Shower Shelf

Choosing a shower shelf is tough work.

If you have an existing shower, that rules out installing a fancy built in shower shelf made with tile or plastic.

But don’t let that stop you. There are tons of shower shelf options for existing showers and bathtubs.

Some stick to the wall (and they hold on FOREVER!). Others use a pole that connects between the floor and ceiling.

All of them have shelving that’s waterproof or water resistant. Some shelving is just plain metal bars that let water run right past.

In this article we talk about the best options for a shower shelf.

We’re going to do our best to avoid the options that you have to professionally install while the house is being constructed. That’s because most of us don’t want to take a sledgehammer to the walls and then later have to rebuild and re-tile an entire bathroom.

Instead we’ll focus on “retrofit” shower shelf kits. These are cheap ($10-$40 with an average price of ~$25 or so) and they install in just minutes (seriously like 5 minutes or less). It’s as easy as installing a shower curtain.

Got too many shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles hanging around?

Then you’re the perfect candidate for this super simple product. You’re the perfect person for a shower shelf.

We had the same problem at our house. Our little one was trying to eat shampoo for fun (why do kids do that?) and we had to get the chemicals (shampoo and conditioner) up and out of reach.

Not only did the new shower shelf fix the problem with our kiddo potentially getting poisoned by bathroom chemicals, but it’s surprisingly convenient. Now our shampoo and conditioner and soap is right at eye level. So no more bending over and picking shampoo bottles off that tiny ledge at the edge of the tub. It’s way nicer!

We’re still working on finding the right shower shelf options for this article. But if you check back in a few days we’ll have an updated version of this article live with the best options for you to look at (and possibly buy). Thanks for stopping by.

This page last updated October 30, 2022