Egg Holder

You know when you go to the grocery store and get those ugly egg cartons.

Yea, they suck. You need an egg holder instead.

A good quality egg holder is a long-term investment in keeping your eggs safe before you can eat them.

Egg holders can be plastic and clear for the refrigerator. Or they can be wooden and counter top based. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands!) of different designs, from utilitarian to cute and kitsch.

Either way, a good egg holder allows you to ditch the disposable egg cartons and switch to a more environmentally friendly permanent use product.

Maybe you have your own chickens, or a lovely neighbor who gives you eggs from their chickens. Either way you’ve probably got a ton of eggs. And I’m guessing you don’t want to eat 6-egg omelettes for every meal this week. So you need a place to store those eggs. And they can build up quickly. A friend of mine has chickens and they lay a LOT of eggs. Way more than you can eat.

Even if you go to the store, if your eggs are in an opaque or solid colored egg crate, you can’t see them. That means you’re less likely to eat them. Also you have no idea how many are in the crate without opening it up. So you could go to make a dish that requires 3 eggs and only have 1 in stock. Or you could open the container after the expiration date and find it’s got 18 eggs left in there. Eggs that now have to go in the trash. Just because you couldn’t see them and didn’t know to eat them quicker.

Some of the most popular egg holders on the market are clear plastic ones that go in your refrigerator. Since they are clear, you can see the eggs inside. This makes it more likely that you’ll use them before they expire and have to be thrown away. Plus they’re rigid containers, so you can set things on top of them. How many times have you lost refrigerator space because you can’t set things on top of the eggs. Try a rigid egg holder and you’ll see exactly how much space can be freed up by stacking vertically.

We highly recommend switching from a normal store bought egg holder to a clear plastic one. Or if you’re really fancy you can get a decorative one that goes on the counter top. I think refrigerating your eggs is a good idea for food safety, so I personally would stick to versions that go in the refrigerator only.

Again the most popular one is a clear egg holder. There’s also a bright yellow one that’s made to go to the store or farmer’s market with you. This means you don’t need to use a potentially breakable cardboard or foam disposable egg holder. Many farmers markets require you to bring your own egg holder, so unless you want 12 highly fragile food grenades in your produce bag, it’s best to bring your own. That’s where the popular bright yellow egg holder comes into play. We still don’t know why it’s bright yellow, but it is what it is.

In the next few weeks we’re going to purchase and test and review all the popular egg holders on the market. Then we’ll update this article to get back to you with all the best options we found. We highly recommend you check back in a few weeks to see what we found out. There are hundreds of different models on the market and we aim to find exactly the right one for your needs. So check back soon!

This page last updated May 27, 2022