Compression Stockings Women’s – (So Cute: With Pictures!)

Compression Stockings Womens Styles

woman wearing compression socks

Compression socks are a particular kind of stocking that is designed for the application of pressure on certain body parts or limbs. They are worn for separate occasions and are used for treating different conditions. Most compression stockings are created using a special kind of design called the graduated compression technology. Compression women’s stockings which are designed using the graduated compression technology contain a major function which is to boost the circulation of the areas that they enclose. Graduated compression works in a way that it administers different compression levels around the limbs, having a high-pressure level towards your feet and lower towards the lower leg and up the calf.

Modern style support hose

What do you picture when you think of compression stockings womens?  You may probably picture the dowdy stockings of your grandmother. However, modern styles are more unique as they are not just functional but are fashionable too. Compression stockings for women have always been a well-kept secret. Most women ignore wearing support stockings during their exercise or training schedule. However, the advantages can go well even beyond the gymnasium.

Are there different designs of compression socks?

In the past, compression socks women were not worn that much as they were industrial-looking and quite boring. They could only be found on a medical supply outlet or a pharmacy. Nowadays, they are everywhere and they are always really cute. They are made in many stripes, polka dots, and beautiful designs. They can also be found in lots of novelty versions that are themed too. Rainbow hearts! Flowers! Flags! Sharks! They can also be found in many different athletic versions.

Why women need to wear compression hose

Support socks can be worn by women in all walks of life – be it those suffering from the varicose vein, expectant mothers, frequent fliers, runners or other athletes trying to boost their recovery and performance, the working warriors: doctors, moms, teachers, servers, and moms. According to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center sports physician, Michael Jonesco, “Compression socks may be put on for different reasons but those that are most prescribed belong to people suffering from the vascular issues which are not related to performance, for example, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and varicose veins.”

Compression socks are not just purposely used for exercise. They are designed to assist in supporting women and preventing developing conditions such as blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and varicose veins. Moreover, some women have a kind of lifestyle whereby they mostly wear high heels and this may lead to physiological stress among them. Compression socks are meant to alleviate these physiological and psychological stresses. They are created to boost feet’ circulatory insufficiency and that of the lower leg area as well.

Benefits of women’s compression stockings

Support stockings help in the reduction of the feet’ swelling and the inflammatory amount which is caused by situations such as sitting down for long or too much standing.  Compression socks enable the blood to move quickly throughout the body. They make it difficult for the blood to accumulate and lead to a clot. It is extremely dangerous to have blood clots as they can completely restrict the flow of blood and this may not be a good thing for the feet. Clots can lead to painful swelling and this can only be worsened when you stay on your feet all day at work. Wearing compression hose is good for the betterment of your feet and overall health.

Women have a higher chance of suffering from insufficient venous return therefore the body has a tendency of collecting edema, general discomfort, and disruption. It is essential for women to wear compression socks because they help to boost the venous-muscle pump and therefore raising room for the veins in their legs to gather the lactic acid and all other toxins off from extremities.

Compression socks women also have some beauty benefits. They can really help with the surfacing of the varicose veins – the bulging, bluish veins which appear on the legs. A lot of women are always self-conscious about how the varicose veins in their legs look. Varicose veins can also lead to uncomfortable swelling. Wearing of compression stockings may help in minimizing the appearance together with the uncomfortable swelling of the veins through ensuring a quick and healthy flow of blood.

Expectant mothers also need to wear compression socks because they are involved in a few activities during their pregnancies. The inactive lifestyle may also affect the venous pump in the legs and can raise the likelihood to get deep veins. Putting on the compression socks for women may assist in resolving this problem through the stimulation of blood circulation.

Purpose of women support socks

Compression stockings for pregnant women

Every woman values pregnancy as a very special chapter in their life. The development of a special glow on the skin, growth of thicker hair, and those first kicks are among the lovely body changes. In this state, the legs may need to withstand so much during the pregnancy because of the womb’s growth and pregnancy hormones which affect the venous system of the mother directly. Most expectant mothers often experience signs like heavy and aching legs as well as swollen feet. Pregnant women are always advised to have compression therapy to avoid all these symptoms. Wearing of compression stockings alleviates the legs’ discomfort and improves the circulation of blood. Compression socks ensure relief in the veins as well as reduction of swelling and edema. It also reduces risks of thrombosis, varicose veins, and venous inflammation. The stocking support help in energizing the legs and providing them with freedom and lightness all day.

Compression stockings for exercise

Women who participate in physical activities can greatly benefit from wearing compression stocking. Your ultimate goal of exercising is to boost your well-being and overall fitness. Compression socks are one thing that can give some additional assistance towards that. As you are doing your daily workouts, particularly the sessions which need a lot of energy and extra body endurance, the joints, muscles, and tissues have to get a proper supply of blood flow to avoid soreness and fatigue. Compression socks ensure the deliverance of energy as well as blood cells rich in oxygen to fuel the muscles continually throughout the workout process.

