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Zip Up Compression Socks – Complete Guide (with Pictures!)

picture of compression socks with a zipper

Most of the people with both work and domestic backgrounds complain of continuous body pain and suffer from other conditions that mostly happen because of a lack of rest. If not this, there are other reasons also that result in some mild or chronic medical problems like tangled veins or irregular blood circulation. This is because people don’t get to rest a lot in today’s haphazard daily routine as it not only demands effort but consumes time as well. Irregular blood flow in the body is one of the main reasons why people suffer from leg ache, spider veins, DVT, and edema. The reason for this is that when blood is unable to reach the heart in time and through the proper natural system, our body reacts in strange ways. For example, when blood circulation is slower than required, the veins and arteries do not perform well and hence, cause swelling, leg pain, and varicose veins. This is why compression socks prove to be the most natural solution to this problem for two reasons:

picture of person with zipping up compression socks.
  • It does not need any extra effort or time.

    person wearing socks at home for daily use
  • It is safe to use without any medical advice.

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Moreover, zippered stockings are even more convenient to use as they’re simpler to put on and take off. Plus, compression socks zip-up are best for people with edema or light wounds because it does not rub the skin while wearing.


Although compression stockings come in all variety like knee-length, full-length, and regular socks size, zip-up in particular are available in three kinds.

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person putting on socks before travelling in hotel room
  • Knee-length

    picture of knee-length socks

    It is undeniable that zippered compression stockings are minimum knee-length. Otherwise, the zip might not stay firm or in its place in a smaller sock size for a long time. Zip-up work best because it performs very well when it comes to curing leg pain quickly. It treats the pain that starts from foot to the knee immediately by regulating blood flow in half of the leg. Not only this, doctors recommend them for swelling on foot or calf for which zippered ones are most effective.

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  • Open-toe

    picture of an athlete wearing socks

    Open toe zippered are a fantastic buy, especially in summers. The feet remain open, which gives great relief in warm weather conditions. Also, the whole foot remains covered, but only the fingers are free. This helps a lot when someone prefers wearing slippers, sandals, or flipflops. Other than this, it also depends on someone’s personal choice of not wearing a full sock that might irritate itching. The open toe compression stockings zip up are very comfortable to put on because there is no need to adjust from the toes which a lot of the people dislike doing.

    picture of human feet and black socks
  • Open-toe

    person putting on socks before travelling in hotel room

    Open-toe knee-length compression socks, these are doctor’s recommended and also the most favorite ones among regular buyers. The reason for this is that these don’t get off very quickly unless tried due to its suitable length, and the open toe makes it convenient for donning and doffing. Even at home, most of the women and men like to wear open toe knee length zippered as it requires the least struggle in putting on and taking off. Hence, if someone is looking for the best option in compression socks in terms of feasibility, convenience, and comfort, then open-toe zippered hosiery is the absolute solution.

    picture showing effects of pressure socks


picture of patient putting on zip up compression stockings after surgery

There are multiple uses of zip-up compression socks, but the most common ones amongst all are leg pain, varicose veins, and swelling. Not being able to rest, walking for long hours, sitting in one place for too long, or stressed out body resulting in abnormal blood pressure are some of the reasons why people suffer from all these issues. The zipper in socks is one of the best inventions because it encourages an increased number of people to try out the non-medicated hosiery without any side effects.

picture demonstrating how compression hosiery works?

Some of the other useful functions of zip-up compression stockings include:

  • Fatigue:

    picture of person sleeping in office due to fatigue

    Fatigue is prevalent nowadays, not only for people who work in a professional environment but those as well with domestic jobs. From working in a good-profile position in managing house chores, every form of work demands physical efforts, time, and mental exertion. Not only this, conditions like pregnancy and periods for women play an essential role in causing fatigue that usually results in tired legs and unusual blood pressure. This is when zippered compression socks come as the most natural solution to all the routine problems.

