Cereal Dispenser for Food Storage

Ever sat down to breakfast and had that uncomfortable feeling when you bite down on the first bite of stale cereal that tastes like soggy cardboard?

Yea. Nobody likes that.

Plus, cereal boxes are awful places to actually, you know, store cereal. They’re great for getting cereal from the store to the house, but once you’re home they’re pointless garbage. At best you can put a chip clip on top of the inner plastic bag, then your cereal will maybe not get stale quite as fast. Still it’s awful to have to remove and re-place the clip every time you want to eat cereal. And if you have kids, forget it! You’re not getting that cereal sealed back up after every use. It’s going to get soggy and stale and nasty ASAP.

Plus with a regular cereal box it’s impossible to see how much cereal is physically left over. You have to open the box, pull out the bag, and sort of guess at the current level. After all, the bag conforms to the cereal and will change shape as you go.

Who has time for that nonsense?

Now there’s a better way. You can get a cereal dispenser. It looks like this:

A cereal dispenser solves the problem of spoilage and stale cereal. Plus it looks great.

You can just load cereal in the top, then every time you want another bowl, turn the handle and get some goods!

If you look around online for a few minutes you’ll see tons of other ideas for what foods and ingredients you can put in a cereal dispenser. It doesn’t have to be limited to cereal at all. You can put just about anything in there and it will handle it with ease. Just load it in the top then turn the handle to have it come out the bottom. Easy peasy!

Right now we’re in the process of testing tons of different cereal dispensers. That’s because there are hundreds of brands and many, many different designs out there. You can see them all over if you really start looking. We want to find the absolute best one for you and your family to use. That’s why we’re doing extensive testing to find which one is the easiest to use, most beautiful, and most reasonably priced.

When our testing is complete, we plan to update this article about every cereal dispenser we find. We’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully this helps you get started on your journey of finding the best one for you and your family’s needs.

In the mean time, have a look around online at all the options available. They even have custom made versions you can find on etsy and ebay and other craft stores. Truly it’s a wonderful upgrade to go from cardboard cereal box to a real cereal dispenser. We highly recommend it.

Check back with us in a few weeks and we’ll have a full article and review for you. See you then!

This page last updated May 27, 2022