How Do Travel Socks Work? (Everything You Should Know!)

A friend, while traveling to Europe some years ago noticed that his feet inflates and were sensitive to heat; he could barely wear his shoes. He says, “I felt something had crushed my bone.” With his feet completely swollen, it doubled its size. Unfortunately, he has been traveling by air a long time ago in the heat of the tropics and has never experienced this, but this time, as soon as he got home, the swelling began, and the discomfort was super on the increase. In fact, it got to the point that his toes went numb. To ease the pain, he applied Ice, with what result? Just a little comfort, he says. Impressively, compression socks were handed over to him. With the amazing relief he got, he asked: How do travel socks work?

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

It was explained that they are ultra-lightweight and beautiful. But those aren’t substantial enough. A lot of readers on the internet have asked how these socks work too. Like many individuals, you might be reading this to find answers to the question: How do travel socks work?

Well, a few folks are indeed grateful they used travel socks when they were on a trip. These folks believed that compression socks or travel socks are 100% efficient for swollen feet. But how sure? We have to consider what recent research says! Therefore, let’s examine how travel socks work; then, we will incredibly check how to match your compression socks with your outfit.

Note: Travel socks are another term for compression socks. In this article, both terms will be used interchangeably.

How do travel Socks Work?

If you travel a lot, you will agree that planning is essential. However, comfort, safety, and worry-free trip are more critical than planning. As you prepare your insurance, your pick up essentials, your footwear, and your vaccinations, your compression socks are essential wear that will limit your chances of worry in the long run.

Folks with blood circulation issues often wear compression socks to limit the risk of conditions like blood clots in the legs. However, if left untreated, it could lead to death. An extended period of inactivity is one of the risk factors of DVT; a long trip is one form of inactivity that could lead to DVT.

These travel socks fit accurately at the ankle, the gentle pressure stimulates the flow of blood to deep veins, which, on the other hand, would prevent blood from clotting and pooling. But you might wonder? Are they worth buying? Yes! Let’s examine that.

image showing better blood circulation with travel stockings

The blood present in your veins must work against gravity to efficiently flow back to the heart. Whatever obstructs that flow like lack of movement or circulation problems, either after surgery or a severe injury, or problems with the walls of the veins in the leg region will lead to the pooling of blood in the veins around the lower feet, leading to leg fatigue, achiness, swelling, and eventually, venous clotting.

By squeezing together walls of the veins and leg tissues, compression socks would efficiently help the blood in the veins to flow back to the heart. They can also efficiently enhance the flow of the fluid that bathes the cells in the legs. If the flow of lymph is strengthened, it can substantially reduce the swelling of the tissue. Travel stockings are capable of improving comfort as some wearers have attested to that.

For instance, when you adjust the flow of lymph and blood, your leg will feel less fatigued. Although runners and several other athletes would need to wear compression socks to prevent injury and enhance athletic performance, it is quite essential for travelers.

Additionally, compression stockings are incredibly beneficial. However, there are a few things that could impact the function of compression socks. For instance, if not properly worn, that could stem a big problem. Additionally, if a quality one isn’t purchased, that might result in a severe problem. Thus, evidence has shown that when worn correctly, it does work efficiently.

Furthermore, a study reported in the American Journal of Nursing, gives substantial proof that a quality sock is a requirement. About 142 hospitalized individuals in the hospital were asked to wear compression stockings after surgery so that DVT would be prevented. Sadly, 26 individuals were given the wrong size of compression socks, while 29 individuals were not wearing them correctly.

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This ineffective application of compression socks leads to either a new or worse problem as the case may be. After all, wrinkling can exert excessive pressure on the skin. Additionally, patients who incorrectly wear these socks have said that they find it uncomfortable, especially those socks that are thigh-high.

Undeniably, compression socks are an essential aspect of your travel gear as you prepare for long-distance travel. Irrespective of how you are traveling and the mode you are using—either by plane, car, or train. After long hours of traveling, your legs would enjoy immediate wellness, a feeling of lightness, and freshness. Furthermore, they will limit the stagnating of the calves and feet, thus reducing swelling.

The majority of Long-distance travelers aren’t new to swollen legs and heavy feet. In compensating for lack of movement and stimulating blood flow, compression is efficiently applied around the ankle and arch support. You would be happy to see that your leg will become fresher and lighter when you apply them. Now that you’ve seen how compression socks works, what does several research conducted about travel socks? Let’s examine that.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

What does Research Say About Travel Socks

Image of two persons rushing to the airport on compression socks
Legs of People Rushing in Airport

Research makes it evident that wearing compression socks during a flight that spans more than 5 hours would help in the reduction of DVT in folks that have no apparent symptoms. It is also incredible to notice that they are efficient in reducing blood clots, swelling, and discomfort from regions close to the skin’s surface.

