Answered: How Long Should I Wear Compression Socks?

You use socks of many types, and out of them, most are uncomfortable. While some may feel trapped, and some feel too loose to you.

What about having socks that are exactly of your size and fit you at once? Are you wondering, how long should I wear compression socks?

Compression socks are the socks that you actually need. They are very easy to use. And they are not too loose nor too tight to wear. They are soft and keep your feet relaxed.

People don’t use compression garments for just keeping their feet warm. Girls like them because they are pretty when worn. Boys wear them due to their dress codes and styles. Athletes wear compression garments for the recovery benefits.

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What are Compression Socks?

Compression Socks have a unique design, snug-fitting that gently squeeze your leg and helps you in many ways. These compression garments are like just the tube bars without the foot that fits in the foot. When wore, they get fit easily as they are tighter around your ankle and lose up when moved up. That’s the compression part. It helps compress your veins to support blood flow.

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Compression Socks are handy and are easily available. If your doctor prescribes compression socks, you can easily get them at a medical store. Also, they are available online from a range of $10 to $100, depending on your requirements.

Different types of compression socks are:

  • Graduated compression socks
  • Anti-embolism socks
  • Nonmedical support hosiery

Graduated compression socks

The compression in these socks is most active on the ankle and gradually reduces on the top. They are designed to meet specific lengths and strength medical specifications.

The most prescribed and recommended ones are knee-high 20-30 mmHg compression socks. But for a sportsman, this is not the recommended type as these socks are for those who need support on legs. Finding the right pressure is of great importance. So, Choose Wisely!

Benefits of wearing compression socks often

People use compression socks for comfort and to ease their life activities such as sports. In medical science, they are used to prevent and cure such kind of injuries.

Compression garments can make the blood flow better in your body that result in good health.

They are very beneficial in medical science as they prevent blood clots and help their flow.

Compression socks are available in different types and sizes according to your requirements. As per your requirement, the doctor prescribes them to you. In general, they are used to:

  • Boost circulation in legs
  • Support vein
  • Prevent blood from pooling in your leg veins
  • Diminish leg swelling
  • Reduce orthostatic hypotension
  • To prevent venous ulcer
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Why should I Wear Compression Socks?

The doctors prescribe compression socks because they come in combination with LYCRA and other fibers. The compression from these socks helps in supporting your ankle all day. Thus, the pressure gets focused on your calves and shins. This pressure improves the circulation of blood and provides heat that reduces the pain and reduces swelling.

Moreover, if you use the right pair, then it can help and prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). DVT is a dangerous medical condition caused by blood clots.

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Compression garments are not just socks. They can be used all day. Especially by the people who work all day on their feet. The socks reduce any pain and reduce tiredness. For support, these can also be used primarily for playing football. A pair of socks can prevent any damage, which may get caused by the hit of a football or by any other way.

How long can I wear a pair of Compression Socks?

You can wear these all day like for 10-15 hours. Particularly when you are going on a journey.  The design of socks is such that when you wear them, you feel comfortable and always have had a happy journey.  They prevent any pain, including leg cramps, swelling, and lower back pain, and many other problems. If you want to travel in comfort, the right travel accessories are more of an investment than a luxury.

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If it is a cold day, then compression socks are best to keep you running and can prevent you from the cold. Don’t worry, these socks will keep your legs warm all day. Moreover, you can wear compression socks in place of short or regular socks.

How must Compression Socks be?

While knowing all this, you may have an image in your mind that may be representing your choice in favor of these socks. So let us clear this image by providing a clear description that should be a part of your point of view you have in your mind.

Here it is…

  • The socks are snug-fit without being too tight
  • Are you looking for something that fits tightly around your knee and gradually loosens toward the knee? Well, these socks are the answer!
  • Choose flat seams that don’t interfere with your wearing.
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Who should wear compression socks?

  • People with or at risk for circulation problems in their body, like DVT, varicose veins and diabetes
  • People who have just gotten a surgery then this could be helpful. Because this can prevent any further injury and can also help in walking by keeping ankle straight.
  • Those who cannot leave their bed or have any leg problem that causes difficulty in moving
  • People who stand all day in their work lines to do work
  • Pregnant women so that they can walk easily
  • Athletes (to prevent any pain or muscle cramp that could cause them permanent damage)
  • People who spend long periods on an airplane like the pilot
  • Those drivers who cover long journeys and travel more

How long should I wear compression socks?

Make sure you don’t wear them for too long. Don’t fold or roll the top down because the socks can make themselves too tight. The reason is that they can cause a blood flow problem or can cut supply temporarily. If a doctor prescribes it, then you should think of wearing those most of the time. But you can take them off for taking a bath or a shower and shoes, slipper, etc. Any shoe pair can be worn by wearing this.

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Improperly worn compression socks have the potential to cause problems such as breaking the skin.

Nerve damage is associated with the misuse of compression socks.

If you have an impaired arterial flow, using compression socks can worsen ischemia. This leads to inadequate oxygenated blood flow in your body.

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What wearing compression socks can do for you?

The pressure applied by these socks put onto your legs. This helps blood vessels in your legs to work better and the arteries which take oxygen-containing blood towards your muscles. So the blood flows easily. The veins push the blood back towards your heart. This, in turn, keeps you safe from cardio arrest. Your heart remains healthy. Your heart doesn’t feel any pressure.

Compression socks can prevent your legs from getting achy. And they can ease any problem to your ankles and feet while helping to avoid spiders crawling on the floor. Even, they may stop from feeling dizzy or light-headed as you stand up.

Such socks can prevent you from anything that may be caused by the light head and dizziness. They help you to be active all the time. If you have wounds, then these could be helpful to prevent any infection. You remain safe by the germs and dust in the surroundings when you wear these socks.

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Side effects of compression socks

If you are having any side effect, then there could be some reasons that could be:

  • Your socks don’t fit properly
  • You are not putting on or taking off your socks properly
  • Maybe you have an infection
  • You are allergic to sock’s material
  • The sock pair isn’t of your size
  • Sock would be fit enough causing blockage in blood flow
  • Socks are not proper to your size

Availability of compression wear

The socks are available in different stores and in fashion too. If you are fond of fashion and style, then you could have these in various brand stores. The compression socks can enhance your personality and make your personality charming and attractive.

Variety of compression socks

Many sports shoes are also available that offer a pair of Compression socks. These socks are available in beautiful contrasts or lovely colors to attract an audience. As you wear them, other people get attracted to you when they lay their eyes on you.

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