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Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Compressions Stockings—and How to Wear Them

If you’ve been considering trying out compression stockings for medical or other health issues, then now is the best time. There are many benefits to these cute and functional socks, and they can help alleviate a lot of issues. Below are some of the reasons why you should be wearing these socks and how to accomplish the task.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

What Symptoms Do They Help With?

Before running out and buying a pair of 20-30 mmhg compression stockings, it’s a good idea to understand what they are used for. In essence, they help the blood circulate through your legs. They mimic the function of your leg muscle and push the blood back toward your heart where it gets more oxygen and nutrients to take to the systems in your body.

Normally, knee high compression stockings 20-30 mmhg are worn by patients who have just had surgery and are laid up for extended periods of time. The medical socks ensure that the blood doesn’t pool and cause other health issues while they are recovering. However, it has also been found that 20-30 mmhg compression stockings knee high also come with other benefits as well.

If you get womens support hose, this can help reduce the chances of developing varicose or spider veins. Not only are varicose veins unsightly, but they can lead to other issues, such as an increased risk of blood clots and heavy legs, which can lead to fatigue and make it hard to move. They are formed when blood gets trapped in your legs and can’t flow back toward the heart. The veins shut themselves off, and the blood pools in one area.

If you decide to wear knee high compression stockings, this will keep the blood moving through your legs so that it doesn’t back up and pool, leaving bulging and discolored veins on your legs, as well as reduce swelling and keep you moving throughout the day.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Good for People on Their Feet and off Their Feet

As mentioned, these socks are often worn by people who have just had surgery to prevent blood from pooling in their legs, but they can also be worn by individuals who spend a lot of their day being sentient. Thus, if you sit for extended periods of time, including at a computer, to drive a truck, or to fly a plane, then wearing mens compression socks can keep the blood flowing through your body.

Conversely, if you are on your feet a lot throughout the day, these medical socks can also be a benefit. By keeping the blood pumping through your body, they can reduce swelling and give you more energy. Remember, your blood is responsible for getting oxygen and other nutrients to the various systems throughout your body. The more effectively and efficiently it can do this, the better you will feel.

If you work in an office setting, you can also find womens support hose to match your professional attire. For other environments, there are cute and functional socks that travel up your calf to keep the blood moving while also providing comfort. These are a great choice for nurses and others who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Why 20-30 mmhg Compressions Socks?

When it comes to the amount of compression you get from your socks, there are various levels to choose from. On average, they range from 8 to 40 mmhg, with each category providing a different level of compression. Depending on your needs, you may need light compression or more heavy-duty compression.

When it comes to 20-30 mmhg compression, this is generally used to reduce the chances of developing varicose veins and leg swelling. It is also commonly used by pregnant women to reduce and/or alleviate leg heaviness. This is also the most commonly prescribed compression level when it comes to reducing the chances of developing blood clots.

For many, 20-30 mmhg compression stockings give the right amount of support without feeling overly tight. They can be worn comfortably throughout the day for a variety of different activities. In addition to being worn to get you through your day at work, many people also wear them while running. Again, the goal is to keep the blood pumping effectively through their body, and these are the best socks to help with that endeavor.

What Type of Sock Should You Get?

When it comes to knee high compression stockings, you have the option of getting a pair that is open toed or closed toe. In most cases, open toe compression socks are worn with sandals or flip flops. Even in warm weather, you need to make sure your legs are moving the blood through your body optimally.

Closed toe socks can be worn with any other type of shoe. They can be worn with dress shoes, tennis shoes, or any other footwear that you can think of. Closed toe compression socks will keep your toes from rubbing on the inside of the shoe, potentially causing blisters. In many ways, they are just like regular socks when it comes to protecting your foot inside your shoes, but they come with an added bonus.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right fit when it comes to mens compression stockings 20-30 mmhg knee high will require knowing your shoe size, as well as taking measurements of your calf and ankle circumference and the measurement from your heel to your knee. This will ensure that you get a sock that gives you the right amount of pressure without being too tight.

You want your compression socks to be snug, but not so tight that it feels like they are strangling your calf. That won’t keep the blood flowing properly through your body and may lead to other issues. Taking the time to try on a few pairs until you find the right fit can be beneficial.

Finding the Right Style

There was a time when medical socks looked like medical socks. They were often white or a shade of beige. You may have memories of your grandma and her special socks. While these may still exist today, these socks have also advanced. You can now find them in a variety of colors and styles. They no longer look like medical socks, but they are cute and will match a variety of different outfits.

With so many different styles and colors to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find compression socks for every outfit your own. From casual wear to professional attire, there is a compression sock or support hose that will keep the blood circulating through your body and you looking good.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

How Do You Put on Compression Socks?

In most cases, these socks look exactly like regular socks. However, putting them on can be a bit tricky. They are usually tighter and provide more support than your regular sock, so you have to put them on a special way. It’s advised that you don’t attempt to put them on right after you get out of the shower and have wet skin. They will stick to your flesh and be really hard to get on.

Otherwise, you can roll the sock down so that just the toe is exposed. You will then place them on your foot and roll them up your calf. You might consider getting your hands wet, as this will help the socks stick to your fingers and give you a better grip. It’s a good idea to be sitting during this process, as you don’t want to fall over and hurt yourself.

When Do You Put Them On?

Your 20-30 mmhg compression stockings will be the most effective when you put them on in the morning. This should also make them easier to put on, as the blood hasn’t had a chance to pool in your legs yet and cause swelling. If you try to put them on later in the day, you may find the task more difficult.

You can wear these socks all day, but it’s advised that you take them off before going to bed (unless your doctor tells you to keep them on). Wearing them overnight could lead to waking up and having numb or cold legs—which could be an unpleasant sensation. Wearing them all day every day is the best way to prevent many issues from cropping up and keep the blood flowing through your legs.

When Is the Best Time to Wear These?

It’s possible to wear these socks all day every day throughout the year. They can be a great way to keep you warm during the cold months, and may be beneficial for those who are prone to vasodilation, which often happens when it gets hot outside. If you get the right pair, they will keep you comfortable and allow you to continue to be active.

Get Your Pair Today!

There are many benefits to wearing medical socks, and they can help people from all walks of life. With the different colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find a pair (or several!) that will go with any outfit you have to wear. Do something kind for your health and circulation and get a pair of knee high compression stockings today!

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

This page last updated April 19, 2020