Compression Socks Guide: Best Socks For Standing All Day

the best fashionable socks for standing

There are many reasons why you may need to remain standing all day. It can be your job, a specific occasion, or in some cases, a punishment! Whatever the reasons are, standing all day on your feet may cause many different health issues, including stress, muscle fatigue, back pain, etc.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

Research has shown that standing on your feet for more than 2-hours at a time reduces productivity, and causes fatigue that carries over after the working hours. Therefore, if you have an on-your-feet career, you should pay extra attention to your legs and some of the best socks can help.

Workers Who Need to Stand All Day

jos that require standing all day

While almost every job requires a little bit of standing around, there are few specific career choices, where standing all day, or over a long shift is one of the most important requirements. Some of these professions are:

  • Hospitality and Security Staffs
  • Healthcare Staffs and Nurses
  • Retail Sales Staffs and Cleaners
  • Journalists and Film Production Staffs
  • Construction and Manufacturing Workers

So, if you are involved in any of these professions or some other day-long standing jobs, you may have suffered from leg muscle fatigue or back pain.

By standing on your feet over long hours continuously, you are also at an increased risk of developing swelling symptoms in the legs and foot such as varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency.

Products to Help Standing All Day

Best Shoes for Standing

Just like shoes made specifically for athletes, there are footwears that are more suitable for ensuring comfort while standing. By wearing the appropriate shoe every day to work, it is possible to minimize the health risks. You can make it even better by wearing compression socks.

Good Insoles and Anti-Fatigue Mats

To absorb the pressure and shock of standing all-day, there are some custom made insoles recommended by orthopedic doctors.

insoles for standing all-day

They are usually made based on your specifications that enable them to provide the maximum arch support, reduce pain and swelling, and prevent other orthopedic conditions. They are also easy to push into your normal work shoes required to wear every day.

Whereas, using a soft, comfy mat is also good to take some of the pressure off of your feet and make standing more comfortable. In contrast to socks, the anti-fatigue mats are typically made using thick rubber, vinyl, or sometimes wood to provide an extra layer of cushion in the right places.

Compression Socks and Stockings

While the dress code of your job may stop you from wearing a comfy shoe in most days, there is usually no obligation to fulfill when it comes to socks and stockings.

That is the reason why wearing compression socks and stockings are the best solutions to ensure comfort while standing for a long period of time.

Night Splints to Wear Everyday

Night splints are almost similar to compression socks but much harder. They often come with an attached sandal and cannot be worn with other shoes. As a result, it is more of a solution to recover from leg stress after work, or at night when you are sleeping.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

blood flow in legs

Based on compression therapy, compression socks are designed to apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles all day, every day.

These compression socks are usually made using the Graduated compression technology, anti-embolism technology, and non-medical support hosiery.

These are basically different patterns of pressure spread in the socks in such a way that it can apply pressure for the entire working day in the most ideal areas of your limbs and foot.

By using different techniques in promoting blood circulation from the legs to the heart, compression socks fulfill different purposes.

For example, in knee-high compression socks, the Graduated compression technology is used, meaning, the level of pressure gradually increases as the socks go further away from the heart. As a result, the highest pressure point would be at the feet and the ankle areas.

How compression socks work

In doing so, compression socks help to defy the natural gravity in a good way and increase blood circulation from the bottom to the upper parts of the body. Once the blood reaches the heart, they get pumped with oxygen and other nutrients before getting recirculated into the veins.

With such continuous blood flow and recirculation, the standing legs get boosted with energy. Therefore, wearing compression socks every day can reduce pain, stress or swelling.

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Invented by compression scientists and recommended by orthopedic doctors, wearing compression socks every day has many health benefits. These are:

  • Support veins in the legs and ankles.
  • Boost circulation in the veins.
  • Reduce swelling of legs and ankles.
  • Prevent or lessen different orthopedic symptoms such as orthostatic hypotension, venous ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, etc.
  • Prevent blood from pooling in the leg veins.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

The Best Compression Socks for Standing Every Day

Compression socks come in a wide variety of lengths, sizes and pressure points. Depending on your profession, the standing time, and the level of movements; the best compression socks for standing every day may vary from person to person.

Doctors wearing compression socks

For example, medical professionals such as doctors and nurses not only remain standing while performing high-pressured, life-saving jobs but also requires to move all day across the different facilities.

As the demand for these professionals’ lower limbs is greater than many others, the best socks for them are the knee-high compression socks with high-pressured compression.

It is also best to wear underneath the loose scrubs or pants, typically worn by the medical professionals. The same thing applies to the construction and manufacturing workers.

Ankle-high compression socks for work outfit

However, if you happen to be in a hospitality, sales or marketing job, you may not have the flexibility of wearing a long compression sock underneath your specific uniform. In this case, wearing an ankle-high or no-show compression sock every day is the best solution to ensure the maximum amount of comfort possible.

Another key characteristic of a compression sock is its pressure level. If you are already suffering from orthopedic issues, it is best to opt for the lengths and the compression levels prescribed by a doctor. If its a high-stressed job with a lot of movements, opt for the high level of compression.

On the other hand, if you are just wearing it as a precaution, and your job mostly requires you to stand quietly on your feet without many movements; the compression socks with low-pressure are the best.

Things to Consider While Buying Compression Socks

Whether you are looking to buy knee-high or ankle-length compression socks, you have to be careful about choosing the socks that fit perfectly on your feet. Otherwise, the socks won’t be able to apply pressure in the right areas of your legs and ankles.

Measuring the Compression Socks Sizes

size chart for men and women
Size chart vs Calf Sizes

In order to find out the perfect fit, you have to first measure the size of your calf. Once measured, you can then match it with the size chart to find your size for compression socks. For additional comfort, you can then refer to your shoe-size for an absolutely perfect fit.

Choosing the Best Compression Socks Manufacturer

Due to its increasing popularity, there are many compression socks brands in the market. Obviously, not every manufacturer is of the same quality when it comes to offering the most effectiveness and longevity of wearing them on a daily basis.

Therefore, you have to do some research and opt for the best quality compression socks for maximum comfort.

knee-high compression socks

At ComproGear, we sell knee-high 20-30mmHG Compression Socks that are made using state-of-the-art technology and woven techniques. Due to our variety of compression levels, these socks are best suitable for a great range of professions, including nurses, doctors, manufacturing workers, journalists, film production professionals, etc.

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Why Compression Socks are the Best?

To conclude, compressions socks are the best for standing all day, due to their comfortability, effectiveness, compatibility with most work outfits, etc.

Compression socks are also a cost-effective solution for both the prevention and remedy of many orthopedic diseases.

Besides, versatility is another key factor that makes compression socks and stockings the best. There is a great range of fashionable designs of compression socks to satisfy different tastes, making them not only suitable to wear under your clothes but also to wear them as part of your best style statement.

compression socks for hiking

Ultimately, compression socks look similar to your everyday socks, and thus, are suitable to wear after work – at home, in any casual parties, in your gym, in your holiday, and so on.

You can also wear them with your hiking gears to comfort your legs, or after the completion of a stressful adventure as part of your recovery relaxations.

Stop Leg Pain Instantly

ComproGear Compression Socks provide immediate relief for tired, achy legs.

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