Guide to using TEDhose Stocking After-Surgery

Written to enhance your knowledge about tedhose stocking, this article will start with the definition, after that, we’ll move to sizes tedhose socks are made available, we’ll speak about how to wear and remove them, some fun facts, reasons to wear them, and finally, myths surrounding tedhose stockings.

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Tedhose Stocking

T.E.D anti embolism hose and stockings image

Tedhose stocking is a very useful stocking that prevents the clotting of blood in the legs of patients, especially when they are bedridden, or they just had surgery. The prescription often goes along with sequential compression gear. If you have a recommendation from your doctor, the best thing to do is to start wearing them. But what makes them stand different from other types of socks?

They are made of durable elastic fibers that wouldn’t easily tear or rip. Because of this, they are surely going to fit you tighter to enhance the healthy flow of blood for each leg. Ted Hose stocking come in different length, and the choice of each length could be as a result of your preference or your doctor’s prescription. But what are the different lengths and sizes of tedhose stockings?

Tedhose Lengths and Sizes

Leg measurement for tedhose socks

Ideally, you’d have to verify how far up you desire the length of the tedhose. Do you want the tedhose socks to reach just up the bottom of your knees? If you want that, you will be selecting knee length. Or, do you want them to move up to their thighs? If you do, the length you will need is a thigh length.

After deciding the specific length, you’d need to verify the size. There are three different sizes for different legs. Four sizes are only determined when a person’s circumference is tested by measuring the thickest part of your calf. The following are the size taken by measuring the calf circumference.

  • Small – Up to 12 inches
  • Medium – From 12-15 inches
  • Large – From 15-17.5 inches
  • X-large – Higher than 17.5 (this is only available in knee-length)

To measure knee length, you’d have to measure from the back of the heel to the back fold of the knee.

For knee length, they only come with long and regular lengths. These are:

  • Small- If the size is longer than 16 inches, select long
  • Medium – If the size is longer than 17 inches, select long
  • Large and Extra-large: If the length is longer than 18 inches, choose long.

For thigh-high length, ensure to measure the back of the hell to the crease located on the bottom of the buttocks. Nevertheless, the three different periods are:

  • Short – Nearly 29 inches
  • Regular – Form 29 – 33 inches
  • Long – Longer than 33 inches

Now that you’ve been able to identify the lengths and sizes tedhose stocking can be found, you would undeniably be willing to know the best way to wear them. True, many have broken out into a sweat when wearing tedhose stockings. How do avoid that? Keep reading to find out.

Wearing Tedhose Stocking

Image showing a man that needs to wear ted stockings

Even though manufacturers want it to be a smooth process, it could be challenging to wear tedhose stocking since it must tightly fit you. In some situations, if you are patient, you’d not be able to wear them. Thus, you’d only rely on someone. To make the process easy for the person and you, it’s best to learn the best way.

Additionally, folks that had either knee or hip surgery must be extra careful when wearing tedhose stocking, why? If care isn’t taken, it can lead to unwarranted pain. So, how do you do that?

1. With both hands, hold the ted hose at the top and gradually pull the socks upward towards your hands till you attain the bottom of the socks.

2. Then, pull it apart as wide as you can using both hands. It won’t stretch too far, but every little stretch would help in the next step.

3. Place the socks over the patient’s toes and back to the heel and extend it as far up their leg. Even though you wouldn’t be able to put it up the patient’s limb for their first time, just go as distant as you can.

4. The final thing to do is dependent on how well you carried out the previous step. If the socks have been wrinkled at the foot, use both hands and gradually grip it above the wrinkle and pull toward the heel. But if the wrinkle is found above the foot, then you should pull toward the legs. Regularly do this till you find no wrinkles. After that, move to the second leg.

So, you’ve known how to wear ted hose stocking, how do you take them off?

Taking off Tedhose Stocking

nurse in blue scrub taking off tedhose stocking
Patient: Elsie: Nurse Sally: Patient

Unlike putting on, it’s much easier to take off tedhose stocking. So, to start this, follow this procedure:

  • Grab the top of the socks, using both hands, stretch it apart, and pull it down to the toes. This should be entirely inside out the moment you are done.
ted stocking of a patient taken off by nurse
Patient: Elsie: Nurse Sally: Patient

Note: Never take them off your legs until you’ve been able to walk again. Although, you can pull them off for a short time, like changing them, checking for circulation, washing legs, and so on. The period for removing should not be more than an hour.

It’s fun time! Even though short, you can use this knowledge in the next section to teach others. These include:

  • Ted from tedhose stockings is an acronym for thromboembolic deterrent.
  • The hole on ted hose stocking is there for the checking of circulation even while they are still on.
  • Plastic packaging that comes with tedhose stockings is usually placed around parts of the foot and placed over the toes before a person wear the socks. This makes the socks slip more easily.

Now, let’s move to the different reasons for wearing tedhose socks.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

6 Reasons For Wearing Tedhose Stocking

image of a man wearing tedhose

If down to this part, you’ve not figured out all the essential benefits of using tedhose stocking, below are five reasons why people wear them or why they are being prescribed for some people.

