How Long To Wear Compression Socks After Running?

Ever feel swollen or sore after a run? Compression socks can help!

You should aim to wear compression socks for at least six hours after running to prevent swelling and pain. After a marathon or a more intense endurance activity, wearing compression socks up to 12 hours may be necessary.

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Compression Clothing for an Active Lifestyle

Active individuals may wear compression gear as part of their training and recovery as they provide benefits such as:

  • Reducing strain on muscles,
  • Enhancing blood circulation,
  • Preventing, or delaying, muscle soreness post-workout, and
  • Improving flexibility.

A runner, for example, may experience tightness in their calves when they run.

This could be a result of a number of different reasons: muscle fatigue or soreness (from previous strenuous exercise, long-distance walking, etc.); lack of stretching before the run; unequal weight distribution from improper form or poor running technique; and more.

Wearing Compression Socks for Runs

It is recommended that one wears compression socks during and after a run.

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When wearing compression socks, blood is circulated faster through the body. The greater flow distributes oxygen faster to the muscles during a run.

However, the lactic acid buildup after a run is removed sooner with the help of the improved circulation. Thus, decreasing muscle soreness.

Simply put, compression socks can help improve blood flow to the muscles and quicken one’s recovery period post-workout. This could be incredibly beneficial for muscle repair and growth, which could then lead to better performance in one’s subsequent training session.

It is important for any active individual to keep in mind that compression gear are beneficial to a certain extent; proper warm-ups, a balanced diet, and ensuring adequate rest are also needed for better results in exercise performance.

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This page last updated November 5, 2022