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Compression Socks are pretty sweet. They’ve been the secret weapon of pro athletes for years now. More recently they’ve been discovered by:

– Pregnant Women

– Nurses, Waiters, and people people who stand for 8+ hours

– Computer workers forced to sit for long periods

– Air Travelers

– Anyone looking to avoid ugly varicose veins

Compression socks are built differently from regular socks. A good pair of compression socks will provide 20-30 mmHG of graduated compression to aid blood flow and reduce foot/calf/leg swelling.

That’s why good compression socks sell for $10.00 to $35.00+ PER PAIR. ($100+ if you fall for the doc socks scam)

We’d like to give you a free pair.

$0. Zilch. Nada.

None of this “enter your credit card” nonsense. We just ship you a free pair and that’s that.

What’s the catch?

We need your honest feedback on the fit and style of the socks. (Plus we’d love a review on Amazon, but that’s totally optional.)

We’re working on the first full production batch of compression socks now. When this is complete, we’ll be sending out free pairs to get feedback and reviews.

Begin Fine Print

We never sell or share your info. We never bill you. We don’t send mailers or other marketing nonsense.

We’re not a big Fortune 500 company with a fancy marketing department ready to track your every move. Nor are we Dr Sock Soothers where they’re basically running a giant scam. Your info literally goes into a Google Drive spreadsheet with like 1,000+ other names, none of which we (meaning the 2 people working here) even have time to look at.

When it’s time to send free samples, we load up all the emails into Gmail and ask if you’re still interested in the free pair. Then we send a free pair to people who actually respond via email (only 20% of people ever respond, so this step saves us from blind mailing to the other 80% that are either fake emails or people that don’t respond to anything)

After you respond, we just ship out the socks. You get the socks and that’s pretty much it.

The only follow up we do is asking what you thought of them and pestering you for an Amazon review. Both of these require at most 60-seconds of your time.

Now you know our “evil master plan”. We honestly just need Amazon reviews and feedback about whether or not the socks look & fit well. Yes we lose money on this. To us it’s worth spending $500-$1,000 sending free samples out to get the feedback and reviews.

End Fine Print

If you’re interested in getting on the freebie list, just enter your info below:

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