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ComproGear is all about helping you complete your next project. Whether that’s building a whole new wall or just hanging a picture frame without having it fall out of the drywall.

Almost all home projects require a stud finder at some point in their duration. You simply can’t do things without knowing where the wood framing is in your wall. That’s because drilling into the wall without knowing where the wood framing is results in fruitless holes in drywall. These not only don’t hold weight, they look like they hold weight, leading to the calamity of your painting or mirror falling off the wall in the middle of the day. This can seriously injury people, pets, and children.

With a stud finder, you can “peek into the wall” and see exactly where the wood frame “studs” are located. Then you can drill your screws into those wood pieces, leading to a secure purchase and working hanging picture frame or mirror. This means safety. And all without ripping out drywall to find the studs.

There are stud finders ranging anywhere from $5 to $150. No joke, there are some that practically x-ray your walls like some sci-fi comic book. Others use simply magnets to show when you’re over a nail in the existing wall joist or stud.

Choosing a stud finder can be a hassle. That’s because there are so many options and they range in quality quite a bit. That’s why ComproGear is doing the research to find the best stud finders for your next job. Our editorial and review team is scouring the internet to find the best stud finder for you.

In the next few weeks we will be updating this page with our findings. We hope you check back then and read the full stud finder review and buy the best stud finder for your project.

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