The research thus indicates that the use of compression socks comes with no adverse effect. Yet, it must be noted that only top-quality compression socks will leave no side effects, therefore, if you are buying, you should invest in good travel socks based on risk factors and your preferences.

Several other risk factors for DVT include:

  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Old age
  • Cancer
  • Having a combination of these chronic diseases.

It wouldn’t be a pain to consult a physician before wearing travel socks because some folks might not be qualified to wear them. These include those whose nerve has been damaged.

Alongside wearing travel socks some have even mastered tips to assist them to prevent circulation when on a trip. These include:

  • Walking periodically
  • Regular standing
  • Drinking water
  • Stretching one’s legs effectively

So, with what research has said, there are arguments as to when a person should wear travel socks. Some say, it should be before a flight, others insist that it should be during a flight? To clear the air of these confusions, let’s consider when to wear travel socks.

When to Wear Travel Socks

Image showing when to wear travel socks

When flying more than 5 hours non-stop, it is advisable to wear compression socks. Nevertheless, it is totally up to you to wear these socks from home or wear them only when you get to the airport. If you decide to wear them on the flight, it could add to your outfit option, yet, wearing on the flight might be awkward. Thus, you might find it better to wear them at home before leaving.

If you wear them from home, you would need to put some planning into your travel outfit and then wear something that will effectively hide them. So, what’s the bottom line? If you don’t want to appear awkward, wear travel socks before leaving home, however, wear something that would conceal them. Nevertheless, there are smart ways to wear compression socks without appearing awkward. They are explained below:

Five Smart Way to Wear Travel Socks

We have been able to analyze why some folks think compression socks do not work. For example, one of them is improper donning and doffing. Ideally, you shouldn’t squeeze life off your leg; however, travel socks must be firm. Yet, Improper donning could also include the act of wearing compression socks that do not match your outfit.

Additionally, some compression socks aren’t pretty, therefore, they can result in some severe outfit limitations when traveling. Since you’ve seen how travel works, you might be delighted to know practical ways to match them with your outfit.

There are five impressive outfits to camouflage the compression stockings you choose. If you nurture the desire to travel along with some snuggly woolly socks, consider matching these four outfit options with any compression socks you choose.

1. Sports Luxe Outfit

If you are a mother, you might want to dress up a little for your flight. But your kids could not make you score an A, so your goal must be comfortability.

The sports luxe look is quite famous presently. Thus, you can wear compression socks and still appear stunning. There is a large scarf that would be made available on a plane. It is made from a cozy cotton and wool blend that looks amazing when unfolded. Yes, this is indeed a smooth and easy outfit.

These five suggestions would make Sports Luxe Outfit a reality :

  • Sneakers
  • Stretch biker jacket
  • Check scarf
  • Talia tail hem top
  • Stunning Weekend jogger

2. Classic Outfit

When you go simple while on a trip, it might be an excellent option. It is often a more straightforward thing to mix and match what you have in your suitcase. So, these suggestions below shouldn’t be absent in your suitcase:

  • The chambray pant
  • Wanderlust rope tee
  • Salli tan Boots
  • Witchery Drape belt

3. Stretchy Clothes

There isn’t anything better than wearing stretchy clothes to help you get comfy on a plane. You can snuggle up in this dress with a cool hoodie and leggings. You will be amazingly ready and fully prepared for the trip.

  • Logo dress
  • Crop hoodie
  • Solus pack
  • Sneaker
  • Full legging

4. Dressy Outfit

Travelers heading to Europe will find this gear especially helpful. However, everyone desiring an elegant outfit could look into this too. It won’t be out of place to get yourself this dressy outfit. It might not be an excellent move to wear a non-stretchy dress on a super long flight where you desire to sleep. However, for a day time flight that will be more than 8 hours, then they could be a great outfit for you.

  • Align pant
  • Rach Leopard Boot
  • Animal shirt dress
  • Crossbody bag
  • Check scarf


When there is an innovation, meaningful questions must be asked. And one of the questions is the theme for this article: “How do travel socks work?” What have you learned so far?

You see, there is no doubt, travel socks work! However, there are right and wrong ways to wear them. You might check the right way to wear them here. As you select the right compression socks, you would be glad to find a fantastic benefit. Recall that the time you wear your compression socks matters and plays a vital role too.

The last subheading which analyzed how to enhance your dressing style even though you are wearing ugly compression socks would have given you ideas you might not have known before now. Even though you decide not to pick a particular dress style, you can add your flavor, but for sure, you can be genuinely confident that these options highlighted are going to make your dressing stunning while you receive comfort.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

This page last updated December 15, 2022