  • Swelling:

    picture of normal feet and feet with edema

    Swelling does not necessarily occur to people who sit or stand for long hours. Swelling in legs appears when the blood flow is irregular, which happens for multiple reasons. For instance, pregnancy, blood pressure, and diabetes. When the blood circulation is not healthy, then it first affects legs for the fact that it requires gravitational force to take blood from the bottom to the heart. Hence, if edema is not severe and does not come about very frequently, then zipper socks are the perfect answer to all the problems. It immediately regulates the blood circulation, and as a result, swelling starts to fade away in no time.

  • Spider/varicose veins:

    picture of feet with varicose veins and spider veins

    Although spider and varicose veins are not that common as compared to leg ache and swelling, it seems to happen to a majority of people with irregular blood circulation. The fact that abnormal blood flow severely affects arteries and veins when they’re unable to function appropriately very well explains the condition. Tangled veins occur when the blood tries rushing towards the heart as its distinct function while the veins and arteries do not allow it to happen. Spider and varicose veins cause pain to a great extent; however, using zip-up daily for a long time effectively helps in overcoming the issue.

  • Post-surgery recover:

    depression, sadness, fatigue, irritable

    Although surgeries are not always significant, some are minor as well; all of them have typically more or less the same procedure, mainly involving anesthesia. This is why post-surgery condition demands more concern and care in comparison with pre-surgery. The adverse effects of anesthesia and drugs used in the procedure create some severe problems that the patient deals with apart from the primary illness. For instance, swelling (edema) is a common condition that patients face after surgery. This is a crucial time; a person is already consuming numerous drugs, then there’s no space left for anything extra. This is when compression socks come to the rescue as they are not only convenient and comfortable but also affordable. At the time when the patient is unable to move a lot of struggle with other things, zip-up are the most favorable option than others.

  • Post-thrombotic syndrome:

    how does DVT lead to PTS?

    Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) is a result of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). People suffer from PTS, usually after DVT. DVT is a condition in which the venous valves of the veins do not work effectively in pushing the blood from the legs back to the heart. DVT has its symptoms and causes that doctors advise to treat with compression socks. However, PTS, in particular, happen to cause severe edema, shooting pain in legs, and tightness of veins.

    For this reason, these work best when the suitable pressure allows the blood to pass through the veins without any obstacle. Moreover, knee-length zippered compression socks work wonders as it is comfortable to wear in such chronic and painful conditions.

  • Orthostatic hypotension:

    picture of a nurse having headache due to heavy workload

    Orthostatic hypotension is a common condition that many people go through. It is the feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness when a person stands up from sitting or lying position. It happens mainly because of low blood pressure, which is a result of irregular blood circulation. A lot of the people face this issue in their daily lives while also ignoring it, and the reason for this negligence is lack of time and motivation. The problem seems so small because the feeling of unwellness is just for a couple of seconds and gets better immediately after. However, the best thing to do about it is to buy zipper socks. As they look ordinary, feel good, and work great in normalizing blood pressure.


benefits of compression stockings


old person wearing zippered up compression socks sitting on chair

Primary signs of deficiency include shaking hands and trembling body. Hence, putting on regular socks might not be that difficult. Still, compression stockings without a zipper is a struggle for people with weakness. This is why when someone, most probably elderly, is weak or feels weakness at the start of the day. The zip in socks makes it very easy to wear without making any additional effort. Not just this, arthritis is also a condition that zip up compression work best for as donning and doffing even ordinary stockings without a zip is a task. In contrast, zip makes it all a lot more convenient.

Sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin is not that big of an issue until and unless it not very severe like bleeding wounds. People who have skin sensitivity are not comfortable in wearing something without considering its material. Other than this, when your skin is already too sensitive apart from suffering from issues like edema, varicose veins, and tiredness, it is quite painful to put on ordinary socks. Compression socks are usually tight, and experts advise to wear it all the time for better and effective results. Therefore, for a condition like mild/severe skin sensitivity, zip-up is your best bet. The reason for this is that they don’t rub against the skin, and it only requires zipping up after adjusting from toes. Otherwise, regular compression stockings need adjustment before wearing altogether to make sure there is no air, or the pressure level is intact.

