Stockings – Complete Guide (with Pictures!)

It’s common to see people confuse TED compression stockings with other types of compression socks you can find in a medical store. Can you also relate to this too? If yes, you don’t have to beat yourself! You aren’t alone. Many people do. But what could be attributed to this confusion? One of the reasons could be the recent popularity and usage of compression socks in the compression therapy field.

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Apart from the confusion, there are some unique features about T.E.D Compression socks that anyone seeking for compression socks must know. Together with the clarifications of what Ted compression stockings are, this article will also explain these essential features that are must-know by those who are seeking relief with the use of compression therapy. Have you fasten your seatbelt? The trip starts now!

TED Compression Stockings

TED antiembolism Stockings

As an acronym for thromboembolism-deterrent, T.E.D Compression stockings are socks manufactured and worn to provide support to the lymphatic drainage and veins of the lower extremities in the body. What does this mean? In simple terms, when a person is bedridden, these socks will assist in halting the clotting of blood that forms typically in the leg of patients. For non-ambulatory patients, they can find remarkable benefits from the gradient compression that is attached to the real muscle pump effect of the calf. Astoundingly, these two things work together to assist in circulating the lymph fluid and blood throughout the whole body.

Ted socks are available both in thigh high length and knee-length. As long as a person wears TED compression socks well and the quality one, you are on the right track, and you will undoubtedly enjoy optimum relief. Pertaining to the type of T.e.d compression stockings a person who should wear, it is dependent on recommendations of the physician. After careful examination of your condition and identifying your tolerance, you will be recommended to wear a certain level of ted compression stockings.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

The forming of blood in the human body can last for several days. For instance, blot clots can form for more than six weeks following surgery or a prolonged stay in the hospital as a result, T.E.D compression socks could be prescribed. This will be done to eradicate and lessen the severity. Even though TED compression socks vary from other types of compression socks, they have a few similarities with these types of socks. Take, for example, for Ted compression socks to function appropriately, they must be sized accurately. Due to that, measurement is an essential aspect of ted compression socks and must be carefully done before heading to the medical store.

How Ted compression stocking work

Image showing How Ted compression stocking work

When applied, they are needed to squeeze the leg from the ankle to the knee, thus moving blood to circulate well and reducing the chances of blood clotting.

Socks prevent the formation of blood clots in a few patients who have had surgery, are confined to stay in bed, highly inactive, or prescribed to take certain medications. Daily, ted compression socks are to be worn 23 hours, with a one-hour removal just for bathing and several other activities. They have to be consistently worn under the conditions that have been resolved completely.

As stated at the onset, there is much confusion regarding ted compression socks; thus, let’s analyze one of the questions: Are ted compression stockings the same as Ted Hose?

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

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T.E.D compression Stocking and T.E.D Hose – Are they the same?

The answer is: Yes! But why is it, yes? Ted compression stockings and ted hose are similar. Since its inception, a few people call them these different names. If you read some famous health blogs and websites, you will discover that they use both names interchangeably.

Also, I have noticed that some things in the medical field can have several names used at equal frequency. Let’s take an example. You might have heard this term before “Disposable underpads.” Did you know that is is also called underpads, Chux, or Chucks? Do you get it the point? I’m sure you’d. But for the sake of clarification, let’s take one more example. If you aren’t new to the world of compression, you might have heard knee lengths, but do you know that interchangeably, they can also be called “stockings?” and if they are called thigh high length, they can also be called hose? But is this a general rule or guide? No! And that’s one of the reasons why we must understand each product thoroughly before we use them. So, what can help? It’s simple

When you are making a purchase either at an online store or an offline pharmacy, you must carefully and correctly read the description thoroughly and be sure that you are getting the right version. If your doctor recommends that you should get a particular type, don’t assume that it could stand for another name unless he tells you that.

Furthermore, the importance of that name, TED, is because they are primarily used to obtain real anti-embolism socks or hose regardless of the manufacturer. Ted compression stockings, like other types of compression, also have varying compression levels. What are they? How are they classified? We will surely need more information concerning this!

The Different Level of Ted Compression Socks

The Various Level of Ted Compression Socks

Ted compression stockings do change the compression level as it goes up the leg. The peak of compression in ted compression socks is found at the ankle, and as it moves up, the compression gets lesser.

In ted compression socks, you can anticipate a pressure of 18mmHg at the ankle region, 14mmHg at the calf, 10mmHg around the lower thigh, and 8mmHg at the peak thigh. The wearing of ted compression socks is a lot different from the other socks. They are designed to be worn when a patient is in the hospital or at home, receiving treatments and recovering from his condition. It could be administered whenever a person will have to be on the bed for a long time, like a prolonged sickness or a mandatory hospital stay.

