Guide to Choosing Mens Support Socks

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Compression stockings are becoming famous with men, in fact, in less traditional styles like pantyhose and thigh-high socks.

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In addition to the style availability, they are available in different sizes—from small to medium to large and extra-large. Even though some compression socks are made to be unisex, some compression socks are gender-specific, thus we have mens support socks.

In this article, we will discuss men’s support socks extensively. It will start from what men’s support socks are and highlight the benefits, so if you are a male with some leg complications, this section will give insight into why you should begin the application of this non-pharmacological treatment. Also, we will examine how you can care for your legs. Finally, we will explore the types of men’s support socks that you should purchase at a local pharmacy, to avoid complicating your conditions further and get immediate relief.

Men’s Support Socks

Men’s support socks are socks that tighten legs at varying compression levels to give legs and feet adequate support, which will then enhance blood flow, making a man enjoy any activity he is engaging in, either due to his professions, exercises, traveling, and other activities.

Understanding the benefits of men’s support sock begins with understanding how they work. As a result, let’s begin this part by analyzing how they function. Blood moves from the heart region to the feet in a straightforward manner. What makes this easy? It is the force of gravity. However, the blood returning to the heart must work against the force of gravity, and realistically, this isn’t a simple feat. For this process to be efficiently carried out, it must rely solely on the heart’s strength.

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Whatever impedes or restricts the flow of blood back to the heart would lead to issues in the legs. As recent reports have shown, a sedentary lifestyle and circulation problems are the two prime factors that influence problems in the leg region. Additionally, venous insufficiency is also capable of leading to these issues in the lower leg region, resulting in the pooling of blood in the feet. These conditions usually create several secondary symptoms, which will lead to the reason compression socks or mens support socks are designed and administered to many individuals.

Secondary symptoms like general aches, edema, fatigue, and inflammation are symptoms that compression socks handle and treat. They also reduce symptoms like varicose veins by squeezing the walls of the veins and tissues in the leg, which will make the heart’s job to be more comfortable and smooth. In addition, compression stockings can also assist in helping muscles to quickly recover from a workout, in fact, in a more efficient way.

Furthermore, compression socks are applied in the prevention of lymphatic obstruction and help the tissue to receive lymph in several cases. While typically seen as a treatment device, they could also, in some cases, be the first line of prevention of some of these conditions. Of course, preventive treatments are way better than reactionary ones. Hence, one of the best ways to address some conditions is to use them often.

Usually, any male, either young or old, can benefit from the use of compression socks. Although certain age groups find it more helpful and beneficial form using the socks, men with deep vein thrombosis would often be prescribed men’s support socks by physicians, since nearly the mean of patients with this condition will later develop a secondary condition called post-thrombotic syndrome. This condition will then result in ulcers, inflammation, aches, and pains in the leg.

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There are a lot of reasons for men to wear compression socks. The most prominent of this reason is medical complications like diabetes and lymphedema. Nevertheless, they are incredibly essential for anyone battling with poor blood circulation or daily battle with fatigue and achy legs. If you are a traveler, you will need a pair of compression socks that will help get rid of the “fearful economy class syndrome” too.

Also, mens support socks are designed specifically for men to enhance several physical activities they perform. For instance, have you seen several professional runners and athletes with men’s support socks while training and playing? You likely saw it on them because they are recovering from an injury, or they just simply want to enhance their performance. 

Specifically designed to enhance oxygen and blood flow in the legs and support core muscle group, men’s support socks, minimizes soreness and allow fast recovery from tough exercises. Are you a man with wide calves, you will find stockings that are perfect for men with wider calves. If you don’t have wide calves, you can also find socks that are designed for men with shorter legs.

However, a lot of folks have objected that before they wear men’s support socks, there must be a medical condition. Well, that isn’t true. Healthy people whose work requires sitting in one location would develop some symptoms. Therefore, they must familiarize themselves with the use of stockings to avoid complications. 

Moreover, mens support socks are unique clothing for flying. Though sometimes called flight socks. Men’s support socks are designed to reduce circulatory issues in airline passengers. Folks who fly often will get the most of these compression stockings as their consistent exposure to significant variations in pressure will influence homeostasis in the body and thus lead to numerous issues. When more than 2500 participants were interviewed, researchers found that men who wear compression socks often had less or no swelling issues in their leg region, and often feel better than their counterparts who didn’t wear them.

To valid the fact that compression socks are also of help to some runners, many studies have been conducted. One study has claimed that some male runners with compression stockings were able to run longer than their counterparts as they don’t get exhausted when on compression socks. The theory behind this study is that men support socks guide the muscles from wasting energy by moving from one side to another, thus enhancing the efficient use of the muscles. Presently, this theory is supported by anecdotal experience, although there is still more research in this field.