Befitting material of Socks

picture of nylon material cloth

The material of compression stockings is always very comfortable and is of two types only:

  • Nylon
  • Lycra
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While nylon is a fabric that mostly suits every skin type, lycra mainly works as an anti-bacterial material. It is made of anti-bacterial agents to prevent itching and allergic reactions. Also, the design of zip socks is very much favorable for all types of foot and legs, from thin to slim and full. This appears to be one of the most beneficial things about zippered compression stockings because then there is no concern regarding inappropriate fitting resulting in mild irritation all the time. All of these benefits are for everyone regardless of their particular conditions. This is also why a majority of the users of compression socks prefer zipped ones. They are best to wear daily or for most of the day. However, one must not forget to take it off before going to bed or simply lying down and also taking a bath. Otherwise, it is okay to do it for the rest of the day if the pressure is suitable enough not to cause any harm.

Who should wear it?

why use compression gear for running?
demonstration of graduated compression

Compression socks are for everyone. Doctors prescribe them to anyone who suffers from an illness as small as mild to acute leg pain to as big as DVT or lymphedema. If the problem is not that big and does not require medical assistance, then it is okay to buy them with the least pressure. It is safe to wear, does no harm, and shows immediate results in no time. Minimum mmHg compression keeps regulating the blood flow by allowing it to pass through veins and arteries without any trouble.

picture comparing healthy foot and foot with edema

Some of the illnesses that compression socks are famous for treating are:

  • Deep vein clots:

    picture of human leg with deep vein thrombosis

    Vein diseases are not very difficult to happen, especially in areas with cold weather throughout the year. Prevention of vein diseases is one of the many applications of compression hosiery because when the blood flow is normal, there are minimum chances of veins getting tangled or formation of blood clots. Deep vein clots form in legs when the blood circulation is too slow, or the system is trying very hard against gravity to transfer blood from bottom to top i.e., the heart. For this reason, compression socks zip-up not only benefit legs up to the knees but also towards the thigh area. People who suffer from this illness take great advantage of this reasonable and handy compression hosiery by not only maintaining regular blood flow but also preventing the severity of the condition.

  • Pulmonary embolism:

    cartoon of a person suffering from heart diseases

    When the clots form in legs due to improper blood circulation, they sometimes travel to the lungs. The clot then blocks the pulmonary arteries in the lungs resulting in pulmonary embolism. Although it happens in rare cases, it causes a great deal of pain, discomfort, and a threat to the otherwise healthy body. It usually occurs after DVT because blood clots mainly develop in the legs. Hence, to prevent such conditions from causing further problems, medical experts initially suggest wearing compression stockings with a firm pressure all day long. This way, the doctor also analyzes if the issue is severe or mild and whether there is a need to increase the compression level.

  • Edema:

    picture comparing healthy foot and foot with edema

    Edema, commonly known as swelling, is something that almost everyone experiences at some point in their life. Conditions like pregnancy, hormonal disturbance, periods, cold weather, varicose veins, spider veins, tiredness, high blood pressure, and diabetes mostly cause swelling. It might not be severe every time but requires treatment as soon as possible to avoid seriousness. Therefore, it is someone who faces the issue every once a while and not regularly. Then compression stockings are the best choice as a non-medicated remedy.

How to find the right socks?

person running on mountains with compression socks

The process of choosing the right compression socks is straightforward. All you need to do is select the level of mmHg compression that suits your requirements the best. For example, 15-20 mmHg for problems like mild leg pain, fatigue, or swelling. 20-30 mmHg for conditions like varicose veins, spider veins, or edema. And 30-40 mmHg for severe situations like DVT, PTS, or lymphedema. Last but not least, choose from different varieties like open-toe, full, or zippered ones. However, if you think that the condition is not getting any better at a certain level, make sure to visit a doctor for expert advice.

compression level chart