If you have ever tried Japanese cuisine, chances are you may be familiar with or have heard of the culture’s bento box. These meals are packed with a variety of food, and are sometimes presented in a manner so adorable that they become too cute to eat!

Continue reading to learn more on what exactly are bento boxes, how it has achieved popularity across regions beyond Japan today and what the best rated bento boxes are on the market for you to purchase for yourself or as a gift.

What are Bento Boxes?

Before we dive into the topic of bento boxes, it is important to first understand what bento is.

In simple terms, bento is a Japanese-styled, single-serving, packed meal which consists of food items such as rice or noodles, as the foundational starch, variety of pickled or cooked vegetables, and a protein or two like sashimi, which is raw fish, eggs or meat.

It is essentially a balanced dish for healthy eating, however, there are variations that have adapted inspiration from the Western world, where it includes sandwiches, fried potatoes, dessert, and others.

Bento boxes are, therefore, the containers for packing bento. What makes a bento box unique is its

How is it Different from Lunchboxes?

What is the History of Bento Boxes?

Who can use Bento Boxes?

Why do People use Them?

What are the Advantages of Bento Boxes?

What are They Made of?

Have Bento Boxes Changed over Time?

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What are the Best Bento Boxes on the Market?

What are the Best Bento Box Accessories on the Market?

How are Bento Boxes Maintained?



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