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Easy Way To Put On Compression Stockings – (Tips and Tricks!)

People wear compression stockings for various reasons. These specialized elastic compression socks are designed to offer comfort to the wearer, by allowing better blood circulation. Those who wear compression stockings know that it isn’t the easiest to wear! The good news is that there are some great tips and tricks to help one to wear compression stockings with ease. Let’s not wait any longer and check these tips and tricks out to help you to wear compression stockings the easier way!

a open toe compression stocking

A look at compression stockings:

Compression stockings are special types of stockings that help with the blood circulation in the body. A compression hose will exert a specific amount of pressure on the legs when worn. They help to reduce any pain or swellings in the legs. Compression stockings can also lower the risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The pressure exerted by the compression socks allows the blood from the legs, all the way to the heart, in a free flow. This pressure also prevents the clotting and the pooling of the blood.

a person putting on compression stockings

You can find compression stockings in different sizes and compression. “mm Hg” is used for denoting the pressure exerted by compression stockings. A higher number indicates an increasing amount of pressure by the compression sock.

two people lying on the ground wearing compression stockings

Those who are healthy and using it for dealing with tired legs are benefited by getting a pair of compression stockings of mild compression.

A compression sock should offer a “snug” feeling to the leg, but shouldn’t be excessively tight. The sizing chart will help to give you an idea about the available sizes of the compression socks and which one will offer you with the perfect amount of compression.

a woman sitting on a sofa wearing compression socks

Medical grade compression socks are generally tighter in the ankle portion and become less tight gradually, as it moves up. If you are getting compression socks for medical reasons, your doctor will prescribe the right size and compression according to your needs.

a runner wearing black colored compression stockings

You can purchase compression socks from any medical equipment stores or from online. The price will vary according to the type of compression sock and its brand.

compression socks in a shop

Who wears compression stockings?

Those who are suffering from various types of conditions where blood circulation is affected wear compression stockings, such as:

  • Those are in risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), varicose vein or other problems such as swelling in the legs, leg ulcers, etc.
  • Athletes.
  • Those who recently had certain surgeries.
  • Those who spend a lot of time travelling or working on vehicles or airplanes, such as Pilots. truck drivers, etc.
runner wearing compression socks

Benefits of wearing compression stockings:

There are various benefits of wearing compression stockings. The major benefit is that it offers better blood circulation to and from the body muscles. Better flow of blood helps to prevent sore and tired muscles. They also help to decrease the risk of blood clotting and reduces swelling of the legs.

athletes wearing compression socks

Some tips and tricks to help you wear compression stockings easily:

  • To wear compression stockings with ease, make sure to align the stockings with the feet. Place your toes in the stocking’s toe area and then place your foot in the opening to pull the stocking gently over your ankle.
  • Before you decide to put on the stockings, make sure that your legs aren’t swelled up from the day’s activities. This is why it’s a great idea to put on them as the first thing in the morning when the muscles of your legs are relaxed. This helps to slide the stockings with ease. Your legs should also be clean and dry. Do not crouch on the floor as this makes it hard to wear them. You can get someone to help to slide them on to your legs while you are sitting in a resting position if you find mobility issue in wearing it yourself. In case of any swelling in the legs, the easy way to reduce swelling to wear them is to lie down first and raise both feet above the heart level. You need to stay in the position for a few minutes, before placing the stockings. Wrinkled stockings are difficult to wear. When not wearing them, make sure that they don’t get wrinkled. If there are any wrinkles after wearing the compression socks, smooth them down. This will also help your legs to get the optimum pressure from the stockings.
  • If you are wearing an open toe compression stocking, at first, slip a plastic bag to cover your foot and heel. This will help to slip the stocking without spending a good amount of time, pulling them and what not! Don’t tie the bag! After wearing the stocking, pull out the loose plastic bag through the open part of the stocking! You can also buy a slipper to help you with wearing the stocking. All you need to do is to place your foot on the slipper and grab the fabric to gently pull it up the leg.
  • Another effective method of wearing compression stockings without hassle is to use talcum powder or cornstarch. This will not only protect the fabric of the stockings but help the fabric to slide over the skin easily. Talcum powder helps to absorb the excess moisture on the skin. Many people prefer applying lotion or cream on their legs, instead of talcum to achieve the same result. What they don’t realize is that lotion/cream makes it difficult to wear the stockings in the first place as the skin can get sticky if applying right before wearing the stockings. One solution to this problem is to apply the lotion or cream before going to bed. This will help the lotion or cream to absorb in the skin so that the skin is smooth to allow the fabric to slide easily the next morning!
  • Donning Gloves are a great tool to help you wear the stockings with ease! It is quite difficult to grab and pull the stocking fabric with bare hands. This is where gloves come to the rescue! Various brands manufacture special gloves that you can wear to wear compression stockings. Gloves help to protect the stocking fabric. If you are allergic to latex, there are latex-free donning gloves you can get from various brands! If you don’t have donning gloves, you can try using rubber gloves, to get the same result.
  • There are also various donning tools available commercially that can help you to wear the stockings easily. You can get these tools in any medical equipment or online stores. The price will vary according to the brand. But, before considering purchasing such a tool, make sure that you will be comfortable using it in the first place. Some popular ones are Medi Butler, Juzo Slippie gator, and Sigvaris Doff n’ Donner. These tools are best options for elderly people, who generally have mobility issues, due to which they find it difficult to put on compression stockings. These tools come with guides to help you to understand how to use the tool. Check the measurements and sizes before purchasing the tool.

What you should not do when using or wearing compression stocking:

When wearing compression stockings, never fold the stockings, if they are longer than required. When you are folding the compression stocking, you are doubling the amount of compression than you normally need, which is dangerous.

a patient sitting on a hospital bed wearing compression socks

Never pull your stockings forcefully by grabbing the fabric. This will damage the fabric of the stocking and this can also accidentally tear the fabric.

a man putting on compression socks

Compression stockings are tighter than your normal socks. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get used to the compression. If you feel that your stockings aren’t as tight as they should be, consult your doctor and get the stockings of right fit. Many people prefer wearing larger sizes as they offer comfort, but, in reality, this is a wrong idea. Loose stocking will not offer you the solution for which you are wearing the stocking! This is why you should always consult with the doctor and refer to a sizing chart before getting compression stockings.

a person helping a patient to wear compression stockings

Do not bunch the compression stocking when you are going to wear them. It will only make it more difficult to wear it in the first place!

a lady wearing a compression sock

Make sure to clean the stockings on time. By taking proper care, these stockings can last for months, with daily use!

woman washing compression socks

By using these easy tips and tricks, you will surely save a lot of time when wearing compression stocking! Always remove your compression stockings before going to bed. This will allow your legs to get rest after the hectic day. It is quite easy to remove the stockings as all you need to do is to roll it down until it gets stuck around your ankles. Then, you need to use your thumb to wiggle and move the rolled up stocking away from your heel and slowly slide it off.

If by any chance you are unable to wear compression stockings easily, even after applying the above tips and tricks that we have discussed here, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. There are many reasons for this! Sometimes, the compression socks will not simply fit right. In such case, you need a different pair of compression stockings, as prescribed by your doctor.