1. After Surgery or For Bedridden Patient. This might not be new to you. After all, we’ve mentioned this from the onset. The chances of undergoing pain and fatal clotting of blood after surgery is very high. Also, if you are in need of rest for any reason, your chances are high too. To prevent this, tedhose stockings are prescribed. It is the function of the socks to enhance blood flow in the legs, thus, reducing the risk of clotting while you aren’t active as you were.

2. During Pregnancy. A pregnant woman who is at risk of varicose veins might be recommended to wear tedhose socks if she’ll be confined to bed rest for a long time. Thus, there will be a need to prevent swelling, varicose veins, and enhance blood flow.

3. Varicose Vein. This might not be new to you. Research from reputable institutions and organizations have revealed the benefit of tedhose stockings. They’ve noticed that a lot of people agreed that their symptoms improved when on the socks.

4. Deep Vein Thrombosis. This condition is a situation whereby blood clots in the veins, pelvis, or legs. These clots have been said to be painful. Also, they can lead to acute complications, leading to pulmonary embolism if the clot moves to the lungs. Tedhose socks can aid in the prevention of this condition. If you’ve already had the case, wearing these socks can relieve your pain and prevent complications.

5. Post-thrombotic Syndrome. Another complication of deep vein thrombosis is PTS (post-thrombotic syndrome) This condition is the pain and discomfort in the leg and arm that lingers after a person has had DVT. If a person has these symptoms, ted hose socks will provide relief. They might even assist a person to resume their daily tasks quickly.

6. Leg Swelling. Briefly highlighted earlier, leg swelling, also known as edema, is usually a result of a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, there are issues like kidney disease, heart failure, and pregnancy that can make fluid retained in the legs. To relieve the symptoms before heading to confirm your reason for swelling, use tedhose stocking.

Well, just like every therapy that comes with their myths, the application of tedhose stocking isn’t void of myths too. I’ll highlight some of the common myths of tedhose stocks; thereby, you can prevent yourself from disappointment and anticipate the correct result.

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Myths About Tedhose Stocking

socks for dvt and blood circulation

There are a few people that link the use of tedhose stockings with old age, some say the socks are unattractive, others even say that their application is limited. But are these and many other statements about tedhose stocking true? Let’s analyze each myth and debunk it.

Myth 1: Tedhose Stocking Cut off Circulation

One of the questions many who wear tedhose ask is: Can wearing tedhose socks be harmful? The simple answer is that if those socks lead to pain and could cut off circulation, they aren’t the right fit for you, or it could be that you didn’t wear them well. Thus, always select tedhose socks that accurately fit your calf size and length. The majority of manufacturers produce several sizes to adjust any thickness in the lower leg. Also, there are accurate ways to wear these socks.

The tops of compression stockings must not be rolled or folded. They must be smoothly worn and snugly fit above or below one’s knee. When a user wears tedhose socks properly, they will prevent achy and tired legs and enhance circulation during long periods of inactivity. These include:

  • Bedridden patients
  • After surgery to prevent clotting of blood in the legs.

Myth 2: They are only designed for Old People.

It’s an old myth that must be corrected. Tedhose stocking works to grant oxygen-rich blood to the legs by applying adequate pressure to the blood vessels. This boost of strength enhances the flow of blood via the back of the heart and the veins, thus keeping your blood moving correctly. This is beneficial for old folks and others having problems with temporary circulation problems. These individuals include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those who stand for long hours

Myth 3: They are so Dull and Unattractive

Today’s socks are made available in both casual comfort or business dress in different styles and colors. Regardless of your age, you will undeniably get an attractive hose that will be perfect for your personality. Some may choose colors based on their styles, while others may choose based on the one that appeals to their needs. From bright colors to subtle patterns to bold graphics, you will find a fitting tedhose that will fit your needs and styles.

Myth 4: You will experience Lots of Side effects

If you are wondering about the side effects of wearing compression gear, the wearing of compression socks comes with no side effects. However, discomfort, pain, and reduced blood flow could be the result of an improperly worn tedhose. To verify this isn’t difficult. For instance, if your legs or feet become numb or begin tingling, it’s a sure sign that your socks are too tight. So, as we write, there are no adverse side effects from the use of tedhose socks, correctly and rightly. So if you’ve wanted to get a hose or you’ve got the prescription. You can now move forward and get one for yourself. Just ensure that you are wearing the right size and length.


  • Avoid wearing tedhose that is too tight.
  • Do not forget that tedhose stocking prevents blood circulation
  • They are usually prescribed for diabetes, bedridden patients, bed rest, and post-surgery.
  • Adverse Side effects of tedhose stockings aren’t actual and are exaggerated.
  • They are valid for poor blood circulation.

As said at the onset, this article is to improve your knowledge of tedhose stocking. With the assurance that it did, I’d implore you to utilize judiciously the information presented in this article. As you read on, you’d be able to gain maximally from the application of tedhose stocking, both you, your family, and friends. Good health to you!

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

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