Spot Samples Request

We contacted your company in the past for a quote on manufacturing compression socks. Here is our requirements page if you forgot who we are:

We contacted 238 manufacturers in total. Your company is one of the Top 15 companies we would like to get an initial sample from.

Here is our request. We would to pay you $30 USD for the following initial sample:

  • 1 Pair of Compression Socks (Knee-High length with 20-30mmHG Compression) in Size Large.

These do NOT have to be custom. You can use something you’ve already created. Send your BEST ONLY. Send your BEST quality fabric and most COMPLEX pattern/design. We want to see your finest work!
(You can send more than one sample if you want, but this is not required.)

In the packaging, please add a note with the following:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your Email Address
  • The Fabric Composition of the Enclosed Socks (Examples would be “75% nylon + 20% spandex + 5% rubber” or “50% Polyester + 30% Cotton + 20% Nylon” or any other fabric composition you feel works best.)


  • Email <> with the subject line “Spot Samples”.
  • Payment:
    • Email your PayPal email address (preferred)
    • Email a link to your Alibaba page so we can make a “Trade Assurance” order.
  • Mail the sample sock to the following address:

Mike Burngasser
13900 CR 455 Unit 107-138
Clermont, FL 34711
United States
Phone: +1(330)474-9610