These socks are not designed to be worn when a person is up and doing, not when he is moving about his daily activities, doing sport or something related. If you want regular socks that you can wear alongside your daily activities, you should opt-in for compression stockings or socks. Ted socks effectively address cases of Deep vein thrombosis in patients, but the question is, what are these deep vein thrombosis?

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ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Also shorten as DVT, deep vein thrombosis is regarded as a condition whereby blood clots form in the deep veins of a person’s body. Deep vein thrombosis would lead to swelling and pain; however, in some situations, it might not present itself with symptoms at all.

Medically, Deep vein thrombosis is a severe condition. How is that so? A blood clot in a person’s veins can rupture, and that will lead it to the bloodstream. Then, the lump will become lodged in the lungs and halt the blood flow. In this case, the condition is referred to as a pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is fatal and would need immediate medical attention. Thereby, to prevent the disease from migrating to that stage, ted compression socks are prescribed accurately to stop first, the forming of the clot, and to halt the progressiveness of the clot. Deep vein thrombosis can occur as a result of several medical conditions.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Nevertheless, they are usually caused by confinement to bed, that is, the inability to move for an extended time. Little wonder you see TED hose being worn by a variety of people in the hospital today. Most hospitals often order their patients to wear Ted compression socks so that they can solve this condition.

Now that you’ve seen the function and importance of TED compression socks if you are prescribed one, how would you care for it to ensure that it functions as required and needed? Will we answer that in the next subheading?

How Do I care for My T.E.D Compression Stockings?

Image of a brown colored ted hose

Ted compression stockings are fragile. Thus, failure to care for them would either lead them to wear quickly or lead to an inability to provide the necessary help they would have. Caring for a ted compression sock isn’t complicated. Yes, you heard that right!

The easiest way to care for TED compression stockings is to rinse them with lukewarm water immediately after pulling them off each day. After a few days of wear, you should endeavor to wash them using a gentle and mild cleanser. If you notice that they have become soiled, it would be best to wash them with the cleanser regularly.

When you continually do your best to take off oil and dirt from your TED compression stockings, you will keep them in the right shape. On the label of compression socks, you will notice that they write: Wash with cold water inside a washing machine.” Experimentally, I have seen that washing your compression socks by hand will make them last longer. In drying your T.E.D compression socks, you must not squeeze them. Instead, you should change them or lay them flat. Never place them in the dryer to dry. Why? It will damage them, shrink and warp the fabric quickly. One of the best recommendations is to purchase more than a pair; in fact, two to three pair is essential. It will create room for you to wear one while you can dry the other. And also, they can have the time to get drained by air completely. 

There are different types of Ted compression socks. One of the common one among patients is Knee-high stockings. But why is it prescribed for the majority of people? Why should you also choose it? The last part of this article will get a substantial answer to that question and would facilitate the right choice and decision.

Reasons to Choose Ted knee high compression socks

  1. They provide amazing and comfortable fit without the constriction of harsh ridges and seams
  2. They are prescribed because they will help decrease leg swelling when a person is inactive after surgery.
  3. They safeguard critical popliteal region and enhance free leg movement
  4. They prevent the tourniquet effect and has a functional two-ply panel and a  band
  5. Knee-high ted compression stockings ensured uninterrupted baseline guides regardless of a patient’s risk level or when impulse compression is interrupted.
  6. There are inlay circumferential knit that comes with a one-way stretch and provides the required clinical pressure pattern to the appropriate regions.
  7. Through the critical area, knee-high ted compression socks will ensure that blood flows continuously.
  8. Ted knee-high compression stockings are efficiently designed to limit venous static under the knee when a thigh-high version is contraindicated medically.

The right time to use Ted Knee-high socks are:

  • When a patient wants to prevent the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • When they want to promote blood flow velocity in the immobilized leg region for a long time.
  • It is often used by patients that have a history of blood clots or a high tendency to have it in the future.
  • Bedridden patients due to bone fraction can also benefit immensely from this application.

Closed Toe Ted compression Stockings

There are a few unique features of this style of ted compression socks. These are:

  1. They provide extra comfort to patients.
  2. They are prescribed by physicians to treat and halt a lot of venous conditions.
  3. The manufacturing of most closed-toe ted compression stockings is done under quality control standards to ensure that a precise graduated compression pattern is followed up to hinder the formation of venous thromboembolism.


Has this article successfully cleared the confusion you had regarding ted compression socks? If you are currently prescribed these socks, or you have a condition that could likely lead to the prescription, be sure to adhere to instructions that would be given to you by your physician. Also, ensure you purchase your ted compression socks from tested and trusted companies. This is important so as to get the right value for your purchase. I wish you a quick recovery!

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

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