Compression stockings for varicose veins

Women who experience varicose veins have a good understanding of the irritation and in some cases the pain which they cause. Varicose veins are the blood that pools behind small valves in the veins. At times, they may prevent the blood from flowing to the heart. They are most common in the feet and legs because of the long-distance which blood needs to flow to your heart. Compression stockings for women are recommended to minimize the varicose veins’ appearance and the pain which they may cause. Due to the fact that these specialty garments particularly target the regions which are most vulnerable to the varicose veins, they are able to address this problem directly and start pushing blood towards your heart and prevent it from stagnating in the wrong areas.

Compression stockings for work

It is important to note that the amount of energy and time that you use working should be equal to the effort that you put to ensure that you are healthy on your job. Whether your job needs long sitting periods, constant rates of being on your feet, or extensive travel, compression stockings for women will probably help in keeping you healthy and comfortable. Compression hose may slight right into the professional dress for women who work and have to sit throughout the day in the office. The purpose of the socks is to ensure an optimal circulation to prevent the legs from going numb after very long hours of sitting in meetings or at your desk in the office. If you regularly travel and restricted to sit for long hours, then it is very crucial to ensure that your blood flows to the limbs to prevent soreness. For women constantly on their feet at their places of work such as a hospital or a restaurant, or those doing daily mom activities, the compression socks for women are good for them so that they can reduce the swelling and regularly rejuvenate their legs to keep moving.

Choosing the right compression socks

Some women may find it hard to make a prime choice of support stocking to suit their needs. Before beginning to look around for the compression stockings, it is important to understand how they are designed to work. Compression socks work to improve blood circulation in the legs and boost your overall comfort. They are created with a thoughtful compression science meaning that a synthetic fabric blend is woven for the application of a particular pressure against the skin and the limbs which it encompasses. The compression pressure encourages optimal blood circulation throughout the limbs. By wearing compression socks, the limbs can have adequate energy, nutrients, and oxygen needed for them to function, and the soreness, swelling and pain symptoms cannot be a problem.

It is important to first figure out the reason why you need to wear compression hose for women. Will they help in keeping your muscles warm, boosting the blood circulation or taking away the muscle vibration? Do you need them for comfort in prolonged travel or sitting periods, or you are constantly on your feet at work all day and need to minimize the tired, achy legs? Are healing from surgery and want to improve circulation to your limbs which were the ones operated? You may also be having pain and swelling symptoms and reduced circulation from the medical conditions like varicose veins, lymphedema or diabetes. Whatever your case is, after you have pinpointed what purpose you need the compression socks to do, you may then go ahead and choose the one that suits you most.

Lengths and types of compression socks for women

When figuring out the way of choosing compression stockings for women, you have to understand how much your limbs require assistance. Compression socks are designed in different lengths and types. If you are a soccer player or a marathon runner, you may need to wear over-the-knee compression stockings so that much of the leg can be covered. If you just want them for the comfort of your feet, then you can look for low-rise compression stockings.

Levels of Compression stockings

Choosing the correct levels of support socks is another thing that you need. When you want to manage some discomfort symptoms you can choose a range of 20 – 30 mmHg. On the other hand, if you are choosing them for recreational purposes, you can look for the lower compression level range of 15 – 20 mmHg. You can view full details of low price and high quality support stocking online and have ships free delivery to your doorstep.

Effects of wearing compression socks

According to studies, women wearing compression socks experience a significant decrease in the size of the vessels especially the tibial and popliteal vein. This information demonstrates the decrease in the venous pooling of the blood within the lower extremities therefore conditions such as edema can be prevented by the compression stockings. Wearing compression socks greatly improves the movement of fluid in the legs.

Wearing support socks for women ensures the increase in systolic and diastolic pressure due to the fact that circulation within the legs is improved.

Creatine kinase is also reduced and this means that there is low disruption of the muscle tissue after using the women’s compression stocking. It also means the muscles can produce smaller amounts of lactic acid in the day.

The common side effects of wearing compression stockings for women are:
  • Itching.
  • Loss of the circulation (cut off).
  • Joint pain in the knees.
  • Feet tingling.
  • Calluses and corns.
  • Lack of comfort.

Caring for compression socks women

Before wearing, ensure that your skin is clean and dry. The longer and thicker fabric in the compression socks may need more effort when putting on as compared to the ordinary socks. Ensure that they are on dry and clean skin to allow them to easily slip on. This ensures that there is no unnecessary dirt that is trapped in the socks and also prevents irritation from the moisture that can be collected.

Reduce the stiffness in the new compression hoes. It may be very exciting to have a new pair of stocking support. But you may find that they are at first somehow stiff to wear. In order to slightly wear them in, you can wash them either with your hands or gently on your washing machine.

To ensure the extension of the life of the compression stockings, you can hand wash and then lay them to dry outside. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary roughness from the dryers and washing machines and provides you with the ability to control the rate of pressure that is used in scrubbing the fabric. Fibers used in designing compression socks are special synthetic blends that require extra careful handling.

Use light soap or gentle detergent to wash them. You may choose detergents that are baby-safe if they are available. This helps in preventing the breaking down of the fabric and is also better for the protection of your skin. The slightest residue amount left on your compression stocking can irritate your skin because of the close proximity. Avoid strong detergents made of harsh chemicals to protect your skin and your sock’s lifespan.

You should have an extra pair of compression stockings.

It is important to be cognizant of how frequent you replace the compression hose and this also depends on how much you put on them.

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