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ComproGear specializes in fabric garments and fabric products. We started by selling compression socks, which as you can imagine are fabric products. That’s why we’re expanding into helping our customers choose a comforter or duvet.

First off, what is a duvet? A duvet is simply a cover for your comforter or blanket. It’s like a pillowcase. But instead of for a pillow, it’s for a comforter.

By choosing to use a duvet, you don’t need to sleep with a sheet between you and the blanket. You can simply sleep with the blanket. Plus you don’t have to wash the blanket. You can simply remove the duvet, wash it, and place it back on the comforter or blanket. That way your blanket or comforter stays clean and you don’t have to wash it. Since comforters are impossible to dry and often too big for a residential washing machine and dryer, this is the perfect solution to your bedding needs. A duvet could be just what you’re looking for.

So, that’s why we’re here. We’re looking through all the available Duvets on the market and we plan to review them all for you. It’s super helpful, so we figured we’d help out with this.

Unfortunately we’re not 100% done with our research. We urge you to check back at this page in the future to see all the progress we’ve made and to find the best duvet for your own home.

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