What is the next thing to do? Examine the types of men’s support socks that should be purchased in the local pharmacy.

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ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

8 Different Types of Support Socks to Wear

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1. Support Stockings with warmth and comfort

Are you a policeman or a waiter? Do you work on hard surfaces every day? Purchase only men’s support socks that provide warmth and comfort from the base of the foot down to the knee. These socks are also available in a variety of blends and colors.

The summary:

  • It can minimize the level of tiredness
  • With consistent usage, the seam can fray
  • It pairs better with business attire

2. Support Stockings for Swelling and Cramps

Men who suffer from swelling and mild cramps can find incredible support with compression socks that aren’t excessively constrictive. This type comes with graduation that fits both cuffs. Also, it aids in stimulating blood flow and disallow lactic acid from leading to excessive pain.

The summary:

  • It can be washed with a machine
  • It shouldn’t be worn in cold weather
  • It eliminates bunching

3. Support Stockings Made from Cotton

This is another feature that must be watched for in compression socks. They work effectively for folks who suffer from lower leg condition and is capable of limiting the symptoms of edema, DVT, and plantar fasciitis.

The Summary:

  • Not tight at the ankle
  • Leg muscles don’t feel too tight
  • Cushion design supports the arch

4. Support Stockings for Athletes

This type of stockings is excellent for runners that find it hard to recover immediately after an exercise. These knee-highs boost circulation and muscle stamina as they are designed to absorb moisture. Also, they are designed with lycra material, so it’s washable and durable.

The summary:

  • Provides optimal ankle support
  • Toe seam is a bit unpleasant
  • Effective for marathoners

5.Support Socks with Copper ions

These compression socks are manufactured with copper ions stuck to the fibers; it efficiently soothes the legs as it enhances blood movement all over the area that is being used for. They are efficiently used to limit swelling and extract moisture from the skin.

The Summary:

  • It is excellent for diabetes patients
  • It comes in varying sizes
  • The material won’t chafe

6. Support Stockings for Recovery and Rehabilitation

Seeking for compression socks that provide excellent recovery and rehabilitation after a strenuous workout and injury? This feature in a compression sock is a must-check.  It comes designed with spandex and nylon blend.

The summary:

  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Non-sticky top band
  • Spandex and Nylon blend

7. Support Stockings with Silver Fibers

This feature is active for folks with poor circulation. The silver fibers comfortably fight bacteria, gives cushion effects that protect the toes, arches, ankles, and the plantar ligaments. Also, it protects ventilation along the calves as well.

The Summary:

  • Won’t result in friction on the foot
  • Keeps muscles from aches
  • It improves athletic performance

8. Support Socks Combine with Medical grade Technology

These come with lots of cushioning to ease motion by delivering the right oxygen to the sore muscles. They are specifically well-cushioned. Many athletes often apply them to guide against cramping.

The Summary:

  • Limit Stiffness after an exercise
  • It limits risks of blood clots

If you want to improve the experience you get from mens support socks, there are other effective ways to care for the legs so you can promote proper circulation.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Ways to care for the Legs and Enhance Proper Circulation

image showing how to improve blood circulation

Undeniably, mens support socks can assist in improving some conditions in the legs but that doesn’t mean you can sit and relax without taking advantage of some leg-healthy activities. Honestly, age impacts how effective the legs could be, but with the compression socks and healthy exercises, you can reverse any damage and make your leg feel better.

Consuming foods that are rich in B-vitamins, iron, and green tea are vital. Also, some essential oils are of great benefit to treat circulation issues and elevating legs.

Elevated legs make it easier for the heart to renew blood. To start that, when in bed, use the pillow to elevate your feet, or you do that when you want to watch TV in the sitting room.

Strengthening the heart is also an incredible way to improve circulation to the legs. Therefore, add a healthy exercise regimen to your life. There are several personal trainers, doctors, or physical therapists that can help you identify the workout that is best for you.

In some cases, you can opt-in for anticoagulant treatment, which will be used to intervene in extreme cases. This will prevent some complications like deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Although, this treatment isn’t right in all cases, as this might lead to other problems. Thus, before you use these, ensure that you consult your physician who will medically examine your condition and prescribe the treatment option that is best for you.


Men’s support socks are essential gear for men either they are with a condition or not. Do remember that they can be used as preventive care! Also, consume only healthy foods that will help ease the job of compression socks. You will also find it rewarding if you stick to the instructions and guidelines that you get from your physician.

You can surely get men’s compression socks that have these features online or in a local pharmacy. Thus, they can ensure that your feet are kept dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Moreover, whether you are on the basketball court or at the office, mens support stockings would always help you to stay energized and let you feel healthy. You can use the guidelines presented in this article to get yourself a perfect compression. Before you apply any socks, ensure that you have received the right instructions and guidelines from a physician.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

This page last updated January 8, 2022