Rice Cooker – Best Options for 2020

Looking for a Rice Cooker?

Smart move. Cooking rice on the stovetop is a terrible time. It’s lots of effort for very low reward. And then your rice burns and gets all crummy. Eww…

No Thanks!

You want a quality rice cooker to instantly (well, almost instantly) cook rice while you do something else.

You really don’t care how it does it. You just want some tasty rice.

Well, we do too. At ComproGear we eat rice just like you do. And we’re sick of low-quality rice cookers that don’t work, are too expensive, or just plain suck.

Again, no thanks!

We want a quality rice cooker just like you do. That’s why we’re in the process of buying and reviewing all the best rice cookers on the market today.

2020 has a lot of new options when it comes to rice cookers. And trust me, there are a LOT.

Plus there are a lot of varieties of rice: Jasmine, White Rice, Brown Rice, Sushi Rice, Basmati Rice. You name it and it’s got a different cooking method.

That’s why we’re currently using and reviewing the best rice cookers for 2020. In the next few weeks we’ll have a full review for your reading pleasure. Check back soon to see that review. We hope it helps you pick out the best option for your personal rice cooking needs.


The ComproGear Editorial Team

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