Does Medicare Cover Compression Socks? (Full Answer!)

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There are many ways to protect one’s health, such as applying for Medicare. Although having health insurance allows coverage for a variety of health services, it is still important to maintain healthy habits on a daily basis. One example could be to wear compression socks.

Compression socks are not only great for preventing that achy, terrible feeling of discomfort in one’s lower extremities but they can also also treat swollen feet, edema, and other foot conditions. Physicians recommend them to men and women of all ages in the US.  But does Medicare cover compression stockings? Keep reading to find out!

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What are compression socks for?

Compression socks. or compression garments, provide many benefits as follows:

  • Reduces swelling and edema symptoms

    Compression socks are excellent in treating chronic edema and can relieve the wearer from swollen feet and ankles. They help by improving blood circulation and preventing fluids from pooling in one’s lower extremities. Regular use of compression socks can promote mobility and help get rid of soreness, heaviness, and inflammation due to prolonged inactivity.

  • Treats several foot conditions, such as chronic venous disorder


    Chronic venous disorder, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), lymphedema, spider veins, varicose veins, unwanted blood clotting, and phlebitis are common foot conditions that can cause considerable discomfort, pain, and physical impairment. Compression socks are a fantastic remedy for such conditions.

  • Protects feet and ankles

    Compression socks protect the wearer from harsh weather, such as cold winters, and from cuts, minor injuries, and bruises. Athletes, runners, and hikers also benefit significantly from compression socks as they can prevent sprains and muscle stiffening.

  • Provides comfort during pregnancy and for post-surgical treatment

    One of the essential uses of compression stockings is in post-surgical rehabilitation and for pregnant women. The prolonged bed rest after surgery can cause edema and swelling of the feet. Pregnant women can also experience similar symptoms due to hormonal changes and weight gain. In both cases, compression socks play a vital role in improving blood circulation and keep the feet from swelling.

  • Adds a nice touch to one’s outfit

    Compression socks provide many medical benefits as mentioned above, but they have also garnered attention for its colors and stylish designs. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes (toe-less or as sleeves), length (knee or thigh-high), and compression levels.

Does Medicare cover compression socks?

Its benefits have been clinically proven and are used extensively in the US; however, they are not commonly covered by Medicare. Unfortunately, other insurance companies also do not typically cover compression socks.

Continue reading below to understand what is covered by Medicare and where compression socks come into the picture.

Are compression socks at least covered in Part B of Medicare?

There is a common misconception that Part B of Medicare covers medical compression gradient socks; it actually covers:

  • Essential medical services, and
  • Durable medical supplies or equipment.

The essential medical services include OPD OR outpatient care, ambulance, physiotherapy, hepatitis and flu shots, and several other preventive services; whereas durable medical supplies or equipment consists of essential medical supplies, such as:

  • Crutches,
  • Infusion pumps,
  • Traction devices,
  • Walkers or similar support equipment,
  • Canes and support sticks,
  • Manually-driven wheelchairs (automatically-driven wheelchairs are not covered),
  • Other aids for people with disability.

Some of the medical supplies that Part B of Medicare does not cover are bandages, gauzes, and compression hosiery (stockings, socks, and sleeves).

Are there any exceptions to the above?

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There are! Medicare does cover a specific type of compression socks for particular diseases. For instance, if a patient is suffering from open stasis ulcers and requires compression socks to treat it, then Medicare will provide coverage for the hosiery. In cases like this, the socks would be considered as a type of wound dressing supply or wound-care by the insurance company.

However, for patients of open stasis ulcers, it is required that the compression range must be higher than 30 mm Hg and lesser than 50 mm Hg. Therefore, only a small portion of patients, who may need compression socks, can make use of this.

What about using a lymphedema pump?

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In some cases where a patient is suffering from lymphedema or edema, their insurance company may provide them with a special pump for edema and blood circulation improvement. This pump, also known as a lymphedema pump or edema pump, can help relieve swollen feet and ankles.

However, these pumps may not be suitable for everyone and could be less effective compared to compression socks. The pumps cannot be worn regularly, whereas compression socks can be worn under regular clothing and at any time.

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Still need compression socks?

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Compression socks can be relatively expensive; hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and private healthcare facilities often sell them at a hefty price.

It can be discouraging to pay for any medical supply or service out of one’s own pocket, especially if compression socks are required for treatment but are not covered under a health insurance program. Even if the insurer would be willing to cover a portion of the cost, the patient would still have to bear the remainder, as well as any co-payments and other deductible charges. 

But there is a solution.

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